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Bearing Forged Into Fine Woodworking Tool

We all know bearing are made of tough steels. See how I make a classy woodworking tool out of a ball bearing cage!
I am a novice when it comes to blacksmithing so no worries, easy techniques and common machines.
Index of operation and materials:
0:18 Cutting a slot in the cage so it's easier to open
1:32 Flattening the lip of the bearing cage
2:17 Isolating handles material
2:59 Forging bevel
3:10 Drawing out handles
3:58 Bending handles
4:32 Hardening
4:58 Straightening in vise
5:15 Cleaning scales so I can see tempering colors
5:22 Tempering
6:00 Grinding into shape with 2x72 belt grinder
7:02 Rockwell test files. Hardness between 60 and 65 Rc
7:15 Polishing with cotton wheel and fine polishing compound(hand sanded off camera to 1200grit)
7:43 Turning handles of mystery wood
9:35 Drilling hole for tang. 5mm diameter and 11.5mm deep
10:10 Cutting off excess handle with bandsaw
10:29 Fitting and glueing fuller
10:43 White mineral oil on wood (hand sanded off camera to 320grit)
10:57 Refining tang shape and measurements
11:23 Driving in handles with press fit
11:51 Honing the edge with a belt strop. No secondary bevel.

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
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    Be sure to check description! All sort of interesting information there as well as index of products and tecniques used. And while you are there check out my Patreon page too for early access and voice-over edit of my videos. If you like what I do consider supporting me so I can keep on making:

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