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Brilliant commentary or dumb D*ck Flick? Find out in the Nostalgia Critic's review of Demolition Man.
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  1. Anthony Wickizer

    Anthony Wickizer

    22 horas atrás

    This is even more disturbing when you realize Sandra Bullock was originally supposed to be his daughter.

  2. Jared Gagnon

    Jared Gagnon

    Dia atrás


  3. Orbiting Gravity

    Orbiting Gravity

    Dia atrás

    And in 2019 Bacon butter and cheese are Keto, and that is healthy. LOLZ

  4. Asylum117


    Dia atrás

    If there is a legit future where rock music, video games, movies and cartoons with violence is banned, it's not a future worth living. :/

  5. El Lobo

    El Lobo

    Dia atrás

    Nostalgia Critic is starting to become an SJW lol

  6. CNN Blackmail Support

    CNN Blackmail Support

    Dia atrás

    Yeah, that's what the LAPD is like. It's more accurate to say that the LAPD wishes everyone they pulled over for a traffic ticket didnt react like Snipes in this movie. At least he knew that they werent prepared to hurt him. Imagine acting like that when you have a real gun trained on you and you have the situation in 99% of officer involved shootings.

  7. stackfl0w


    2 dias atrás

    Why would you put firearms on display in a museum without rendering them inoperable? Do have a fully capable nuke just sitting in a smithsonian somewhere too? lol

  8. Кирилл Горин

    Кирилл Горин

    3 dias atrás

    I like this movie.

  9. Nellie Tobey

    Nellie Tobey

    3 dias atrás


  10. Magnus Jönsson

    Magnus Jönsson

    3 dias atrás

    Malcolm for President!

  11. TheTallWizard


    3 dias atrás

    16:07 breast

  12. Kamii Nazo

    Kamii Nazo

    3 dias atrás

    Between Demolition Man and Idiocracy, we get a look at how the future sucks when you go to far left or right.

  13. jz35


    3 dias atrás

    sandra bullock in those tight pants is what i remember from this flick

  14. daniel bohatkiewicz

    daniel bohatkiewicz

    4 dias atrás

    It's worse the actual expression is, "I'd lose my head, if it weren't screwed on tight enough: -(/slash right).". Best scene in the movie is the little girl saying "FU Lady!".

  15. mrRosen1989


    4 dias atrás

    I do not care i like this movie.

  16. R.J.J. O

    R.J.J. O

    5 dias atrás

    Hope my grandkids grow up to be great, badass meh-yen.

  17. random guy

    random guy

    5 dias atrás


  18. Superior Potato

    Superior Potato

    6 dias atrás

    yeah i bet seagall was a "i'll watch while i wait for a better one to come out from the other guys" kinda star. also freezing stallone is just a lucky "what happens when pheonix is out" kinda decision if it were real life. but here its just a plot device P:

  19. José Manuel Cigoy Segura

    José Manuel Cigoy Segura

    6 dias atrás

    still my favourite review of NC VAN-MAHN!!!

  20. Sydney Pena

    Sydney Pena

    7 dias atrás

    okay but Taco Bell is unhealthy??

  21. Richard Schneider

    Richard Schneider

    8 dias atrás

    8:45 3 seashells.

  22. Gus Rodriguez

    Gus Rodriguez

    8 dias atrás

    Yes Yes Yes, love your reviews.....Critic, i know the movie just came out but....please review Captain Marvel, that movie needs to be shit on

  23. Romiros


    9 dias atrás

    3:38 I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached - I'll keep that in mind 21:28 He actually did

  24. Jc


    9 dias atrás

    rocky aside,, one of the best Stalone!

  25. Sketch_ Tepig

    Sketch_ Tepig

    10 dias atrás

    9:06 I find it brilliantly stupid making it funny to me

  26. DarthSironos


    10 dias atrás

    Demolition Man is a movie about a guy from the 90's who is locked in a time capsule and brought back in a future in which the world has gotten so concerned with being politically correct and not offending that it is turning into a dictatorship with freedom being diminished day by day and it has a maniac in charge. It basically predicted the future. 23:40 The critic has a temporary brainmelt. Forums, fanpages and anti-bullying is not about "the group" over the individual. "the group" over the individual is what you see in countries like China, it is basically 1984. Whenever you want to make it about "the group" at the expense of the individual, it will eventually lead to radical extremism, which destroys freedom of individualism. That has nothing to do with backing a cause or joining an online forum. Sloppy work on that particular bit Critic but otherwise a fine review.

    • Brandon Jones

      Brandon Jones

      10 dias atrás

      What about the other side

  27. Ghastly Grinner

    Ghastly Grinner

    10 dias atrás

    6:50 the poor minorities are endlessly harassed by the big bad white cops joke is played the fuck out

  28. MrQuickshot117


    10 dias atrás

    You know I always thought the seashells were buttons and the toilets were actually made in Japan.

  29. Fermion


    13 dias atrás

    Shoutout to whoever created that beautiful modern art masterpiece at 13:29. I agree Doug, this movie NEEDS to happen ASAP. Staying true to the awesomely cheesy '90's lines: *The Franchise Wars* _Meat Your Maker_



    13 dias atrás

    I won't be able to watch this now without hearing Penis instead of Phonix now so thanks for that 😂🖕

  31. RavenousSpectre


    14 dias atrás

    80s and 90s action flicks will always be king lol

  32. Djangus Roundstone

    Djangus Roundstone

    15 dias atrás

    King Crimson 5:26

  33. sonicjrjr14


    19 dias atrás

    Between Miss Congeniality and The Heat? So he didn't like The Proposal?

  34. Lew Sterling

    Lew Sterling

    20 dias atrás

    So, in this movie, alcohol, caffeine, contact sports, non-educational toys, meat, spicy and unhealthy food, table salt, bad language, uneducational toys, chocolate, abortions, gasoline, getting pregnancy without a license, and tobacco are all illegal. So, you must be a vegan or vegetarian (maybe a pescitarian) who bikes to places while all drinking either tea or water while making sure that you are honest with each other without using profanity...sounds fine with me since they seems to be literally go green.

  35. Anime_Gamer_Weeb


    20 dias atrás

    The live action Shimoneta.

  36. Grim Torino

    Grim Torino

    20 dias atrás

    Those guns haven't been used in decades I'm surprised they fire at all.

    • John Doe

      John Doe

      16 dias atrás

      or that they are loaded lol

  37. Oc Fandom

    Oc Fandom

    21 dia atrás

    watching this while scrolling tumblr is a weird...experience

  38. lessly carthan

    lessly carthan

    22 dias atrás

    It was like 1993 to 98 when stallone bruce willis arnold was grasping.wesley was growing money train mo better blues white men cant jump rising son passenger 57 dusapearing act tu wong fu he did this as a steppung stone blade 98 his apex lasted to bade 2 then shit show.stallone 08 Rambo and balboa and then both shit shit shit wait expendables 3 ikay now in 2019 its over finito or is it 40yr careers not bad

  39. Simi-Random American things

    Simi-Random American things

    23 dias atrás

    Arnold would have been a Republican President from California. Just think about that for a moment.

    • Simi-Random American things

      Simi-Random American things

      22 dias atrás

      +issac flores Yeah but that was the 80s. I am talking about now. California is gerrymandered in such a way that it will stay blue unless we purge every communist. I think Arnold was their last Republican Governor and he won because of who he was.

    • issac flores

      issac flores

      22 dias atrás

      Simi-Random American things so was Ronald Reagan a Republican President from California. So... let that sink in.

  40. Ace Gamer

    Ace Gamer

    24 dias atrás

    This better be about a Black Scottish Cyclops...

  41. Natedog908


    24 dias atrás

    "FENIX" P.s. when I first heard it I thought I heard "FETUS!"

  42. TheTallWizard


    25 dias atrás

    Finally a Suburban Commando reference

  43. FinalMagus 25

    FinalMagus 25

    26 dias atrás

    9:35 I have that same kind of Appa doll.

  44. Marcos Ramirez

    Marcos Ramirez

    27 dias atrás

    I loved that movie.

  45. jay thosonmp

    jay thosonmp

    27 dias atrás

    16:06 if you keep pausing you can see the one frame with a titty in the review

    • SS Robs

      SS Robs

      22 dias atrás

      jay thosonmp 16:07 And it's one and a half titties.

  46. Kevin Lane

    Kevin Lane

    27 dias atrás

    What I want to know is which version of the Overture from William Tell did he use and where can I find it?

  47. ThatMissQuin


    29 dias atrás

    wow I will actually watch this fllick now

  48. Jerrick Alston

    Jerrick Alston

    29 dias atrás

    Does anyone think of Brave New World (but EXTREEEEEMELY Censored) when watching this movie??

  49. Wolfgang Lunar

    Wolfgang Lunar

    Mês atrás

    Does anybody know what Devil Boner's theme music is???

  50. Robbie Keegan

    Robbie Keegan

    Mês atrás

    Meanwhile, Devil-Boner is dealing with the aftermath of Brexit in London😂😂

  51. Matt Way

    Matt Way

    Mês atrás

    The three seashells could be buttons.

  52. The Curious Mind

    The Curious Mind

    Mês atrás

    Critic: "A future where everyone is sensitive, can't take a joke and is obsessed with the past? It's a future run by Tumblr!" Me: Holy shit! Demolition Man foretold the future! Also Me: That future is now!! To hell with this 🤯🔫 💀

  53. Elliot Lin

    Elliot Lin

    Mês atrás

    The franchise wars were probably just a sell off of products and who could get the most customers and bankrupt the rest of the restaurants...

  54. Juan Guaido

    Juan Guaido

    Mês atrás

    Why the tacos are so small?

  55. M Chaney

    M Chaney

    Mês atrás

    I always loved this movie. Its a near perfect blend of senseless violence, within your comedic comfort zone and expectation of peace. Its a typical stallone flick lol.

  56. Christopher Rosa

    Christopher Rosa

    Mês atrás

    Anyone else see a boob at 16:00?

  57. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool

    Mês atrás


  58. Frank J.J. Styles

    Frank J.J. Styles

    Mês atrás

    Review The John Carpenter Escape from L.A. Vampires Ghost from Mars

  59. Peter Clive

    Peter Clive

    Mês atrás

    I can't believe that he put the penis! thing at the end of the video 😂

  60. andy breuer

    andy breuer

    Mês atrás

    Funny in the german version of the movie, they eat at Pizza Hut.. not Taco Bell

  61. Gamer Gabriel

    Gamer Gabriel

    Mês atrás

    They changed Taco Bell to Pizza Hut

    • Karen Page

      Karen Page

      25 dias atrás

      That's in the foreign versions. The US release is Taco Bell.

  62. Gen Kaiba

    Gen Kaiba

    Mês atrás

    Does the 'wish for more from life' make Sandra Bullock a Disney princess in this film? :p

  63. Per Pan LustVanGoth

    Per Pan LustVanGoth

    Mês atrás

    music at the beggining please?

  64. Ser Pinfingers

    Ser Pinfingers

    Mês atrás

    a comedy action like rush hour

  65. toh ping Tiang

    toh ping Tiang

    Mês atrás

    So why don't they live in the forest. They can catch wild animals to eat.

    • Louis Duarte

      Louis Duarte

      Mês atrás

      I think EVERYWHERE on the surface is policed and monitored, including forests.

  66. rilluma


    Mês atrás


  67. Bucky McBuckson

    Bucky McBuckson

    Mês atrás

    Is no one else gonna talk about the red colored font atrocity at the bottom of the screen in 20:44?😂 Love Nostalgia Critic, not grammatically incorrect statements.😂😂😂

  68. nmgh marquis

    nmgh marquis

    Mês atrás

    Ha Xb this movie did goood with the social stamp part would make a goood foreseeing data log 4 predicted the social future kinda well Hmmm6_6 Goood show kinda nice

  69. aidans land

    aidans land

    Mês atrás

    I love demolition man but in San Diego California they poened a demolition man taco bell at comic con last year. It was very bad

  70. Byron Box

    Byron Box

    Mês atrás

    7:54 the warden from Shawshank is now a police captain....... I trust him MUCH less now. And its bc hes a cop

  71. Nobody


    Mês atrás

    Devilboner is my spirit animal

  72. Ahmad and skullton

    Ahmad and skullton

    Mês atrás


  73. empiral sith lord #24

    empiral sith lord #24

    Mês atrás

    To be quite honest i like taco bell but nothing but taco bell sounds horrible

  74. Grayson Tartt

    Grayson Tartt

    Mês atrás

    16:07 Excuse me, Mr. Algia Critic, you appear to have skipped past a certain boob that should've been censored. But, please don't censor it, let all of us pervy weirdos enjoy our singular boob. *EDIT:* I found two more, like, a millisecond before the singular one! Come, fellow weirdos, we shall jerk together at the legendary *3 boobies!!*

  75. Little200bro


    Mês atrás


  76. Oliver Delica

    Oliver Delica

    Mês atrás

    1:25 No Jackie Chan?

  77. TBurianOnline


    Mês atrás

    Demolition Meh-yan was actually pretty good even in the cinemas. I wish they showed it again.

  78. K Re

    K Re

    Mês atrás

    🙋3 seashells wash, rinse, wipe

  79. Larry Alden

    Larry Alden

    Mês atrás

    Penis indeed

  80. Michael Nards

    Michael Nards

    Mês atrás

    You shove them up your bum and scraped the poop out of your bum

  81. Brandon Shaver

    Brandon Shaver

    Mês atrás

    Why are the guns in the museum capable of live fire?

  82. Steven Facey

    Steven Facey

    Mês atrás

    Just wish Mr. Make toilet paper with the shells winning was a fake out. Eveyone cheers, lifts him up and takes him to the spine ripping machine.

  83. straightoff 420

    straightoff 420

    Mês atrás

    PENIS!!!! 😂

  84. random guy

    random guy

    Mês atrás

    Sandra bullock in tight uniform.... Favorite part.._ and that dress at tacobell

  85. bat3xxx


    Mês atrás

    press up up down down a b start then go to amazon and order the last air bender to wipe your ass

  86. Kapilthev kingston

    Kapilthev kingston

    Mês atrás

    The 3 sea shells really looking forward to it in the upcoming future

  87. Movie Maniac

    Movie Maniac

    Mês atrás

    Well, only after watching this review have I realized what the three seashells are.

  88. BTIsaac


    Mês atrás

    Tumblr vs 4chan. This movie really did predict the future.

  89. BTIsaac


    Mês atrás

    You know this distopia isn't very accurate. No pastel colors, no overused hairdye and half-shaved heads, heck, the villain should be obese with a thin long beard an idiotic smile, and a handpuppet he occasionally pretends is sentient.

  90. BTIsaac


    Mês atrás

    Does snipes always play a character called Simon?

  91. Pirate Style Jutsu

    Pirate Style Jutsu

    Mês atrás

    In case anyone was wondering, those boobs at 1:02 belong to Leanne Crow.

  92. alvaro alas

    alvaro alas

    2 meses atrás

    ok i gotta ask the the fuck was with villains in the 90's and blonde hair? like is that the only colour those fuckers had or something?

  93. Gary Sanders

    Gary Sanders

    2 meses atrás

    That intro, but like unironically.

  94. Kunisake The Artist

    Kunisake The Artist

    2 meses atrás

    Taco Bell was the only survivor. No McDonald's, Wendy's, Chick-Fil-a, Steak N' Shake, TGI Friday's, or ANY pizza place... Leo: "Horse-shit!"

  95. Krowman84


    2 meses atrás

    Honest question..who really thinks all this screaming and yelling is actually funny?

  96. Lowehart


    2 meses atrás

    If everything bad for you is illegal, hotdogs are illegal, but a song about them is the most-requested song..?

  97. Albert Schmalbert

    Albert Schmalbert

    2 meses atrás

    Baby Shark just cracked the billboard top 100. This movie is a dire prediction

  98. Arc Spark

    Arc Spark

    2 meses atrás

    Doug, uh, you should probably edit out 16:07

  99. 1Smoking Lizard

    1Smoking Lizard

    2 meses atrás

    @15:35; that was genius!

  100. axe863


    2 meses atrás

    Most realistic portrayal of the future ever.

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