How to Make a Remote Controlled Spider Robot!!

In this video I show you how to make a remote controlled spider robot.
Keep in mind:
The content shown in this video is experimental, everything was done during the recording, if you plan to recreate what is shown here, be careful when using the tools and keep in mind that you must have basic knowledge of electronics and basic tools.
Read the following recommendations if you plan to recreate it.
-Don't make the same size shown here, in spite of having included other 2 motors, a 9-volt battery was used at the end to move and the motors were burned after a while of operation, the problem is solved if it does smaller maybe half or less.
- Get a battery holder for 4 units, it's better and cheaper than doing it manually.
-The engines have to be all similar.
Keep in mind that remote control does not mean it is Radio Control, you can control something remotely even when using a physical connection.
Circuit diagram: facebook.com/PlayToDIY/photos/a.796984797331392/796984817331390/?type=3&theater
Music Used
Gloom Horizon
Secret of Tiki Island
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  1. Play To DIY

    Play To DIY

    16 dias atrás

    Hello, the introduction of the video is a stop motion, I like art and animation, that's why I did it, I do not want to imply that this is the final result, it's just the introduction of this, (stop motion 0:0, construction 0:22, end result 12:52) only if you plan to recreate what is shown in the video, read the full description to see the recommendations, otherwise, enjoy!

    • kranta Ji

      kranta Ji

      Dia atrás

      Play To DIY very nice bro we all pround to earth

    • LetterSlayer


      3 dias atrás

      you are an evil bastard. ffffffuck spiders no nonoo noooooo

    • nyinyi naing

      nyinyi naing

      4 dias atrás

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    • Omar Ramirez Madrigal

      Omar Ramirez Madrigal

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  2. Egenhardt Buisan

    Egenhardt Buisan

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    It is cool

  3. kranta Ji

    kranta Ji

    Dia atrás

    how much money is used to make it

  4. Philip De Alba

    Philip De Alba

    Dia atrás

    From beginning of the video I thought it was wireless

  5. Philip De Alba

    Philip De Alba

    Dia atrás

    In what position did he face the metal on the battery? Negative?Positive?

  6. Six Wings

    Six Wings

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  8. Gabriel Ferreira

    Gabriel Ferreira

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    Sorry no speak english you ah traducion to english from portuguese



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    Taric Sifat

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    Make it wireless

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    Club Garage

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    Sharvano Virginie

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  13. Michael Laubscher

    Michael Laubscher

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    Natchanyakorn Samsung

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    Heart Breaker

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    Idiot that was total shit

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    That's not the same when you showed us in the beginning

  19. Meraj Alam Ansari

    Meraj Alam Ansari

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    Fake. Video

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    Meraj Alam Ansari

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    Bhag ja gandu

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    Perfecta, sólo falto ser inalámbrica.

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    santiago Galvan

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    mandame saludos;v

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    santiago Galvan

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    Pinche mugrero, pensaba que iba a mover las patas:v

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    Alein Evaster

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    woeroof_1 roblox

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    omg it looks so cool anf realistic!!! well done!!!

  26. simara silva

    simara silva

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    Ninguém fala em português ✌️

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    elpeke rd

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  28. Don Jeggerz

    Don Jeggerz

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    i was so memorize by this and this is seriously off the hook man...great job

  29. Strawberry Milkshake

    Strawberry Milkshake

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    Man, it feels like Ubisoft trailer vs real game.

  30. We Watch From Below

    We Watch From Below

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  31. Black Dragon B-B-Q

    Black Dragon B-B-Q

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    i thought the legs moves but i change my mind for just vibrating it u cant fool anyone with it

  32. Gulminaz Gulminaz

    Gulminaz Gulminaz

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    Круто молодец 😎🆒

    • Двойняшки & Мальчуган

      Двойняшки & Мальчуган

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      Все тут англиские

  33. Joe Duke

    Joe Duke

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    Where's the 2 watt laser mounted on it's head?

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    Yosune Vacas

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    Rick Sanchez

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    luccas e thaís

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    Johnny Bravoo

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    full armor

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  46. Ferenc Konrád

    Ferenc Konrád

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    When you realize that the remote controller has an antenna even when it is wired...

  47. Maulidy 23

    Maulidy 23

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    5 dias atrás

    I was really expecting like the legs would more with it or aleast make it look like it was moving. Whatever I still think it cool this guy may a mini mechanical spider with a 2 button remote and he knew how to aleast put it together and Hey Better then me.

  49. Rasya febrian2007a

    Rasya febrian2007a

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    Homer der Homie

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    Shamim sk

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    Kaemari Carter

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  56. Wayne Grinnell

    Wayne Grinnell

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    Tony Vasquez

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    Beto W.

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    Max Balili

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    Spin Theben

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      Spin Theben

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      Spin Theben

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      Spin Theben

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    artsy girl

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  65. XTNEOX


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  67. zhenchen Tan

    zhenchen Tan

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    Mark Salipuran

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  69. CARA Pansito

    CARA Pansito

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  84. Foxy's team ITA

    Foxy's team ITA

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    Tyler Street

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    spranggats nonoy

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    Have you got any chocolate I’m hungry

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    Максим Бобылев

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    LockEd ghost83

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