\"OI PANINI HEAD, YOU\'LL KILL SOMEONE!\" | Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay Finds cooked chicken on top of raw chicken, a lethal mistake.
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  1. Ric Pina

    Ric Pina

    15 horas atrás

    Why does Gordon have to smell everything 🤔😂

  2. Ric Ultima

    Ric Ultima

    3 dias atrás

    "What's this here?" "Bacon?" "Yeah, obviously bacon smart ASS"

  3. City Eastwood

    City Eastwood

    3 dias atrás

    Why do these people even bother asking for Gordon's help if they are going to fight everything he says... I don't like fancy foods or restaurants but clearly he knows how to succeed so why not take a lesson.

  4. GoalkeeperZz


    4 dias atrás

    5:40 You’re welcome!!

  5. jamms theman

    jamms theman

    5 dias atrás

    Anybody else tap this video simply because: "OI, PANINI HEAD - "

  6. Sanne van Lieshout

    Sanne van Lieshout

    5 dias atrás

    Just so you know, he says panini head at 5.40

  7. xX 1Ns3RT C01N Xx

    xX 1Ns3RT C01N Xx

    6 dias atrás

    Those chef's man, I'd have to punch them.

  8. TOPP4


    6 dias atrás

    6:14 When she saw mine for the first time

  9. scout_trooper29 m.

    scout_trooper29 m.

    7 dias atrás

    Gordon: So food is just sitting there and no one takes it? Bryan: Oh I didn't hit the bell Gordon: What?! 😂😂😂

    • Jeffery


      6 dias atrás

      scout_trooper29 m. the owner doesn even look like he gives shit

  10. John Connor

    John Connor

    7 dias atrás

    fucking lol

  11. A Ouda

    A Ouda

    7 dias atrás

    "partners in crime" 😂

  12. Iqbal Alian Nugraha

    Iqbal Alian Nugraha

    8 dias atrás

    I need an owner/head chef like that. So anytime the inspection come out he just say feck it, lets have a beer instead. Lmao!

  13. Yudanta


    8 dias atrás

    *"tH4tS n0T g0oD"*

  14. FlexViper


    9 dias atrás

    A huge waste of food No winder why children in the Africa are starving

  15. freethe _leo

    freethe _leo

    9 dias atrás

    if i’m ever eating at a restaurant and gordon ramsey is going around yelling to shut the shit down, i’m going to the nearest e.r

  16. Judas3rd


    9 dias atrás

    Why is it bubbling??

  17. Chopsy The Homicidal Maniac

    Chopsy The Homicidal Maniac

    9 dias atrás

    Gordon: THE ONE (or more) WEEK OLD DESERT HAS BEEN FUCKING SERVED!!! Chef: Oh... that's not good..

  18. Narnia Lives

    Narnia Lives

    9 dias atrás

    They need to be shut down Jesus Christ.

  19. Narnia Lives

    Narnia Lives

    9 dias atrás

    Bloody hell, the food here looks like something that came out of a sewer.

  20. JL


    11 dias atrás

    That owner is so monotone

  21. shisho


    12 dias atrás

    He looks like Shroud

  22. evieus wu

    evieus wu

    12 dias atrás

    seriously , do they not clean their fridges gordon abt to look in the fridge is the same feeling your gonna get when ur mom enters your room to see if u cleaned

  23. evieus wu

    evieus wu

    12 dias atrás

    where is the ninoo!!!???????

  24. evieus wu

    evieus wu

    12 dias atrás

    in pewdiepie's voice - A MOLTEN ROCK EVERYBODY *CLAP CLAP*

  25. elgayetas


    12 dias atrás

    Pikachu face

  26. elgayetas


    12 dias atrás

    Gordon: I'm closing the place down. The rest of this comment section: Commenting about surprised Pikachu face

  27. Zak Saturday

    Zak Saturday

    13 dias atrás

    Does Chris remind anyone else of Nick Cage?

  28. big chungus

    big chungus

    13 dias atrás


  29. big chungus

    big chungus

    13 dias atrás


  30. big chungus

    big chungus

    13 dias atrás

  31. Reno Uzumaki

    Reno Uzumaki

    13 dias atrás

    A molten lava cake? More like a molten rock 😂😂😂lmfao jeez Gordon is funny asfff without trying to be...

  32. Shahood Baig

    Shahood Baig

    14 dias atrás

    Do you play ice hockey with that?

  33. Space Invader

    Space Invader

    14 dias atrás

    I’ve seen this before

  34. iikais art OFFICIAL

    iikais art OFFICIAL

    14 dias atrás

    if they made a museum for gordons insults it would be a masterpiece

  35. whatcha howsya

    whatcha howsya

    14 dias atrás

    Owner: we're gonna be screwed Me: nooo really? Also... That 😮 at the end was hilarious.

  36. Rainbow Wolf Gaming

    Rainbow Wolf Gaming

    14 dias atrás

    5:25 *oH NO!!!!*

  37. Rhys Clarck

    Rhys Clarck

    14 dias atrás


  38. Really Ric

    Really Ric

    15 dias atrás

    Can you say what episode and season so it's easy to find

    • shisho


      12 dias atrás

      Really Ric br-channel.com/vision/video-AlWgpysfY34.html you're welcome

  39. Kenneth Collio

    Kenneth Collio

    15 dias atrás

    4:53 has to be one of the greatest lines Chef Ramsay has said on this show

  40. Fujin x

    Fujin x

    15 dias atrás

    Lol gordon is the best at making insults on the spot

  41. kingkobra


    16 dias atrás

    Gordon Ramsay says yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  42. Beens Mc Cheese

    Beens Mc Cheese

    16 dias atrás

    Gordon is the Picasso of insults He roasts them harder than they did with that molten lava cake!

    • Uncomfortable Adolescent

      Uncomfortable Adolescent

      5 dias atrás

      *Rock cake

  43. Paisley Sky

    Paisley Sky

    17 dias atrás

    The only thing I came for was for him to say panini head

    • Daniel Scott

      Daniel Scott

      10 dias atrás

      Oi panini head

    • DanThePiggyBoi


      11 dias atrás

      I came to see someone die

  44. Ants C

    Ants C

    17 dias atrás

    These chefs are unemployable after this.

  45. Fuck Off

    Fuck Off

    18 dias atrás

    How in the fuck do you invite Gordon to your shitty restaurant, then complain when he gives his opinion??

  46. Leon Chour

    Leon Chour

    18 dias atrás


  47. YouCanCallMeReTro


    18 dias atrás

    You could tell by their reactions that they really didn't care. "Thats not good" "Thats terrible" said with zero emotion or genuine remorse. No wonder the place was such a mess.

  48. TreyVro


    18 dias atrás

    b4 a milly

  49. MissMH


    19 dias atrás

    No me creo que en Estados Unidos, donde de supone hay tantas reglamentaciones para los alimentos (incluso para su plantación, cosecha y procesamiento) nadie detecte tremenda asquerosidad!!!! Qué horror

  50. M _123

    M _123

    19 dias atrás

    which episode and season is this?

  51. Yuana Lee

    Yuana Lee

    19 dias atrás

    Gordon is a fuckin hero saving people from food poisoning

  52. Eragon Brommson

    Eragon Brommson

    20 dias atrás

    Original: "Hearing Ramsay say were doing things wrong just doesn't work for me..." Translation: "I'm too much of a fragile snowflake pussy boi to handle any kind of criticism."

  53. Obersepp


    20 dias atrás

    How the people that ate there can‘t wait 15 minutes wtf I need to wait 40 minutes sometimes

    • Labour O’Lanna

      Labour O’Lanna

      18 dias atrás

      Obersepp ikr 20 mins ain’t that long

  54. KRLA


    20 dias atrás

    One of the best titles on this channel

  55. Suzanne de Vreugd

    Suzanne de Vreugd

    20 dias atrás

    How!! Just lissen to gordon

  56. A 2 B

    A 2 B

    20 dias atrás

    Just shows how self'sented, ignorant some so called chefs serve rotten or unclean food. Disgusting

  57. Lucky Luciano

    Lucky Luciano

    20 dias atrás

    Partners, Partners in fuckin Crime lol

  58. DiscoPrince906


    20 dias atrás

    They are just radiating empathy... they look like they would see there dog die and go... well, life sucks I guess.

  59. ホシュアHOSHUA


    20 dias atrás

    Sorry I’m stupid Can anyone tell me why you can’t put raw things next to cooked things?

    • Ihdc1


      5 dias atrás

      Cross contamination. Microbes from the raw food gets onto the cooked food and can give people food poisoning.

  60. FaZe Epic

    FaZe Epic

    20 dias atrás


  61. FaZe Epic

    FaZe Epic

    20 dias atrás

    omg raw chicken next to cook chicken Wtf is this shit

  62. PorknBeanJuice


    20 dias atrás

    0:25. Whats with that odd and awkward waddle?? LMAO!!!!

  63. Qwer Tyuiop

    Qwer Tyuiop

    21 dia atrás

    Gordon: That's from lunch? Idiot1: yeah Gordon: Yeah five years ago 😂😂😂😂

  64. MikaeruDaiTenshi


    21 dia atrás

    Seriously, every cook and restaurant manager should just watch a couple episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, just to make sure they never make those mistakes, ever.

    • ratchet319


      11 dias atrás

      Most anything you see on this show is common sense. There's a reason these restaurants are failing and need Gordon to help. Laziness and ignorance at it's finest.

  65. Weaponized Autism

    Weaponized Autism

    21 dia atrás

    Partners in crime

  66. Aurum TheBrave

    Aurum TheBrave

    21 dia atrás

    That horror sound effect is hilarious.

  67. potato killer

    potato killer

    21 dia atrás

    How bad was your dish on a scale from 1 to ''YOU'LL KILL SOMEONE"

  68. Taylor Macko

    Taylor Macko

    21 dia atrás

    I was so fucking shocked at that raw, green, chicken. Wtf. 0.o

  69. Victoria Gumnad

    Victoria Gumnad

    21 dia atrás

    Brian: “If things aren’t going any good...get out move on to the next thing” - so just run away from failure basically Literally 3 seconds later “...no I’m not running away.”

  70. VGK Podium

    VGK Podium

    21 dia atrás

    Shut. It. Down!

  71. Terezz


    21 dia atrás

    Me trying the food “This is delicious” Gordon Ramsay trying the same food “This is F***ing disgusting”

  72. Shazrai Ediaz Shazrul

    Shazrai Ediaz Shazrul

    21 dia atrás

    What was that green stuff

  73. SpencerGCTV


    21 dia atrás

    Honestly Gordon needs to calm down he’s overreacting way to much. There’s now way the food can be that bad

    • Ihdc1


      5 dias atrás

      You know nothing.

  74. Ebony Entertainment

    Ebony Entertainment

    21 dia atrás

    Why doesn't Gordon wear gloves? Like, he touches the moldy,rotten food, then touches his face in disappointment. He could get food poisoning or something. I'm no chef but I would wear gloves to make sure I won't get ill.

  75. Te' G

    Te' G

    21 dia atrás

    😂😂😂😂his head was shaped like a panini😅😅😅

  76. ÂĆÊ


    22 dias atrás

    the owner looks like a swiss cheese

  77. Dolan Vantablack

    Dolan Vantablack

    22 dias atrás

    Btw... the customers were fake, just saying.

  78. janessa corporalsaman

    janessa corporalsaman

    22 dias atrás

    What episode is this one??

  79. Jessie Hughes

    Jessie Hughes

    22 dias atrás

    Seeing shit like this just makes me want to stay home an cook for myself,than I'll be wondering how the food was handled before I bought it..🤦‍♂️😲😲

  80. Nate Madison

    Nate Madison

    22 dias atrás

    Huh, looks like my roommates started a restaurant...

  81. The Great And Lovable Megan

    The Great And Lovable Megan

    22 dias atrás

    Okay one, this looked like a house, not a restaurant. 2, aside from all the jokes, that place was disgusting. I’m so glad he screamed at them

  82. the_savage_poatato 1313

    the_savage_poatato 1313

    22 dias atrás

    Resturant:(has raw meat packaged with cooked meat) Gordon: "hold my apron"

  83. Reya Bachmann

    Reya Bachmann

    22 dias atrás

    I just love when he says “ahhh fuck off” to no one in particular

  84. mellymelly84


    22 dias atrás

    I bet the people who title these videos have fun

  85. Richard Bane

    Richard Bane

    22 dias atrás

    People are about to celebrate the most romantic time of the year with food poisoning and possible hospital trips

  86. Nikos Smouliotis

    Nikos Smouliotis

    22 dias atrás

    A link to see the whole episode plz? Thank you in advance 🙏

  87. hen ko

    hen ko

    22 dias atrás

    0:34 Beyond Scared Straight has join the chat

  88. Vlugge Jap

    Vlugge Jap

    22 dias atrás

    Look at his face at 5:51 he was thinking what a creepy people they are and just walks fast to the kitchen hahaha

  89. O A S

    O A S

    22 dias atrás


  90. Haziq Haq

    Haziq Haq

    23 dias atrás

    Gordon: shuts down restaurant Me: wait, thats illegal.

  91. Kyra Heiker

    Kyra Heiker

    23 dias atrás

    We can't oversee everything!

  92. infectedN8


    23 dias atrás

    Look at his face at 06:03 when he says "valentyne fokin' massacre" ... he almost lost it and laughed :D But he held it like a champ! :D

  93. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker

    23 dias atrás

    world. (due to his eyes not being able to see whats around him)..

  94. Amshaad Fysal

    Amshaad Fysal

    23 dias atrás

    guy I want to talk to- *be on the phone the whole time me- 5:41

  95. Lance valencia

    Lance valencia

    23 dias atrás

    Bro if gordon enters my resturant hands down im going to get out and run for my dear life (i dont have a resturant only if i have)

  96. refki bouslama

    refki bouslama

    23 dias atrás

    6:14 server : "how much you want to exaggerate " Producer : Yes

  97. Austin V

    Austin V

    23 dias atrás

    5:30 RAAWWW CHICKEN!!!

  98. Etherium Apex

    Etherium Apex

    23 dias atrás

    Hannah & Masons, more like "Listeria & Salmonellas"

  99. RJM KS Lord

    RJM KS Lord

    23 dias atrás

    No matter what happens gordon will still put a pencil on his ear

  100. panggop jio

    panggop jio

    23 dias atrás

    Fun fact : Gordon Ramsay made Thanos cri in Endgame and the Avengers won.

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