MOVING MY AXOLOTL TANK (Leaving my Apartments)

This video was SO HARD TO EDIT. It was just some bonus footage I threw together for you guys that I had from moving. My next video will be much better produced and better quality. This marks the end of one period of my life (the apartments) and moves me into a new one where I hope to change so much for the better with my inner self, my personal life, and my channel and content! I am so inspired to change so much for the better and push myself to improve, I can't wait to take you all down that journey with me.
since I was extremely focused on the transportation of my animals and it all going properly, I filmed bits here and there without explaining fully what I wanted. Due to this, I had to throw in bits of info I recorded after all throughout the video. if this style of video was bothersome to some viewers due to the back and forth method of *footage during the move* to *extra info recorded after the move*, don't worry my future videos wont be filmed this way! I tried my best to get the information across as best as I could while still leaving people entertained who are just here to watch, not learn!
I guess what I'm saying in all this is I'm a perfectionist and not 100% in love with the outcome of this video. But i need to stop apologizing, i hope y'all enjoy this bonus content and the last you'll see of those dumb poopy apartments.
Moving starts at: 5:50
1. An unused paint bucket to transport axolotl in, but it is better to have MULTIPLE (as many as it takes to fill up all the aquarium water) so you can bring more of the aquarium water with you. This way you don't have to worry about re-cycling the tank like I have to, since I didn't have more buckets.
2. SYPHON to move water from one container to next.
3. Aquarium Submersible Pump - you can apply this to one side of the Syphon for easier and quicker water syphoning. Put the side of the syphon with the pump into the aquarium, and the other side of the syphon into the empty bucket. Plug in and boom! water is being pushed into the bucket.
4. Battery Powered Air Pump for transporting aquatic species
5. Aeration Tubes
6. Bags or more buckets to put accessories in. If you're transporting live rock, it must be placed in buckets with tank water. If you travel it to your new location out of water there will be a chance it'll die off depending on how far the new location is. For plastic accessories, you can transport out of water.
7. If you aren't transporting all the aquarium water or you brought less than 50-70% of it - you will need to do 25% water changes daily for up to 2 weeks depending on how little water you brought with you. This will prevent your tank from crashing, and allow it to cycle again.
Watch the video for more info! I hope I could help some of y'all at least get a better idea how to move aquatic species. I know the video could've been more educational but I tried my best!
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    Llammacorn Gacha Studio

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    I’m getting an axolotl soon, and I’m calling it Mushu, I watched your video about axolotls and I’m now an expert

  6. stressinabox


    4 dias atrás

    Buckets are not safe to transport any fish in. They can hit against the sides and bruise themselves. Especially as Axolotl. You should be transporting it in a fish baggie in a cooler. That is proper transportation for it. Not in a bucket.

    • Maci Currin

      Maci Currin

      Dia atrás

      stressinabox if it can hurt itself on a smooth surface. Than isn’t the tank not safe. Which doesn’t make any sense lol. Tbh she seems more experienced than u so... your opinion on the ways she does stuff is not necessary

    • stressinabox


      3 dias atrás

      +Maci Currin I breed and rescue these creatures. I've transported more axololts than I can count. A fish bag, packaged correctly for transport is THE BEST WAY to transport any aquatic animal. A bucket is an awful way. Hit the breaks? Bucket falls over, lotl goes flying. It's sloshing around in the bucket. Hitting the sides. Stressing it out. Causing bruising. A startled axolotl can hurt themselves on a smooth surface. I've seen it. Of all the ways to transport an aquatic animal, a bucket is one of the least reccomended ways.

    • Maci Currin

      Maci Currin

      3 dias atrás

      stressinabox a baggie can pop and slide in transportation so it would get hurt anyways

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    my kids school has a baby turtle and frogs in the same tank, she agrees that the turtle might eat the frogs when it gets bigger, but do you think it is a good idea? it looks neat but don't know if it's wise. (I have a turtle myself)

  11. Black_gachalife Hope u like and comment

    Black_gachalife Hope u like and comment

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    Ok help cause google doesn’t what is a good warm temperature for a red ear turtle .-.

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    I hope people understand that EDS involves so much more than low energy. I also watch Simon and Martina channel, Martina has EDS and she created this Build A Ladder community for herself and for others. She’s very inspirational.

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    Sydney Bruckschen

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    • Cap’n_Gem


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      Katie Bristol Did u not watch the vid? She explained that she wanted the temperature lower and that it happened from misunderstanding and she fixed it

    • RabbitGirl


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      Did you watch the video, she explained that and that she wanted it lower. Also she said the ammonia burn was from misunderstanding how Prime is used for axolotls and that she learned from that.

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