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Fozi Mozi - English | Visiting Grandma at the hospital

Join us for three new Fozi Mozi episodes in one video!
1) Visiting Grandma at the hospital: Fozi Mozi, Tutti and Mandalina went to visit Grandma Fozeyye at the hospital and brought along a box of chocolates… Will Fozi Mozi and Tutti resist the temptation?
2) The silence game: Fozi Mozi and Tutti agree to play the silence game after eating food! The one to speak first loses and has to clean the table!
3) Tutti the waitress: Fozi Mozi sits down to order food from Tutti the waitress! How will her service be ?

Fozi Mozi & Tutti is an entertainment/ educational BR-channel channel reaching millions Arab speaking kids around the globe.
The channel in made of 2-6 min clips containing songs, sketches, news and other fun and educational activities.
The content follows Fozi Mozi and his sister Tutti and their adventures thruogh life . going to school, to the dentist, helping grandma cook and so forth. While Fozi Mozi and Tutti are the more childish, naughty and naive characters, their sister Mandalina is the more mature and smart little sister, that helps them figure out how to solve the mess they had created.


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