Take a glass jar and fill it with sunflower oil, after that take food coloring of any food coloring you like. Drip in 2 drops of every color. Drops won’t mix together if color the oil. Stir the mixture and pour in a glass of water. There will be 2 layers and the magic will begin. You will see the underwater fireworks. Kids will be amazed by this experiment! The next experiment is called pepper and water science trick. It’s a very easy and cool trick to do at home. Take a plate and pour water onto it. Take a ground pepper and sprinkle it all over the water. Peppers sits on the surface on the water and if you dip your fingertip in nothing really happens. Place a tiny drop of soap dish on your finger and dip your finger into the water again. Pepper will spread out. Another cool idea is to make a picture on the bathroom mirror using a toothpaste. But it’s not all, watch our tutorial and enjoy the magic!
Do you like watching films about spies? We do! And we prepared a collection of lifehacks that will help you to become a real spy and maybe save the world! You will learn how to replicate fingerprints using with graphite powder and sticky tape, how to transform your lip balm into USB flash drive and how to send a secret message. Don’t forget to share these lifehacks with your friends!
Another collection of cool lifehacks is about pranks! We love pranks and you will learn how to make edible worms, edible chocolate lip balm, toothy pictures and more! These ideas won’t require special skills and a lot of time but it will be really fun!
00:09 Incredible fire experiments
01:03 Underwater fireworks
01:30 Pepper and water science trick
03:20 Lifehacks for real agents
04:42 How to send a secret message
05:50 Collection of funny pranks

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