Damian Lillard GAME-WINNER: 2019 vs 2014! Which One Is BETTER?

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  1. Jocy Hernandez

    Jocy Hernandez

    6 horas atrás

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  2. Cesar Argueta

    Cesar Argueta

    6 horas atrás

    Real OG’s know it was called Lillard time before Dame time

  3. lil tony fish

    lil tony fish

    6 horas atrás

    Best Friend: Did you lose ur virginity? Me: 0:46

  4. SilverBeerNuts !

    SilverBeerNuts !

    6 horas atrás

    Both are quite amazing. Each has its own unique blend so I’d keep them equally great finishes.

  5. NIc wadden

    NIc wadden

    6 horas atrás

    And he can rap to

  6. Nid Dutch

    Nid Dutch

    6 horas atrás

    2014 because he was hecka deep and shot on the run

  7. Andrew Kappel

    Andrew Kappel

    6 horas atrás

    Lillard: knock knock Westbrook : who’s there Lillard:okc Westbrook: okc who Lillard : okc u next season

  8. truckfit_ dude

    truckfit_ dude

    6 horas atrás

    Go watch my 1st youtube vid n subscribe 👏🏿It's just an introduction to my channel 😂

  9. Jay Lew

    Jay Lew

    6 horas atrás

    :45.. I guarentee that's that look he has when he selfies himself rawdawgin some chicken head

  10. HateCrymes


    6 horas atrás


  11. Tyler McNeil

    Tyler McNeil

    6 horas atrás

    2019 because this time, we're gonna make it past the second round. Plus, 2014 was, like, a normal sized 3. But 2019 was from 37 feet. And just watch Dame as he has no reaction in either.

  12. Stw3art14


    6 horas atrás

    Who else would like to see the Blazers win it all for Paul Allen now?

  13. Justin Thibodeaux

    Justin Thibodeaux

    6 horas atrás

    2014 easily.. If he misses it goes to a game 7.. From a basketball stand point but the 2019 one is just ruthless 👀👀👀

  14. The Josh O Show

    The Josh O Show

    6 horas atrás

    Lillard: Are these your hopes? OKC/Heat: Yea...why? Lillard: cuz I just broke them. -Josh Otusanya

  15. Lianna E

    Lianna E

    6 horas atrás

    PG13 really couldn't do much against that one tbh

  16. The Epic Falcon

    The Epic Falcon

    6 horas atrás


  17. P D

    P D

    6 horas atrás

    Game winning shots but no championship ring yet! 🤔

  18. Raider Warrior

    Raider Warrior

    6 horas atrás

    Do a Steph Curry shot against the Thunder and Dame Lillards

  19. Luzvel 79 Tiscareno

    Luzvel 79 Tiscareno

    6 horas atrás

    It was definitely more difficult the one against the thunder look how close it was to getting blocked and from how far he shot this one way more difficult

  20. tomahawk Henderson

    tomahawk Henderson

    6 horas atrás

    I truly think lillard will make history in his career

  21. Dog Nation

    Dog Nation

    6 horas atrás


  22. Genesis Revelation

    Genesis Revelation

    6 horas atrás

    I live in Houston and when Lillard made that shot everyone in my high school was sad. That game made me cry.

  23. Niemi Sylvestre

    Niemi Sylvestre

    6 horas atrás

    God bless

  24. Ed Kay

    Ed Kay

    6 horas atrás

    Houston’s game winner was more impressive due to the circumstances: Game 6, Time on the clock, & were down by 2.

  25. newton lowery

    newton lowery

    6 horas atrás

    2019 shot way better and from deeper range he was 4 feet back from the shit he hit in 2014 and had PG right in his face thats cold blooded

  26. Lil_Rich


    6 horas atrás


  27. MVP Z

    MVP Z

    6 horas atrás


  28. Ayahuasca


    6 horas atrás

    Henry Cejudo is an olympic gold medalist

  29. NathantheMailman


    6 horas atrás

    Ur mom is better!!!

  30. Taprackbang


    6 horas atrás

    2014 more meaningful. 2019 a better shot.

  31. Filip Sormaz

    Filip Sormaz

    6 horas atrás

    19 is better for me

  32. Whistler Wade

    Whistler Wade

    6 horas atrás

    He should play for the jazz.

  33. MiChael Phillips

    MiChael Phillips

    6 horas atrás

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  34. PhuryousOne


    6 horas atrás

    He shot that 3 from OKC.

  35. musa koroma

    musa koroma

    6 horas atrás

    2019 is better

  36. MiChael Phillips

    MiChael Phillips

    6 horas atrás

  37. YeazyNation


    6 horas atrás

    This dude beat the original big 3 in okc all by himself game winner vs harden game winner vs warriors with Kd game winner vs Westbrook okc cold 🥶 blooded 🤷🏿‍♂️



    6 horas atrás

    The 2019 shot was cold 🚫🧢 but in 2014 he had to quick release that shot with 0.9 tho

  39. CammoJello7


    6 horas atrás

    half of you didn't know his game winner was in 2014..smh

  40. Jackosmack Iscool

    Jackosmack Iscool

    6 horas atrás


  41. Z F

    Z F

    6 horas atrás

    D -lill a great player and hes clutch in da 4th closing out games

  42. Agent Bj the G.O.A.T

    Agent Bj the G.O.A.T

    6 horas atrás

    2014 one was crazier and in 2014 it wasn’t tied

  43. Rachelle M

    Rachelle M

    6 horas atrás

    That's hard. The 1st he had someone right on him. The 2nd he was so far back. Both of them are really cool.

  44. ambo son

    ambo son

    7 horas atrás

    2014 Less time Fading away If he misses they lose That shot was pure clutch 🔥

  45. Famous pZae

    Famous pZae

    7 horas atrás

    Thoughts during last night's moment... "he pulled it?"

  46. Open Answers

    Open Answers

    7 horas atrás



    7 horas atrás

    Liiiiillard! A real buzzer beater💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  48. Jordon Noah

    Jordon Noah

    7 horas atrás

    What up

  49. PinWiz


    7 horas atrás

    2019 only Because it shakes up the NBA so much Russell Westbrook may be gone by next year at OKC

  50. Big Bucc903

    Big Bucc903

    7 horas atrás

    Everybody grab ya shades cause ya boy that bright

  51. King Josh3

    King Josh3

    7 horas atrás

    Paul George got his shit Jayed on

  52. Àhmåd Rïžwäñ

    Àhmåd Rïžwäñ

    7 horas atrás

    2019 one because he shut up OKC fans and i am a rockets fan soooooo

  53. Killer122132


    7 horas atrás

    Seth curry talking that shit to the thunder bench

  54. sub2 pewdiepie

    sub2 pewdiepie

    7 horas atrás


  55. sixgang 6

    sixgang 6

    7 horas atrás

    I don't know what it is but they been under rating my n**** for too long I thought he was top 5 point guard in the NBA since rookie year

  56. [SLAZE] _Hammer

    [SLAZE] _Hammer

    7 horas atrás

    Sharks vs Knights was still more exciting.......

  57. Faze Lord 616

    Faze Lord 616

    7 horas atrás

    2019 he pulled up from logo on pg13 the best 2 way player that tells u som

  58. jenifer hernandez

    jenifer hernandez

    7 horas atrás

  59. jenifer hernandez

    jenifer hernandez

    7 horas atrás

  60. chris prosperi

    chris prosperi

    7 horas atrás

    2019 was further back...... and cold blooded 🥶 💉

  61. Rainy Day

    Rainy Day

    7 horas atrás

    I'm live in Portland and I'm only mildly into sports but damn this made me so happy. Even people I know who aren't well versed in the sports world talked about this. GO BLAZERS❤️🖤

  62. Gamer Guy

    Gamer Guy

    7 horas atrás

    2019 was better

  63. Void Monkey

    Void Monkey

    7 horas atrás

    Dame? More like Damn!

  64. Don Slaughter420

    Don Slaughter420

    7 horas atrás

    Neither shot matters , he’ll never win a ring 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ won’t even make it out the next series

  65. YQ IS HERE


    7 horas atrás


  66. Aisha Mohammed

    Aisha Mohammed

    7 horas atrás


  67. 4esthetics


    7 horas atrás

    Wow this vid made it to #2 on BR-channel trending!

  68. RJHrapidfire


    7 horas atrás

    Sub to my channel for awesome fortnite content♥️♥️ bless up squad fam🙏🙏♥️♥️🥰🥰

  69. James Yip

    James Yip

    7 horas atrás

    It's time the dame gets the all-star uniform

  70. Gene Noisyhawk

    Gene Noisyhawk

    7 horas atrás


  71. iRahz


    7 horas atrás

    Obviously the shot in 2014 was better...they were losing.

  72. Queso Rabosky

    Queso Rabosky

    7 horas atrás

    Imma be honest the first one was way better cuz the story behind it was way better

  73. sultan ahmad

    sultan ahmad

    7 horas atrás


  74. Hamzah Curry

    Hamzah Curry

    7 horas atrás

    Recent one better cause Westbrook was talkin all that sh*t

  75. Hunter Whaley

    Hunter Whaley

    7 horas atrás

    As a rockets fan I’m obligated to say 2014 is worse just from pure pain

  76. John Martin

    John Martin

    7 horas atrás

    Any player should be happy hitting one of them but if I got yo pic that one last night was crazy

  77. sleuth 2077

    sleuth 2077

    7 horas atrás

    That's like asking a parent which one of their kids they like better.

  78. vprox147


    7 horas atrás

    yooo i got chills the energy must’ve been crazyyyyy HYPE and filled with love by his teammates and all their fans.

  79. Damian LiGOAT

    Damian LiGOAT

    7 horas atrás

    Im Telling Y'all Lillard Is A GOD Braaa Da Nigga Can Shoot From Da Logo!!!!!

  80. Epic R3voluion

    Epic R3voluion

    7 horas atrás

    It hard to choose

  81. Cordell Patton

    Cordell Patton

    7 horas atrás


  82. Cordell Patton

    Cordell Patton

    7 horas atrás

    Thunder up

  83. Mohammed Tahir Hassen

    Mohammed Tahir Hassen

    7 horas atrás

    Subscribe to my Chanel for no reasons

  84. Mohammed Tahir Hassen

    Mohammed Tahir Hassen

    7 horas atrás

    Second on trending who is here in April 25 19 Like: for yes Comment: for no

  85. NateT Goat

    NateT Goat

    7 horas atrás

    They gunna lose in the second round tough

  86. Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions

    Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions

    7 horas atrás

    Lillard got the SAUCEEE

  87. Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions

    Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions

    7 horas atrás

    This one definitely

  88. Big Gucci Sosa

    Big Gucci Sosa

    7 horas atrás

    Bruh this shit came in CLUTCH 🔥🔥🔥 and they deliver fast

  89. Kyron Bennett

    Kyron Bennett

    7 horas atrás

    It doesn't even matter there still going to lose anyways

  90. 500 Subscribers with No Videos

    500 Subscribers with No Videos

    7 horas atrás

    making my presence known

  91. Roldan Alsaen

    Roldan Alsaen

    7 horas atrás

    operation game winner against the former big 3(Harden, Russ, KD). season 1 and 2 completed, brace yourselves for the final season. 😁😁😁

  92. Daniel Barwatt

    Daniel Barwatt

    7 horas atrás

    Damian Lillard is the real deal..ppl arent giving him the credit he deserves simply bc he plays for Portland.

  93. SkullGhost


    7 horas atrás

    That's crazy and all but if you want to see Endgame's ending, head to my channel NOW

  94. Adam Farnsworth

    Adam Farnsworth

    7 horas atrás

    100% the shot against Houston. If he misses the shot, they lose the game. Against OKC, if he misses the shot, the game just goes to OT.

  95. Tyler Laforte

    Tyler Laforte

    7 horas atrás

    portland announcers get an A+ on broadcasting, awesome call!

  96. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

    7 horas atrás

    I was at the game yesterday. The rest of the team needs to pull their weight. They are always behind until halftime. And they are always afraid of getting close to lay one up.

  97. Lil SkeetJ

    Lil SkeetJ

    7 horas atrás

    Kyries shot a against Golden state in the finals>>

  98. Dustin Farinha

    Dustin Farinha

    7 horas atrás

    Lewis 100%

  99. Josh Hartung

    Josh Hartung

    7 horas atrás

    2014 was in crunch time, but he was wide open in 2019 he had 6’9” Paul George in his face, cold blooded right there, I gotta say 2019 is better for the complete savagery and length of that shot👍

  100. Carlos Silva

    Carlos Silva

    7 horas atrás

    I want to know which blazer fan was at both these games! ?

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