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  1. lifetsucks !

    lifetsucks !

    6 minutos atrás

    He seems like a rapist

  2. II Blazer II

    II Blazer II

    22 minutos atrás

    Forget Jeff and him being a cheapskate..they needa take care of that big ass mole on that kid face😂😂

  3. Taylor Phillips

    Taylor Phillips

    Hora atrás

    His water wasn't even boiling before he put the pasta in LMAO

  4. #subarugirl


    5 horas atrás

    he is right about cleaning the toliet with vinegar. i use it

  5. Anthony Gelacio

    Anthony Gelacio

    8 horas atrás

    I love all the positive comments on here!

  6. Inky Splaters

    Inky Splaters

    10 horas atrás

    Top 10 nicest cheapskates. :o

  7. Vivian Luu

    Vivian Luu

    11 horas atrás

    Most of the stuff he does is actually sustainable living and quite reasonable. I like this guy! He educates people how not to be wasteful and how to be resourceful rather than being unreasonably cheap by reusing paper towel or floss lmao!!. I think he is much better than the rest of the cheapskates in this series!!

  8. Sharquia


    12 horas atrás

    20$ a dozen for crabs 😩 I pay 60$

  9. Irvine Retards Gang

    Irvine Retards Gang

    13 horas atrás

    Its just a fish, what is wrong with these people?

  10. DarkSlime8405


    13 horas atrás

    He seems like a really nice guy to talk to when you’re feeling down

  11. Funny moments Cringe

    Funny moments Cringe

    14 horas atrás

    My guy, i could buy a stick of deodorant cheaper then that thing of coconut oil

  12. michael kohr

    michael kohr

    14 horas atrás

    Thing is this guy is smart as fuck! He is chillin retired at age 40 just kickin back.. I love it! Gotta take some of these things as advice for sure

  13. Lauren Wade 37

    Lauren Wade 37

    14 horas atrás

    Soup looks good

  14. Brayden Ramey

    Brayden Ramey

    16 horas atrás

    This guy is actually dope He’s so nice

  15. Nathan Knauss

    Nathan Knauss

    16 horas atrás

    For the non tech savvy folks: Someone cannot see your email from your internet, unless their a hacker.

  16. Ana's life

    Ana's life

    16 horas atrás

    Omg he's so sweat 😩😩

  17. Tabitha Freeman

    Tabitha Freeman

    17 horas atrás

    The kid doesn’t want to eat the fish chowder but I bet he’s the same kid scarfing down McDonalds.

  18. Tabitha Freeman

    Tabitha Freeman

    17 horas atrás

    Instead of stealing her wi-fi he asked to split the bill. He could’ve just used it and said nothing. Actually he can still access it but at least he asked first.

  19. Ashleigh Feeley

    Ashleigh Feeley

    18 horas atrás

    If more people were like him, maybe our planet wouldn’t be dying

  20. Monicia Wilson

    Monicia Wilson

    18 horas atrás

    Ewwwww....the way he dug his hand in that sample when he was leaving the store

  21. God Mime

    God Mime

    18 horas atrás

    When there was nothing disgusting about the fish and they focused on the fact it was just remains of a fillet.

  22. Mia Johnston

    Mia Johnston

    19 horas atrás

    honestly deoderent is cheaper than the meterials you need all together to make deoderent

  23. Ginothegodly


    19 horas atrás


  24. kay ortiz

    kay ortiz

    21 hora atrás

    Sad for the family. Buy your kids outfits so they don’t feel like always needing leftovers

  25. Paula Lobo

    Paula Lobo

    21 hora atrás

    With 5$ I’ll get him d deodorant and cleaning supplies

  26. Khobo


    22 horas atrás

    I actually like this one

  27. Khai Craigee

    Khai Craigee

    22 horas atrás

    8:01 Like for one person not wanting him in your couch

  28. Your mom is cool

    Your mom is cool

    23 horas atrás

    3:26 thats what she said

  29. Your mom is cool

    Your mom is cool

    23 horas atrás

    3:17 thats what she said

  30. Jonathan Deas

    Jonathan Deas

    23 horas atrás

    Am I the only one who has a dad that's a level below these people

  31. Suuki The Samoan

    Suuki The Samoan

    Dia atrás

    Isaac is such a ugly kid

  32. James Tretola

    James Tretola

    Dia atrás

    I’d rather work till I’m 80 than retire at 40 and live like this

  33. Sebastien Alvarez

    Sebastien Alvarez

    Dia atrás

    4:58 he has a point

  34. jake moley

    jake moley

    Dia atrás

    19:14-"the wilson are 25cent richer" he is so nice he did not tale it

  35. Tiana’s Corner

    Tiana’s Corner

    Dia atrás

    His methods actually make sense💯 I like this guy😁😁

  36. Raymond Moses

    Raymond Moses

    Dia atrás

    “Your sitting on ma bed” hahahahah

  37. isabelle o.

    isabelle o.

    Dia atrás

    r we not gonna talk about how she puts plastic in the trash & not in the recycle.

  38. riggamorrischan


    Dia atrás

    “You’re sitting on my bed, and you know, I go to bed early...” “Well ok...that’s fine”

  39. Mara Vladic

    Mara Vladic

    Dia atrás

    No shame to take advantage of free samples

  40. Phinz FAN

    Phinz FAN

    Dia atrás

    Thanks but no thanks mom can we order pizza.

  41. Ben Pham

    Ben Pham

    Dia atrás

    The vinegar n baking soda cleaner is actually a rlly effective way to clean ur house

  42. burnt chicken nugget

    burnt chicken nugget

    Dia atrás

    He’s so charming and sweet

  43. NexterHere


    Dia atrás

    The boiling water isn't so bad actually better for the environment to me personally cause your not wasting it.

  44. Trickz4Life TTV

    Trickz4Life TTV

    Dia atrás

    but the car has ac so I would take the car

  45. Ello Means hi

    Ello Means hi

    Dia atrás

    Jeff was recycling tho.

  46. Ello Means hi

    Ello Means hi

    Dia atrás

    Jeff was recycling tho.

  47. Alex Kim

    Alex Kim

    Dia atrás

    Yikes when that guy said heck yea I’ll throw those heads in

  48. Jaime Hudson

    Jaime Hudson

    Dia atrás

    They sell deodorant at the dollar store. I've purchased dove, arm and hammer name brands from dollar tree alone and it lasts awhile too

  49. Attack dog gaming

    Attack dog gaming

    Dia atrás

    4:28 low key a life hack

  50. Dewy Willett

    Dewy Willett

    Dia atrás

    I like his voice

  51. Mega Wack

    Mega Wack

    Dia atrás

    My question is how do these “Extreme Cheapskates” know these “life hacks.”

  52. Art Tang

    Art Tang

    Dia atrás

    Me i dont want someone like jeff on my couch.....

  53. Travi - ona

    Travi - ona

    Dia atrás

    That homemade deodorant seemed pretty nifty tbh.

  54. Fiona Gutierrez

    Fiona Gutierrez

    Dia atrás

    I’m still waiting for Mr. Krabs episode

  55. N0RSK1


    Dia atrás

    *pollution is shaking*

  56. Tyler Lister

    Tyler Lister

    Dia atrás

    Dude you’re awesome I’m touring

  57. D.F. Gamer

    D.F. Gamer

    Dia atrás

    This is so wierd

  58. D.F. Gamer

    D.F. Gamer

    Dia atrás

    I almost puked while watching him making the dinner and them eating

  59. monkeygoboom77


    Dia atrás

    We just gonna ignore the fact that the salmon looks like it’s been savaged? Whoever filet it doesn’t know how to properly filet.

  60. Ashley Jenkins

    Ashley Jenkins

    Dia atrás

    I think the guy is just smart and I’m sure he has a lot of money stack up too.

  61. Luis


    Dia atrás

    I mean the cleaning products are not that bad and the pesticides too :l

  62. Bai gaming yt And singping playz

    Bai gaming yt And singping playz

    Dia atrás

    He have a big house but why is he cheap

  63. HaremKing


    Dia atrás

    I would rather die than eat that food he made

  64. Sean C

    Sean C

    Dia atrás

    hes not that bad. the worst thing is that e was trash digging but that chowder did look good.

  65. kayc sizaa

    kayc sizaa

    Dia atrás

    Some of his tactics are actually pretty intelligent

  66. cowomo


    Dia atrás

    hey whats wrong with salmon? i love salmon

  67. A’Riyah Jackson

    A’Riyah Jackson

    Dia atrás

    I’m in the ER now

  68. J G

    J G

    Dia atrás

    fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads fish heads fish heads eat them up yum!

  69. Get me to 1,000 Subs with no videos

    Get me to 1,000 Subs with no videos

    2 dias atrás

    2:46 This guy just asked if free samples were free.

  70. silvia ___

    silvia ___

    2 dias atrás

    My dad should be on this show

  71. Isabelle lavender

    Isabelle lavender

    2 dias atrás

    Awww, I can tell stacy was trying to be nice to jeff even though was kinda weird 😂😂☺

  72. Tea Sis

    Tea Sis

    2 dias atrás

    Tbh y can't he just buy deodorant it's like a dollar,...cheaper than buying coconut oil,corn starch, and whatever else he got...? (Btw ik my profile pic is irrelevant but I don't feel like changing it 🙃😶) at least he thought abt the kids.

  73. Eloise Cecil

    Eloise Cecil

    2 dias atrás

    Oh but the boiling water is actually a pretty good trick if it works

  74. 10000 subs with no vid s

    10000 subs with no vid s

    2 dias atrás

    Of course he has a ti di shirt

  75. Milos Petrovic

    Milos Petrovic

    2 dias atrás

    holy crap its earl hickey

  76. Spartan Anims

    Spartan Anims

    2 dias atrás

    White people call neighbors by there last name while i'm here like "Mami! The fat bitch is outside again playing with our cat!

  77. Don’t PullOut Ttt

    Don’t PullOut Ttt

    2 dias atrás

    “My Armpits Will Thank You” Wtf 😂

  78. Violet Corbin

    Violet Corbin

    2 dias atrás

    On the other hand, I /LOVE/ this guys home~

  79. Full Velocity

    Full Velocity

    2 dias atrás

    Okay honestly a little bit of that was actually smart as hell

  80. EPIC Fortnite

    EPIC Fortnite

    2 dias atrás

    I live in Hawaii and try and become a cheapskate here😂 In a store it’s $2.99 a pound for tomato’s!!😂And houses are extremely expensive to rent a normal small sized apartment it’s 1,100 bucks a month, ur lucky dude

  81. r3xdesigns


    2 dias atrás

    A lot of the stuff this guy says is actually very true, I would just categorize him as a person that isn't fond of spending money that often.

  82. Bri musicc

    Bri musicc

    2 dias atrás

    When he grabbed the samples I lost it 😂

  83. Alec Urquhart

    Alec Urquhart

    2 dias atrás

    Your so damn weird

  84. Wendolyn Alanis

    Wendolyn Alanis

    2 dias atrás

    He seems like such a nice guy!

  85. glossy bella

    glossy bella

    2 dias atrás

    he love the earth 🤠😘

  86. BowRow's Vids

    BowRow's Vids

    2 dias atrás

    The dinner could have been a lot better if he just caught the damm fish himself

  87. Brihana Valerio

    Brihana Valerio

    2 dias atrás

    In my opinion I thought the kids were really rude especially the son they should be more respectful and grateful that he even made them something and he gave them really neat gifts he is a really nice man people should not treat him differently..also reminder it's my opinion 18:39 there was even money inside and not even a thank you like come on man😡 least the parents was nice👍🏼

  88. Eleanora Guthrie

    Eleanora Guthrie

    2 dias atrás

    I use the boiling water trick bcuz I don't want to harm the animals

  89. Nicholas Espinoza

    Nicholas Espinoza

    2 dias atrás

    he looks like my name is earl

  90. TheDailyGamer12345


    2 dias atrás

    Jeff : Hey can i swim in a place near you? Family: Why do you want to? Besides, we dont even know a place like that Jeff: You know i meant the trashcan. We can even make a swimming pool out of all your trash! Family: Ok.....

  91. Microwave Man

    Microwave Man

    2 dias atrás

    The kid is a wimp

  92. Jennifer Williams

    Jennifer Williams

    2 dias atrás

    Nice stash Jeff your my favrit cheap scat

  93. Benjamin Ahdoot

    Benjamin Ahdoot

    2 dias atrás

    Their son is such a Wussy, running away from a freaking fish head

  94. jake's comix

    jake's comix

    2 dias atrás

    /honestly i feel like that boiling water thing will like save alot of things

  95. Nudah


    2 dias atrás

    the older I get, the more people like this make sense.

  96. Panic!_at_yee_ Disco

    Panic!_at_yee_ Disco

    2 dias atrás

    To be honest.... Extreme cheapskates are helping our planet out

  97. Teryn Thomas

    Teryn Thomas

    2 dias atrás

    I agree with the boy What is the fish doing there, I think he is gonna molest it

  98. Castiel Winchester

    Castiel Winchester

    2 dias atrás

    Kinda reminds me of a puppy in a way

  99. Lily Freeman

    Lily Freeman

    2 dias atrás

    He actually seems very nice

  100. Carter Baker

    Carter Baker

    2 dias atrás

    To be 100% honest the chowder didn't half bad. The head tho...

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