How to Make a Remote Controlled Spider Robot!!

In this video I show you how to make a remote controlled spider robot.
Clarification... The introduction of the video is stop motion animation, it was only done to visually enrich the content and to exemplify how the idea was born without using a real spider. I do not intend that you believe that the final result of the product is the same.
Also keep in mind that remote control does not always mean that it is Radio Control, since you can control something remotely even when using a physical connection.
Keep in mind:
The content shown in this video is experimental, everything was done during the recording, if you plan to recreate what is shown here, be careful when using the tools and keep in mind that you must have basic knowledge of electronics and basic tools.
Read the following recommendations if you plan to recreate it.
-Don't make the same size shown here, in spite of having included other 2 motors, a 9-volt battery was used at the end to move and the motors were burned after a while of operation, the problem is solved if it does smaller maybe half or less.
- Get a battery holder for 4 units, it's better and cheaper than doing it manually.
-The engines have to be all similar.
Circuit diagram:
Music Used
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