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Juice WRLD - Robbery (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade Presents
Juice WRLD - Robbery (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Nick Mira
Director of Photography - Taylor Randall
3D Animation by Nocturnal FX
Steadicam by Xavier Thompson
Executive Produced by Sal Tarantino

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  1. jalissa ortiz

    jalissa ortiz

    26 minutos atrás

    Juice WRLD your song are why I am alive

  2. Tupac Shakur Remixes

    Tupac Shakur Remixes

    27 minutos atrás

    2:21 when summer is finally here

  3. Dusty Reynolds

    Dusty Reynolds

    27 minutos atrás

    What's the guys name in real life at 0:45

  4. FreshToDeaph


    35 minutos atrás

    Hennessy strong as fuck

  5. cloat editz

    cloat editz

    41 minuto atrás

    Who else is listening to this offline with BR-channel premiere

  6. Erons Worth

    Erons Worth

    55 minutos atrás

    Feeling this from Nigeria 🙏✌🐐🐐🐐🐐

  7. CredTheSped


    Hora atrás

    I was listening to this and my girlfriend broke up with me:(

  8. andrew agasid

    andrew agasid

    Hora atrás

    Why this his voice sound like that 2000's scene emo vocals

  9. Carter Bryson

    Carter Bryson

    Hora atrás

    Only good song off the album

  10. The Matrix

    The Matrix

    Hora atrás

    I swear to god I will like this comment You said it

  11. AJ Marsh

    AJ Marsh

    Hora atrás

    From 5 viewers on Periscope to Songs on charts,Cole Bennet Music Video and 40+ Million views on most of his music videos. Congrats Juice you making a name for yourself keep up the grind!

  12. Isaac Gutierrez

    Isaac Gutierrez

    Hora atrás

  13. Monica Ramos

    Monica Ramos

    Hora atrás

    Any one 2019

  14. Vir Zven

    Vir Zven

    Hora atrás

    I'm running from ur love but I'm not fast.... Like to become sonic

  15. Angel Lee

    Angel Lee

    Hora atrás

    He acting like that one weird white guy with the fucked up finger from scary movie 2 am I rite or wrong

  16. Spikey 369

    Spikey 369

    Hora atrás

    0:24 when your pizza rolls are done

  17. you was at the club

    you was at the club

    Hora atrás

    "she told me put my heart in the bag and nobody gets hurt"

  18. Bullseye Gaming 3D

    Bullseye Gaming 3D

    2 horas atrás

    Was he drunk during this he seems so hurt 😢😢😢

  19. Owen Mcgreevy

    Owen Mcgreevy

    2 horas atrás

    Yo everyone look up global Dan and listen to his songs 💯💯🔥🔥

  20. PleasedChip


    2 horas atrás

    Juice WRLD is better than X change my mind

  21. BattleRayEatsButt


    2 horas atrás

    Came here from the Minecraft parody



    2 horas atrás

    Who u think better 6ixnine blue face drake 21savage or juice wrld

  23. travis mitchell

    travis mitchell

    2 horas atrás

    I like when he put the cigarette in the flowers. And why was the lady still holding them

  24. Bobbi Goodwin

    Bobbi Goodwin

    2 horas atrás

    make this blue if u listen in 2019 👇

  25. JE D

    JE D

    2 horas atrás

    If this👇is grey you’re gay 👇 👈👈

  26. muhd hanif

    muhd hanif

    2 horas atrás

    0.13 my fav

  27. Atomic


    2 horas atrás


    • Atomic


      2 horas atrás

      My dad says I’m this all the time

  28. Oh Yea yea

    Oh Yea yea

    2 horas atrás

    Why is this so relatable and............... Oh yeah yeah

  29. Reloadzz


    2 horas atrás

    Yo guys I need your help. Is Reficy a good name for a youtube channel?

  30. ThicBoi Austin

    ThicBoi Austin

    2 horas atrás

    Funny thing is juice world is 19 so he can't drink alcohol legally

  31. Angie kravitz

    Angie kravitz

    2 horas atrás

    Great song bro!

  32. Peculiar Maduforo

    Peculiar Maduforo

    2 horas atrás

    my celeb crush

  33. Alana Valdez

    Alana Valdez

    2 horas atrás

    He's drunk

  34. Ruby Pineda

    Ruby Pineda

    3 horas atrás

    No view 201 likes 1k comments BR-channel IS DRUNK

  35. Crazy_ Gamer

    Crazy_ Gamer

    3 horas atrás

    When ur invited to ur ex girlfriends wedding

  36. Dalia Al-Saji

    Dalia Al-Saji

    3 horas atrás

    Im a simple girl i see a video that juice wrld makes i click

  37. Quiet vertex

    Quiet vertex

    3 horas atrás

    Monday 0:19 vs friday 0:24

  38. memes bois

    memes bois

    3 horas atrás

    why is he so sad??

  39. Kayla Richardson

    Kayla Richardson

    3 horas atrás

    Powerful ass song 🔥🔥🔥

  40. Alexandre Geraldes

    Alexandre Geraldes

    3 horas atrás

    porra essa musica é muito horrivel kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  41. Da realsolo

    Da realsolo

    3 horas atrás

    Just break up with her

  42. mario Repetto

    mario Repetto

    3 horas atrás

    this song is for my hacked steam account :( 8====D

  43. ĞŞŁØW


    3 horas atrás

    Like for this song the best❤️😭

  44. Gymnast Meghamoo

    Gymnast Meghamoo

    3 horas atrás


  45. Tim Wassenaar

    Tim Wassenaar

    4 horas atrás

    HELP ME NOW! I need to phone homeeee

  46. Tim Wassenaar

    Tim Wassenaar

    4 horas atrás

    After 10 seconds: This is Cancer After 20 seconds: hmm this is aight After 30 seconds: “SHE TOLD ME PUT MY HEART IN THE BAG”

  47. John Graziano aKa REAL

    John Graziano aKa REAL

    4 horas atrás

    I hope to be in a song with Juice Wrld and I really pray I get a song and video directed by @Cole Bennet @Lyrical Lemonade

  48. rest in paradise JAHSEH

    rest in paradise JAHSEH

    4 horas atrás

    You are now safe from all comments Do nothing to start it

  49. Animeboi 21

    Animeboi 21

    4 horas atrás

    The best song he ever made In my opinion

  50. Boi that’s Arrieouna 🖤

    Boi that’s Arrieouna 🖤

    4 horas atrás

    This song made me rock with Juice Wrld sooooo much more now 😩🔥

  51. tracy johnson

    tracy johnson

    4 horas atrás

    Is it me or did I see him pour something in his cup and then pour it out

  52. Janusz Sukcesu

    Janusz Sukcesu

    4 horas atrás

    My fevorite music

  53. Ella Cline

    Ella Cline

    4 horas atrás

    1:50 when you walk by your crush but then you don't notice how fire you are.

  54. d A L i L a

    d A L i L a

    5 horas atrás

    this song is great. congratulations, juice. 🖤

  55. Kendal Murphy

    Kendal Murphy

    5 horas atrás

    Better than post malone

  56. eshay lad

    eshay lad

    5 horas atrás


  57. Tommyometer


    5 horas atrás

    Juice WRLD actually has a really good singing voice aswell as rapper, he's a good mix of the two! *I did a cover of this song on my channel just now if anyone wants to check it out! All support is greatly appreciated!!*

  58. Belle Rock

    Belle Rock

    5 horas atrás

    2:05 When your teacher gets the wrong answer to a math equation and your pissed that she/he is saying that is the answer

  59. Noel DN30

    Noel DN30

    5 horas atrás

    *Damnnn Robbery is on fire!* 🍹🔥🔥🔥

  60. Belle Rock

    Belle Rock

    5 horas atrás

    1:53 when someone pissed you off Cole: Here ya go *Drops smoke in flowers* Cole: Your welcome Cole again: Happy Death Day!

  61. Zero2


    5 horas atrás

    At 1:06 that looks like cj so cool

  62. pigsrcool626


    5 horas atrás

    This is how many times you've listened to this song I V

  63. Zain Imran

    Zain Imran

    5 horas atrás

    Juice is a BOSS in black suit . Who Agrees .

  64. Jeeves Schadauer

    Jeeves Schadauer

    5 horas atrás

    Shout out to Juice for showing everyone how easy it is to start forest fires. Be careful with matches, kids

  65. Lemonz Pro

    Lemonz Pro

    5 horas atrás

    The 20k people who disliked have no taste in fire music



    5 horas atrás


  67. OTH_ Anthonis

    OTH_ Anthonis

    6 horas atrás

  68. Adam Snip3z

    Adam Snip3z

    6 horas atrás

    New fav song

  69. Dominik Figlant

    Dominik Figlant

    6 horas atrás

    sooooo liiiiiiiiiit

  70. Of Aestival

    Of Aestival

    6 horas atrás

    This guy is fucking horrible

  71. Tom Ballet

    Tom Ballet

    6 horas atrás

    11:52 That lady is caught on fire

  72. Skippy


    6 horas atrás

    This song is fucking fire 😎🕯🕯

  73. SquadSaneSlader


    6 horas atrás

    I made a remix on this song Check it out, share it, etc. Thanks

  74. Where Are u

    Where Are u

    6 horas atrás


  75. Trcaken Peep X

    Trcaken Peep X

    6 horas atrás :v

  76. Jeff Turner

    Jeff Turner

    6 horas atrás


  77. Total fun

    Total fun

    7 horas atrás

    So that's how all these wildfires start 🤔

  78. Nexco3d


    7 horas atrás

    I put my ❤ in the bag and she still hurt me... double crossin' cunt.

  79. Papitas Laiz

    Papitas Laiz

    7 horas atrás

    Things like this make me alive

  80. Janet Hall

    Janet Hall

    7 horas atrás

    Best rapper alive

  81. Radu Vali

    Radu Vali

    7 horas atrás

    I think he is slowly going insane

  82. Shadow Gamest

    Shadow Gamest

    7 horas atrás

    Juice wrld is a jerk to trees And old ladys

  83. Christian Colon

    Christian Colon

    7 horas atrás

    ----. ---- |---|

  84. kody 1106

    kody 1106

    7 horas atrás

    Damn this fire.

  85. Carlos Arias

    Carlos Arias

    7 horas atrás

    Well juice wrld is crazy but he has a 🖤💔💔broken body and heart but the thing is people are saying u can’t be a rapper your white!???.?.??.?# I’m like what u mean and they said all rappers are black I sus kinda ture but comment some white rappers plzz

  86. Gggg Gggg

    Gggg Gggg

    7 horas atrás

    *Reply* if you think you would rather reply than like

  87. luwky 420

    luwky 420

    7 horas atrás


  88. itzyourbrownskinboy sosa

    itzyourbrownskinboy sosa

    7 horas atrás


  89. Salomondrin Pacheco

    Salomondrin Pacheco

    7 horas atrás

    Algún latino por aki que le gusta la.musica pero. No entiende ni madres

  90. John mark Lightfeather

    John mark Lightfeather

    7 horas atrás

    If juice wrld needs to find home then find home

  91. Leon Thomson

    Leon Thomson

    7 horas atrás

    M4d br0

  92. Hexagon Trick

    Hexagon Trick

    7 horas atrás

    Can’t stop to litsen 🔥

  93. ajith chemparathy

    ajith chemparathy

    7 horas atrás

    Usher much?

  94. fledi


    7 horas atrás

    You will kiss your crush Like to activate

  95. 0 Subscribers

    0 Subscribers

    7 horas atrás

    Use this as a 'Juice WRLD' is fire button. 👇🏾

  96. Selena B

    Selena B

    7 horas atrás

    1 like makes juice wrld faster🙃 :HE NEEDS AT LEAST 100 LIKES TO RUN AWAY:

  97. Corey Smith

    Corey Smith

    7 horas atrás

    Of course my girl just broke up with me when I heard this song💔💔💔

  98. BTY Cod

    BTY Cod

    7 horas atrás

    3:15 didn't that happen to a girl in a lil peep video

  99. Slime Ball CJ

    Slime Ball CJ

    7 horas atrás

    subscribe to my youtube Slime Ball CJ

  100. RettoMD


    7 horas atrás

    She told me told me put my HEAAART, IN DA BAAAAAAAAAAG

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