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NBA star Nick Young, or better known as Swaggy P, is in the #ColdAsBalls tub! Swaggy has been in the headlines a lot in recent years, but he airs it all out and tells us about his fear of phones, his beef with D'Angelo Russell during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, his family connection to Kendrick Lamar and more. Powered by: Old Spice - bit.ly/ColeAsBalls
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  1. LOL Network

    LOL Network

    18 horas atrás

    Who do you want to see on the show for next season of Cold As Balls!?

    • Logan Vannett

      Logan Vannett

      13 horas atrás

      Lil wayne

    • You Gotta Go Cuh

      You Gotta Go Cuh

      13 horas atrás

      The Rock or Cena

    • melvin morris

      melvin morris

      13 horas atrás

      John Wall

    • Bryson Taylor

      Bryson Taylor

      13 horas atrás

      Peyton manning, The Rock, Connor Macgregor



      13 horas atrás

      Kobe bryant

  2. Vinny Vincinetti

    Vinny Vincinetti

    8 horas atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  3. Twitch Boy

    Twitch Boy

    8 horas atrás

    He forgot Philadelphia 76ers

  4. angelo gumabay

    angelo gumabay

    8 horas atrás

    snoop dogg.

  5. Asher Anders

    Asher Anders

    8 horas atrás

    Thought that mf was blue face for a sec lmao



    8 horas atrás

    Swaggy P kinda look like blue face??? Uhhh

  7. Armando Rosa's

    Armando Rosa's

    8 horas atrás

    No one is gonna bring up that he was a meme

  8. J reed

    J reed

    8 horas atrás

    Baron Davis would be funny too

  9. Albert


    8 horas atrás

    Swaggy is one cool cat man... hard to hate on this guy.

  10. J reed

    J reed

    8 horas atrás

    Get Adrian broner that would be funny ASF...

  11. Erin Fortson

    Erin Fortson

    8 horas atrás

    We need The Rock Dwayne Johnson

  12. thisguy1225


    8 horas atrás

    Faggy P is irrelevant. Why is D'Angelo Russell being called out for calling out a guy who is cheating on his gf? It seems like NBA players support cheating on their spouses.

  13. Vending Guy

    Vending Guy

    8 horas atrás

    Hilliarious man. Episod after episod. 😁😁

  14. Holden Cope

    Holden Cope

    8 horas atrás

    Let's get a rapper on this

  15. Whiplash


    8 horas atrás

    Kev u shld get some soccer players on the show

  16. Chris Scroggins

    Chris Scroggins

    8 horas atrás

    Somebody send this to OSN ASAP 😂

  17. Hamza Adosh

    Hamza Adosh

    8 horas atrás

    LeBron James

  18. Jmontt


    9 horas atrás


    • Jmontt


      9 horas atrás


  19. ghost gang Powder

    ghost gang Powder

    9 horas atrás

    Get Charles Barkley kev !

  20. C O R E Y B A M B A

    C O R E Y B A M B A

    9 horas atrás

    Best Show On BR-channel 🔥🔥🔥

  21. tk young

    tk young

    9 horas atrás

    o snap Kevin freestyle.

  22. J R

    J R

    9 horas atrás

    I live in North Dakota, it’s a peaceful place.

  23. Perry Quickk

    Perry Quickk

    9 horas atrás

    Where's guess an interview out of all of them that was weak af

  24. Alejandro Gomez

    Alejandro Gomez

    9 horas atrás

    He said kinda? Kinda? I'm hood kinda? I'm from South Central LA kinda? I'm dangerous but I'm not kinda? What the hells he talkin about? That means he ain't hood and probably preppy as hell. If you're on the cuff of being smart and dumb that means you're dumb. 🤔

  25. Ja'far Bashir, Jr.

    Ja'far Bashir, Jr.

    9 horas atrás

    Nick young is actually funny, Kevin Hart and nick young have comedy chemistry

  26. Humberto Lopez

    Humberto Lopez

    9 horas atrás

    tDeangelo Russell and Nick Young were teammates for the LA Lakers and they were in a hotel talking bout woes. D'angelo Russell recorded him and made it public, then nick and Iggy Azelea broke up.

  27. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith

    9 horas atrás

    Here come mike Epps 🤣🤣

  28. Da flub

    Da flub

    9 horas atrás

    He so unfit compared to the star nba players he had on here

  29. Gabbin Tine

    Gabbin Tine

    9 horas atrás

    Of course two black man who cheated only care about how nick got snitched on??? Pathetic... how bout you own your snake skin

  30. William Tim

    William Tim

    9 horas atrás

    The living meme

  31. TJCL


    9 horas atrás

    This is by far my favorite one yet

  32. Rob G

    Rob G

    9 horas atrás

    The Rock

  33. Coach Quil

    Coach Quil

    9 horas atrás

    We need Kobe, Gilbert Arenas, Shaq & LeBron

  34. Mahaveez


    9 horas atrás

    I don't do sports, I am just here to watch others suffer like me in this goddamn winter bullshit.

  35. Mary Cox

    Mary Cox

    9 horas atrás

    He is a meme to me

  36. CinderL Valdez

    CinderL Valdez

    9 horas atrás

    Bring on Nathan peterman

  37. joey k

    joey k

    9 horas atrás

    do giannis or joel embiid

  38. Cruz Baza

    Cruz Baza

    9 horas atrás

    Kevin Hart please man ya gotta get ice jj fish in the tub 😂

  39. R R

    R R

    9 horas atrás

    Put Tristan Thompson on this😂

  40. Super Killa

    Super Killa

    9 horas atrás

    Derrick Rose?

  41. Niro Y.B.M

    Niro Y.B.M

    9 horas atrás

    Yo he talk like blue face😂😂

  42. Nick Cash

    Nick Cash

    9 horas atrás

    They tipsy

  43. Nerd Neck

    Nerd Neck

    9 horas atrás

    It will be funny if he did one with James harden

  44. carlos yepez

    carlos yepez

    9 horas atrás

    He needs to interview Charles Barkley 😂

  45. Simard Edwards

    Simard Edwards

    9 horas atrás

    Another episode? These mfs working

  46. rowz1612


    9 horas atrás

    These two are actually very good friends you can tell🤣🤣🤣

  47. Lebron James

    Lebron James

    9 horas atrás

    Shannon sharpe need to be on here!!

  48. Justin's World

    Justin's World

    9 horas atrás

    Stop calling urself a comedic rockstar. its not funny and sounds pathetic.

  49. Showtime Ro16

    Showtime Ro16

    9 horas atrás

    We need Shannon sharp and Joel embid

  50. gdog moknockoutlightslam

    gdog moknockoutlightslam

    9 horas atrás

    This show would be funnier if only the guest was I. The ice that way Kevin can be Kevin without being uncomfortable 🥵

  51. John Doe

    John Doe

    9 horas atrás

    Get Gilbert arenas

  52. Tucker Grant

    Tucker Grant

    9 horas atrás

    Mason Rudolph or Steven Adams needs to be on here

  53. BoardCount


    9 horas atrás

    his face @ 7:14 😂

  54. Health and Fitness

    Health and Fitness

    9 horas atrás

    Kobe and the rock

  55. Johnny Moore

    Johnny Moore

    9 horas atrás


  56. Kristian Anderson

    Kristian Anderson

    9 horas atrás


  57. Aesthetics Here

    Aesthetics Here

    9 horas atrás

    Hyperthermia who?

  58. Ray dingo

    Ray dingo

    9 horas atrás

    The rock and shack I'm still saying it Kevin....

  59. Dunc


    9 horas atrás


  60. D Watson

    D Watson

    9 horas atrás

    Kevin was stamding all the way up in that Ice tub.

  61. Nicola -

    Nicola -

    9 horas atrás

    AB from the Steelers or Cap....They're not too busy these days...lol

  62. Omari.y


    9 horas atrás


  63. Guriqbal Singh

    Guriqbal Singh

    9 horas atrás

    Get Klay Thompson here

  64. bridamn chan

    bridamn chan

    9 horas atrás

    makes memes and million

  65. h0t papi

    h0t papi

    9 horas atrás

    He’s related to Kendrick Lamar

  66. FaDe_TuRtle _

    FaDe_TuRtle _

    9 horas atrás

    Watched upside on Sunday it was an amazing movie

  67. Teen Perfect

    Teen Perfect

    9 horas atrás

    I like nike young cause he ain't flex were he from👌🏾

  68. DG 18

    DG 18

    9 horas atrás

    Klay Thompson should be on this show

  69. Aaron De Veaux

    Aaron De Veaux

    9 horas atrás

    Damn... watching as I’m stationed here in North Dakota smh He right though lol

    • Macabre Xyl

      Macabre Xyl

      9 horas atrás

      North Dakota lol. You know I lived in Connecticut, New york, California and Georgia and when we here about N. Dakota we just think canyons and desert land

  70. oaktown 510

    oaktown 510

    9 horas atrás

    This has been the funniest episode

  71. Matthew Mack

    Matthew Mack

    9 horas atrás

    Swaggy champ kills me 😂 you gotta free pass back on the warriors if you ask me

  72. Eduardo Torres

    Eduardo Torres

    9 horas atrás

    Everytime I see Bam Bam I can't stop 😂😂😂😂

  73. advi karim

    advi karim

    9 horas atrás

    Get Devin Booker on the show.

  74. Joshua Ashton

    Joshua Ashton

    9 horas atrás

    John wall

  75. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector Rodriguez

    9 horas atrás

    Have derrick rose on and make him super awkward.

  76. BryanVEVO


    9 horas atrás

    Dont Let This Video Distract You From The Fact Im Gonna Be One Of The Greatest Artists Of All Time - Bryan

  77. Goose Neck

    Goose Neck

    9 horas atrás

    This show on the cuff of greatness

  78. Gus JaKa

    Gus JaKa

    9 horas atrás

    Kevin should be froze to be on trending a lot of time now

  79. Nacknone


    9 horas atrás

    Is being inside icy water equivalent to having 5 pounds of cocaine in your system?

  80. Jonah Trill

    Jonah Trill

    9 horas atrás

    This was hilarious ! Best one ive seen in a while

  81. Michael Toney

    Michael Toney

    9 horas atrás

    I would like to see mike Tyson,carmelo Anthony, Colin kap

  82. The One And Only

    The One And Only

    9 horas atrás

    Swaggy is definitely high

  83. Mika MikaJackson

    Mika MikaJackson

    9 horas atrás

    Cold as balls : Lonzo

  84. Jeremiah Apodaca

    Jeremiah Apodaca

    9 horas atrás

    Bring Zion Williamson onto the show

  85. jacc lawrence

    jacc lawrence

    9 horas atrás

    nick young is BEAUTIFUL

  86. Jun Yuan Toh

    Jun Yuan Toh

    9 horas atrás

    Invite steven adams to the show please

  87. Riley Smith

    Riley Smith

    9 horas atrás

    Derek Lewis mma

  88. Brandon Rautenberg

    Brandon Rautenberg

    9 horas atrás

    Great chemistry!!

  89. Riley Smith

    Riley Smith

    9 horas atrás

    That was awesome.. like .. the purpose of comedy in life n laughter started to make sense again.. swaggy was great too man..

  90. Conor Lydon

    Conor Lydon

    9 horas atrás

    Get shaq on this

  91. Tolly TV

    Tolly TV

    9 horas atrás

    I live in ND

  92. Ruben Ibarra

    Ruben Ibarra

    9 horas atrás

    Scottie pippen nose

  93. Nick Levingston

    Nick Levingston

    9 horas atrás

    I wanna see Charles Barkley on here

  94. Tyler Jackson

    Tyler Jackson

    9 horas atrás


  95. emmanuel dukes

    emmanuel dukes

    9 horas atrás

    Nick and kevin

  96. Solochild


    9 horas atrás

    Kendrick Lamar or Future lmao

    • Solochild


      9 horas atrás

      or 50 cent

  97. jjoseph1984


    9 horas atrás

    Nicki Minaj, she will be taking over the show!

  98. rickynotplayin


    9 horas atrás

    Get your twin 1takejay on this show

  99. Moises Jaimes

    Moises Jaimes

    9 horas atrás

    Blue face big brother

  100. Gengar


    9 horas atrás

    Bam bam though 😂 lmao

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