Labor Day: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Everyone knows the rule against wearing white after Labor Day. John Oliver suggests some other things we should all stop doing.
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  1. Julian Brecht

    Julian Brecht

    11 dias atrás

    I actually was born on labor day so I guess my mom definitely can call it that

  2. ZankuroMinazuki


    7 meses atrás

    "No more of that until the end of time." So, when that Martin Sheen video finally airs we can wink and lick pinecones again? I'm okay with that, John ;)

  3. AbdlGffr Pictaler

    AbdlGffr Pictaler

    8 meses atrás

    This is interesting

  4. Gail Lewis

    Gail Lewis

    9 meses atrás

    I know an insane amount of people born Labor Day weekend.

  5. Chase


    9 meses atrás

    I have never and was never planning... on suggestively locking a pine cone, whether on purpose or otherwise.

  6. irllcd13


    9 meses atrás

    How Is This Still A Thing: Last Week Tonight going on break.

  7. Andrew Stewart

    Andrew Stewart

    9 meses atrás

    Fun fact: NigNog is a popular Christmas drink in black america, made by adding copious amounts of Hennessy to the family dollar brand eggnog.

  8. onomatopoeia


    10 meses atrás

    John. You’re British, you and I both know that saying “bless you” is both deeply sympathetic yet passive aggressive

  9. HeliosKitty


    11 meses atrás

    I find this joke from last year is now aggravatingly relevant to me, since my birthday is falling on Labor Day this time around ;.;

  10. loveld Lu

    loveld Lu

    Anos atrás

    Chadwick on the cover of Esquire you're not happy it's not a good cover of it even the pictures inside you look miserable you're not comfortable with what you wearing seriously rather you need to speak up the colors are boring as a suit brown or whatever color with a white shirt what who is dressing you why don't you smile ever you're miserable you're not happy you're not satisfied so you need to clean out your house change things for the better

  11. x _

    x _

    Anos atrás

    What is labour day

  12. Olivia Gallenberger

    Olivia Gallenberger

    Anos atrás

    unfortunately as a baker i do wear white after labor day

  13. max reitshamer

    max reitshamer

    Anos atrás

    Nog is the best damn drink ever invented and should be available all year round

  14. Romantic Outlaw

    Romantic Outlaw

    Anos atrás

    how long after labor day can you start wearing white again, though?

  15. Michael Schofield

    Michael Schofield

    Anos atrás

    Eggnog is delicious and good for me.

  16. james evarts

    james evarts

    Anos atrás


  17. Douglas Rau

    Douglas Rau

    Anos atrás

    "Labor Day"--a day with utterly no meaning in America since millions of us still work that day. And actually, we have to work harder that day because kids have off school (usually, just a week or so after it's restarted) and annoying people visit businesses on "their" holiday.

  18. Brendan O'Toole

    Brendan O'Toole

    Anos atrás

    I was born on labour day. Go mom!

  19. littleblueclovers


    Anos atrás

    No more *bad* winking. Winking is like whistling. It's cool if you can do it effortlessly, but if you can't do it right, it's the worst.

  20. Alystas


    Anos atrás

    That's intresting

  21. superlocamotive


    Anos atrás


  22. Vsauce 42

    Vsauce 42

    Anos atrás


  23. Lost Pony

    Lost Pony

    Anos atrás

    i have a nog problem

  24. Nulono


    2 anos atrás

    According to Snopes, that Queen Victoria thing never happened. www.snopes.com/language/literary/carroll.asp

  25. Furkan Taskin

    Furkan Taskin

    2 anos atrás

    Though he is joking in every program, his some advice is really funny. Happy your Labor Day.

  26. naleek12


    2 anos atrás

    wait ... the fuck is labor day ?

  27. Cliff Block

    Cliff Block

    2 anos atrás

    President Donald Trump 2020

  28. TH3REDSP1R1T


    2 anos atrás


  29. Howell Q'agan

    Howell Q'agan

    2 anos atrás

    He's just jelly he can't do a proper wink.

  30. Ari Jacobs

    Ari Jacobs

    2 anos atrás

    please cover child labor on the ivory coast for the cocoa industry!

  31. Daenerys Targaryen

    Daenerys Targaryen

    2 anos atrás


  32. Mettaton


    2 anos atrás

    i feel personally attack on his egg nog comment

  33. Uncle Snorker

    Uncle Snorker

    2 anos atrás

    He is such a traitor to common sense and humanity in general. He has such a holier than thou attitude that he's actually a white knight champion for the little people but he's just another fake liberal whose hypocrisy should make his fucking head explode. Just saw him doing that maher stick where he has a ongoing attack a politician (Yes of course it was a conservative/white) And he's attacking the guy as some horrible fucking racist because he doesn't care about Kwanzaa. Excuse me Fucking Doolittle, But anyone who does the slightest research into the History of Kwaza knows that it's a piss ant black racist's attempt at creating his own type of Mormon fucking religion(Only with Mormons not being filled with hate for those who are not Mormons) Good job for inciting the hate that you pretend to find against. Fucking Hypocrite POS!!!

  34. HitodamaKyrie


    2 anos atrás


  35. Landen Porraz

    Landen Porraz

    2 anos atrás

    my name is landen

  36. Dhairya Gupta

    Dhairya Gupta

    2 anos atrás

    Bless you, Johh Oliver

  37. 🌟Stellaaa Kowalski🌟

    🌟Stellaaa Kowalski🌟

    2 anos atrás

    well, it's part of my job to listen to people talking about their travel delay... probably I'm gonna say "bless you" to them from now on. :D

  38. Steve Roe

    Steve Roe

    2 anos atrás

    unfortunately I have a f****** nog problem

  39. Jimmy Tod

    Jimmy Tod

    2 anos atrás

    eggnog addict here

  40. Kyle Magaro

    Kyle Magaro

    2 anos atrás

    So they were off, but brought in an audience anyway?

  41. jonny Christ

    jonny Christ

    2 anos atrás

    If you could wink well you'd feel differently.

  42. Soundwave


    2 anos atrás


  43. Reboka Boatche

    Reboka Boatche

    2 anos atrás

    my birthday is on labour day.

  44. nzwar718


    2 anos atrás

    Interesting....I mean Bless you :P

  45. Esmee Ruisch

    Esmee Ruisch

    2 anos atrás

    Heart control establish Internet degree

  46. Alicia Schmitt

    Alicia Schmitt

    2 anos atrás

    Every horizon spin pdgmbr

  47. Sneal Street fighter

    Sneal Street fighter

    2 anos atrás

    That's interesting John very interesting

  48. Kip Loretta

    Kip Loretta

    2 anos atrás

    Is this from HBO or stolen shows? I can't tell anymore.

  49. Michael Fixedsys

    Michael Fixedsys

    2 anos atrás


  50. Fiona Pines

    Fiona Pines

    2 anos atrás

    Who winked when he said "Don't wink ever again?"

  51. عمر يوسف

    عمر يوسف

    2 anos atrás

    congratulations come to albasheer show

  52. Nick Spears

    Nick Spears

    2 anos atrás

    So we're not supposed to wear white after labor day?? WHY???? This is legitimately the first I've heard of it.

    • Michael Patriot

      Michael Patriot

      Anos atrás

      Nick Spears I know this is really late but it was a fashion rule after the Civil War. There was a baby boom which is par for the course after a war. A lot of economic policies were passed by the federal government which was mostly controlled by the North. Because of this we got a highly mobile middle class shooting up into the upper class. Women in the upper class made strict fashion rules to separate old money from new money. Basically it's a trend started by elitist snobs so they could tell each other apart from those they looked down on.

  53. Srpcel


    2 anos atrás

    He is so insulting to children and families. Why is that so common now?

  54. daibar


    2 anos atrás

    We need more John Oliver winking ;P

  55. Madeline Actrice

    Madeline Actrice

    2 anos atrás

    You cannot stop my lust for eggy dairy goodness, John. You just cannot.

  56. xeQtr gaming

    xeQtr gaming

    2 anos atrás

    Hey Birdman no more breaks...

  57. Dani


    2 anos atrás

    The cringe

  58. Max Headroom

    Max Headroom

    2 anos atrás

    I don't have a nog problem, I can quit whenever I want.

  59. Emily


    2 anos atrás

    that wink was so cringe worthy...

  60. Invisible Shadow

    Invisible Shadow

    2 anos atrás

    this guy is such a twat. everything he says and how he says is so cunty..

  61. Arkylie


    2 anos atrás

    Just 'cuz YOU can't wink well :P

  62. cutter


    2 anos atrás

    President Trump 2016

  63. Sage Green

    Sage Green

    2 anos atrás

    John, we in The South already have the comment about "that's interesting" covered...we DO say "bless" but we say "Oh, well, BLESS your heart" in a sugary, syrupy Southern accent and drag out the "aaaahhhh" sound in heart. It totally works, without people getting offended, from what I can tell anyway.

  64. 0DarkEagle


    2 anos atrás

    Winking is awesome you limy fuck

  65. charmedfan7704


    2 anos atrás

    I hope he does a segment on this soon, too: www.mediaite.com/online/breaking-gop-congressman-says-russia-hacked-republicans-too/

  66. JC Holmanation

    JC Holmanation

    2 anos atrás

    Don't wear white after Labor Day? Isn't everyday after Labor Day? Isn't this just a don't feed the gremlins after midnight situation?

  67. jalebi


    2 anos atrás

    is harambe the new darude - sandstorm it has the same effect of wearing off after the first two times you see a comment about it

  68. charlie bareiro

    charlie bareiro

    2 anos atrás

    John has some serious winking issues. I was like "winking? why would winking be a prob... OMG DONT DO THAT AGAIN"

  69. Avea Krause

    Avea Krause

    2 anos atrás

    He's clearly never seen winking in kpop... xD

  70. Jude Isuru Fernando

    Jude Isuru Fernando

    2 anos atrás

    Question from an Asian; Why can't you wear white after Labor Day?

  71. digital man

    digital man

    2 anos atrás

    John Oliver should have been swallowed by his mother instead of given the right to birth. In other words he should have been an aborted swallow.

  72. TheAirBear2000


    2 anos atrás

    "It's no better than adorning your front porch with a bunch of watermelons and carrot sticks." Looks like the Summerween Trickster needs to pay someone a visit.

  73. that_pac12


    2 anos atrás

    I have a better idea... sacrifice blasphemous John Oliver to the big gods.

  74. that_pac12


    2 anos atrás

    I was not aware of this rule...

  75. Karen B

    Karen B

    2 anos atrás

    My sister was actually born on Labor Day.

  76. Our Führer quill18

    Our Führer quill18

    2 anos atrás

    Isnt labour day on the first of may?

  77. Jack Blurr

    Jack Blurr

    2 anos atrás

    Hillary clintons health next, and please be objective, I know you hate trump, I do, but I hate Hillary as well

    • M Jenci

      M Jenci

      2 anos atrás

      I'm actually hoping both of them come down with something non-life threatening they lays them up in a hospital for a year or two so we can elect two new party representatives.

  78. Milind Tripathi

    Milind Tripathi

    2 anos atrás

    That was interesting...

  79. WCK619


    2 anos atrás

    Oliver winks at me in my dreams.

  80. L F

    L F

    2 anos atrás

    Problem is, it's kind of cute when John Oliver does it.

  81. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe

    2 anos atrás

    I would love to hear John ( the Jew ) Oliver explain wobbly Hilary :) Maybe he can use the old commercials "Help I have fallen and I can't get up" and say they have a new model. But he won't. John (the Jew) Oliver is paid big bucks to push the made-to-order Clinton candidacy. Lots of people are hoping subservient Clinton to become president, and John is doing the dirty work for them.

  82. joseph herndon

    joseph herndon

    2 anos atrás

    Hey, John! How many fucking weeks off do yall get a year?!? Wtf are you doing? Celebrating English and American holidays? Pick one or give me a job. Jeez.

  83. HyperCube


    2 anos atrás


  84. Azurath100


    2 anos atrás

    Not wearing white after labor day is a thing? I never cared nor will care in the future.

  85. Jack Palmer

    Jack Palmer

    2 anos atrás

    John Oliver for President 2016

  86. Christoffer Ronaasen

    Christoffer Ronaasen

    2 anos atrás

    Web Exclusive but who the fuck is laughing all the time?

    • Marc Cruz

      Marc Cruz

      2 anos atrás


  87. JaredNWidman


    2 anos atrás

    That's a great rule to follow because one time I chipped my tooth on a bottle of eggnog at a new years party years ago. I flew too close to the nog

  88. Bozo The Clown

    Bozo The Clown

    2 anos atrás

    Why can't u wear white I'm an Aussie. Plz explain

    • M Jenci

      M Jenci

      2 anos atrás

      It goes back over a 100 years. You were white in summer to keep cool, and labor day marks when the days get colder and the kids go back to school from summer vacation. But it became a fashion rule in the 1880's when a bunch a rich high society women decided to create a bunch of arbitrary fashion rules to show off how better/sophisticated they are. It's something that stayed strong until the 1970's when free love and not giving a shit about what's "high class" became more in more culturally acceptable.



      2 anos atrás

      I'm american and i didn't know this

  89. dedf15


    2 anos atrás

    it's true, i have a serious 'nog problem. if only i could receive a vaguely encouraging message from our lady of perpetual exemption, maybe i could begin to address my serious addiction to this tasty beverage!

  90. Bravdov_the_ Cultured_Petri_Dish

    Bravdov_the_ Cultured_Petri_Dish

    2 anos atrás

    Do not like, moo/no! I hate that I have to wait two more days until I get to see another show. #HBO at least give him more money so he can do web updates, even if low budget. #letsgetritch lol

    • Bravdov_the_ Cultured_Petri_Dish

      Bravdov_the_ Cultured_Petri_Dish

      2 anos atrás

      and we all know how low low those budgets can get, you poor guys...teehee

  91. Asif


    2 anos atrás

    stfu john, winky is sexy is hell ;)

  92. Justin Hambel

    Justin Hambel

    2 anos atrás

    Mephem hs knows all about pine cones Just saying

  93. Xxle geekxX

    Xxle geekxX

    2 anos atrás


  94. rad glass

    rad glass

    2 anos atrás

    petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/please-do-not-make-kratom-schedule-i-substance KEEP KRATOM LEGAL! Don't Let the DEA control our quality of life! Please help us defend this plant John Oliver. If there is even a slight chance this can help people it should be researched not banned!

  95. Rich Mond

    Rich Mond

    2 anos atrás

    I love America, you take all our shittiest comedians and keep them off our screens back in Britain. Thank you!

    • Azurath100


      2 anos atrás

      we also make top gear popular....so there's that....*sigh*...and we're one of the only 3 countries in the world on an imperial system of metrics.....sometimes I hate my country but at least our government doesn't nanny us yet.

  96. ziv kfir

    ziv kfir

    2 anos atrás

    2:23 He looks like the least successful drunken pirate of all time

  97. Prageeth Senanayake

    Prageeth Senanayake

    2 anos atrás

    why isn't john oliver making a segment on hilary

  98. Grumpy Taffer

    Grumpy Taffer

    2 anos atrás

    Who dislikes these videos? What on earth do they disagree with?

  99. polytopey


    2 anos atrás

    Winking is like duck mouth, some people can pull it of and look sexy, others ... just don't.

  100. apurv gupta

    apurv gupta

    2 anos atrás

    You are the most inspirational person in billion year there are so many things going wrong in the world take some charge start fighting against the wrong things demand answers from the people who are doing wrong. There is high level of corruption going on. In India after the elections modi is only in favour of rich people he decreased corporate tax and not giving helping to farmers and poor people they are commiting suiside price of basic food material has grown 100 times everything is very expensive there is no point of making after everyyhing is over

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