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Take a glass jar and fill it with sunflower oil, after that take food coloring of any food coloring you like. Drip in 2 drops of every color. Drops won’t mix together if color the oil. Stir the mixture and pour in a glass of water. There will be 2 layers and the magic will begin. You will see the underwater fireworks. Kids will be amazed by this experiment! The next experiment is called pepper and water science trick. It’s a very easy and cool trick to do at home. Take a plate and pour water onto it. Take a ground pepper and sprinkle it all over the water. Peppers sits on the surface on the water and if you dip your fingertip in nothing really happens. Place a tiny drop of soap dish on your finger and dip your finger into the water again. Pepper will spread out. Another cool idea is to make a picture on the bathroom mirror using a toothpaste. But it’s not all, watch our tutorial and enjoy the magic!
Do you like watching films about spies? We do! And we prepared a collection of lifehacks that will help you to become a real spy and maybe save the world! You will learn how to replicate fingerprints using with graphite powder and sticky tape, how to transform your lip balm into USB flash drive and how to send a secret message. Don’t forget to share these lifehacks with your friends!
Another collection of cool lifehacks is about pranks! We love pranks and you will learn how to make edible worms, edible chocolate lip balm, toothy pictures and more! These ideas won’t require special skills and a lot of time but it will be really fun!
00:09 Incredible fire experiments
01:03 Underwater fireworks
01:30 Pepper and water science trick
03:20 Lifehacks for real agents
04:42 How to send a secret message
05:50 Collection of funny pranks

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  1. 5-Minute Crafts

    5-Minute Crafts

    4 dias atrás

    7:43 Cool spring prank 😊 Unexpected cola hacks

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      Adelina Potarniche

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      5minute crafts 😘😘😘😘

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      5-Minute Crafts හොදෛ

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      5-Minute crafts

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      mimi ivanova

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  2. kawaii omg

    kawaii omg

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    Carefull five minutes crafts troom troom is copying you

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    3:20 stop repeating 😡😡😡

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    Repunzel Elvin

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    Copy of 123 go

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    Mad dex

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    Parv Dave

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    00:09 is the thumbnail ...... Thank me later

  10. NerdyGacha :3

    NerdyGacha :3

    14 horas atrás

    5:15 why is 5 minute crafts teaching kids how to break into houses without fingerprints?

  11. Swan Suarez

    Swan Suarez

    15 horas atrás

    tu t'es fait avoir Lire la suite

  12. Zoe Skaggs

    Zoe Skaggs

    15 horas atrás

    Oh, yes. I very highly doubt that anybody will use these *life hacks* to break into somebody's house. 🙄😒

  13. UnforseenWolf


    16 horas atrás

    These aren't even pranks

  14. Dááh Vitória

    Dááh Vitória

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    Oi gente me ajudam? Por favor !! Se escrevam no meu canal falta 9 escritos para alcançar minha meta 😢❤😢❤

  15. H H

    H H

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    La broma del minuto 15:09 es muy graciosa

  16. Diego Jesus Dominguez Cota

    Diego Jesus Dominguez Cota

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    La cancion es como la del roast de windy girl

  17. Tornadogamer 8235

    Tornadogamer 8235

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    This is not parnks These are Ideas

  18. Blackpinkfans Blink3498

    Blackpinkfans Blink3498

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    I tried the school glue...The thing that you put it in the water..And it didn't really work😕

  19. Juris Beizaks

    Juris Beizaks

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    This not a prank 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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    Mackenzie Allen

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    Half of hese are not pranks

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    Ana Clara

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    Oiiiiii Brasil

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    13:03 bright side?! Ur brite side?!!

  23. Reece Bousquin

    Reece Bousquin

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    The phone prank was a little obvious in my opinion

  24. Nadea Begum

    Nadea Begum

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    6:42 😂😂😂

  25. Dulce De La Torre

    Dulce De La Torre

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    Wow. Sometimes, I think I'm dumb.

  26. Tokiuki Loco

    Tokiuki Loco

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    Aunque creo que si se rompe pegando un clavo en la pantalla del celular con silicón caliente

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    Gisela Navarro

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    Ame el 1ro

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    #Fofis e fofas

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    Thecringy Alex

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    Some of them are from 123go

  31. imnotapipe


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    So less than 10 of these were pranks (magic isn't a prank). The spy ones were either completely useless (what kind of maniac is just collecting fingerprints?) or just obvious. The only spy one that was useful was the "invisible ink" one. Other than that, what's the point of putting titles on your video if you're not even gonna stick to the structure? I clicked on this actually wanting 25 pranks and all I got was 14 minutes of nonsense.

  32. Tamara Sallam

    Tamara Sallam

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    Hey what up

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    Victoria Tuzikova

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    6:16 😲. 😆

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    Question how are these pranks?

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    Little Rosa Avery gacha

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    The grapes in the soda are fighting

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    Half is pranks half isn’t!!!!!!!!!

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    The blogs Yay

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    Everything With Emily

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    At 0:59 they add the soda like that but at 2:16

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    The first one did not work for me

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    SPAD 3

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    Am I the only one noticing that half of these are not prank at all

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    fantastic chanell

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    06:27 you can't use hot glue on the skin its very hot

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    Josiah Hammock

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    These arent even pranks

  55. Music And Tradition

    Music And Tradition

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    U just named it 5 MINUTES CRAFT !!! Actually it takes much longer to do even one of them. Moreover who even does it?? 😂

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    Barley99 Person

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    {\_/} (•~•) />🍰 Hmm, you want my cake? {\_/} ( •-•) 🍰🍰 Just kidding you can have my cake {\_/} ( - _-) />🍰But just a bite {\_/} ( -_-) 🍰

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    Cheyenne's Shack

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    Am i the only confused one on how most of these are in the category of pranks?

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    Papaya Boy_13

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    Literally 90 percent of these aren't pranks

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    Mehwish Aftab

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    Question: how do u get the hot glue off of u nail and phone huh

  61. Miss FuzzyClouds

    Miss FuzzyClouds

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    how are these pranks? also you stole the 1 min to get a nut from Bright Side

  62. Wendy Holiday

    Wendy Holiday

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    Those are the same ones that were on the holloween video and it was supposed to be all pranks😣😠😡😤

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    Lucia Olszak

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    It’s 00:10 what am I doing

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    ()_() ( **) ( ) , ,

  65. # unicorn Life

    # unicorn Life

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    3:48 john brown died in 1950

  66. Matias Caceres

    Matias Caceres

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    La primera canción es la del roast de windy

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    Hi, Rosettes

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    That glue hack is stealed from 123 GO! (BR-channel account)

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    I am not satisfied from 3:23

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  82. мастерская всего на свете

    мастерская всего на свете

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    Where are pranks there are life hacks

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    Only Tae no coffee plz

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    I'm watching this because my friend spilt my coffee today

  84. András Berta

    András Berta

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    7:46 azért hogy a másiknak Hányingerem legyen azért kell csinálni az ilyet nagyon köcsög vagy és nagyon csúnya a fülbevalót amit hordasz nagyon csúnya vagy és szerintem nem vicces hogy ha valakit azért tréfás meg hogy hányingere legyen például lehet hogy ő a barátnőd de lehet hogy két nap múlva már nem is lesz az és utálni fog téged és lehet hogy veled is elköveti és a végén jól nyakon csap

    • András Berta

      András Berta

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      9:29 nagyon csúnyán nézel ki

    • András Berta

      András Berta

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      8:48 ez is olyan amiről beszéltem nagyon ragadni fog a kólától És ez nem lett tréfa hanem szerintem sírni fog és hogyha nagyon távol van az otthonától és csupa ragacs is jönnek rá a bogarak

  85. Rojin Sido

    Rojin Sido

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    When the spy pop Me : oh cool what a SPYtacular

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    Sana Abbasi

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    11:03 threads were looking bakvas

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    no omg

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    Agust D

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    4:39, мне интересно что она там увидела, ахахахахха

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    roses are red violets are blue I like my own comment cuz no one do

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      Roses are red Violets are blue I hate how you like to steal comments And ya got only 4 likes😂

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    Lovely Chicken nuggets

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    1:23 what happened to prank

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    Halo Banks

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    5:19 you just telling / helping robbers rob 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂💙.

    • lets get fun with aina

      lets get fun with aina

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      Yeah, ive never though of that 😂😂

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    Aizens and mobile legends world

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  99. Amyr [burst] player

    Amyr [burst] player

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    4:39 I like the way she shocks......

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