Catch and Cook Iguana Egg Omelettes! Catching Breeding Iguanas in Florida!!

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Keep in mind green iguanas are super invasive here in South Florida. Today we hunt at 1 Little Pond out of the tens of thousands of canals lakes ponds and shorelines here in Florida out of the 30 iguanas we seen we only caught four of them .that's the show how hard they are to catch it takes a lot of skill and a lot of luck.
What’s up Iguana Man GANG today we hunting breeding iguanas in search of pregnant females. lately I’ve been having an appetite for egg omelettes and it was in the mood to try something exotic. today we hunt iguanas clean the meat for food extract the eggs This project is for research for the amount of eggs female iguanas carry and also to feed our belliesI hope you guys enjoy let me know in the comments down below would you ever eat iGuana egg omelettes??


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