Ranking the BEST Starting 5 from all 30 NBA Teams!!


  1. LostNUnbound


    2 meses atrás

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    • Ran Shelly

      Ran Shelly

      2 dias atrás

      I’m subbed for 3 years now!!!

    • Ran Shelly

      Ran Shelly

      2 dias atrás

      LostNUnbound LOL

    • Sub 2 Pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!

      Sub 2 Pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!

      7 dias atrás

      LostNUnbound yet lakers didn’t make it to the playoffs clippers did

    • Cian Moroney

      Cian Moroney

      7 dias atrás

      OKC is the best

    • Brandon itzNutz

      Brandon itzNutz

      9 dias atrás

      Wheres my Cookie?

  2. Team Deadpool 17373

    Team Deadpool 17373

    48 minutos atrás

    Why lakers top ten and NOLA better then lakers🤔🤔😱😠😠😡😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬💩💩💩💩🤡 greg Why 🤬🤬🤬😠😠😡😡😵😵😵😢🤑🤐🤐😖🤢🤢🤢🤢🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  3. TR123


    12 horas atrás

    Did anyone notice when Greg said New Orleans Pelicans he forgot Anthony Davis

  4. Tommy Ivezaj

    Tommy Ivezaj

    14 horas atrás

    OMG u said Luke Kennerd. It’s Kennard

  5. Lawrence Jao

    Lawrence Jao

    16 horas atrás

    Bojan - pacers , Bogdan - Kings

  6. Spo Rtz

    Spo Rtz

    18 horas atrás


  7. die lulkrete

    die lulkrete

    23 horas atrás

    Cavs have sexton, Nance Jr, Tristan Thompson and Jr Smith put they are trash

  8. My Boi Ricky rick

    My Boi Ricky rick

    23 horas atrás

    I don’t think Trail Blazers was even there

  9. die lulkrete

    die lulkrete

    23 horas atrás

    Where's wade?

  10. Tyrone Mathis

    Tyrone Mathis

    Dia atrás

    How is the thunder higher than the number team in the league

  11. Harmon Johns

    Harmon Johns

    Dia atrás

    Did he just call nikola vuecivic a top 10 player!!!

  12. B Dog Lutz

    B Dog Lutz

    Dia atrás

    can you do more back then stuff and not just right now

  13. Supernøva 5

    Supernøva 5

    2 dias atrás

    Did he just say two golden state players are in top 10???

  14. Supernøva 5

    Supernøva 5

    2 dias atrás

    Clippers now lol

  15. Young Gwon

    Young Gwon

    2 dias atrás

    You did not mention John Wall on the wizards

  16. Charlie Salibi

    Charlie Salibi

    2 dias atrás

    U only said 3 players for the raptors

  17. Robert Smith

    Robert Smith

    2 dias atrás

    Dame Cj ET Mo Harkless Nurcic

  18. Heath Family

    Heath Family

    3 dias atrás

    It is Luke Kenard

  19. yeboi shorty

    yeboi shorty

    3 dias atrás

    And he’s not ranking teams where they belong

  20. yeboi shorty

    yeboi shorty

    3 dias atrás

    Y is LNU only saying three players for most of the teams

  21. Daniel Forestieri

    Daniel Forestieri

    3 dias atrás


  22. Geeno Aiden Santos

    Geeno Aiden Santos

    5 dias atrás

    Lost kings is bogdan bogdanovic and pacers bojan bogdanovic

  23. PIKACHU Chloe

    PIKACHU Chloe

    5 dias atrás

    Paul pierce is in clippers

  24. Benjamin Rodriguez

    Benjamin Rodriguez

    6 dias atrás

    Celtics fan

  25. Lil faydo

    Lil faydo

    6 dias atrás

    Are u mentail you ranked the thunder over the celtics

  26. docc rees

    docc rees

    7 dias atrás

    you dumb as phucc, love you to xx

  27. Monika Shuler

    Monika Shuler

    7 dias atrás

    You only said 4 for BKLYN it’s Spencer Dinwiddie

  28. Cian Moroney

    Cian Moroney

    7 dias atrás

    Thunder is better than 76ers

  29. boy gamersauce

    boy gamersauce

    8 dias atrás

    the clippers was no.3 for like rest of the season

  30. boy gamersauce

    boy gamersauce

    8 dias atrás

    clippers is in the playoffs

  31. Mrderpderp


    8 dias atrás

    No the magic should be number one because MO BAMBA

  32. Marquis Kent

    Marquis Kent

    8 dias atrás

    The Lakers are way better than the pelicans

  33. Ultramachiaveli - ralph

    Ultramachiaveli - ralph

    8 dias atrás

    Show the all the pictures of the starters.

  34. Aiden J

    Aiden J

    8 dias atrás


  35. Charlie James OBrien

    Charlie James OBrien

    9 dias atrás

    U don’t know anything about the NBA or basketball

  36. Jackson Fornes

    Jackson Fornes

    9 dias atrás

    you are cool

  37. Jcthunderplayz 26

    Jcthunderplayz 26

    9 dias atrás

    Anyone watching in April

  38. Matthew Levy

    Matthew Levy

    11 dias atrás

    You should do the best bench.🗿

  39. 3x OG PARKER

    3x OG PARKER

    11 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who didn’t hear AD in the Pelicans?

  40. Jake Casimiro

    Jake Casimiro

    11 dias atrás

    Like for Golden State Warriors to trade KD and Steph Curry

  41. Sean Carroll

    Sean Carroll

    11 dias atrás

    The suns point grard is Eric bleso

    • Francisca Ruiz

      Francisca Ruiz

      6 dias atrás


  42. Sean Carroll

    Sean Carroll

    11 dias atrás

    I am a cavs fan stupid

  43. J Garcia

    J Garcia

    12 dias atrás

    There are so my freaking nikolas in the NBA

  44. Matrix 25

    Matrix 25

    13 dias atrás

    10:16 I like your joke Greg haha

  45. Cam Grady

    Cam Grady

    14 dias atrás

    The Celtics also have a great bench DONT get mad at me I said IT

  46. Hanna Faiz

    Hanna Faiz

    15 dias atrás

    Lakers 6 los come on

  47. Blasto Venom

    Blasto Venom

    15 dias atrás

    Paul Milsap and Jamal Murray are pretty decent

  48. Mohammad Sharif

    Mohammad Sharif

    15 dias atrás

    Greg why is draymond Green a star!!!!!

  49. D Green

    D Green

    15 dias atrás

    One day after my birthday

  50. The_Boi_1213 O

    The_Boi_1213 O

    16 dias atrás

    Lol I’m a hawks fan

  51. Brian Estes

    Brian Estes

    16 dias atrás

    how are the rockets better than the Celtics????????

  52. Arav Wadhwani

    Arav Wadhwani

    16 dias atrás

    marc gasol is on the raptors

  53. Rebel XdSharkksss

    Rebel XdSharkksss

    17 dias atrás

    How did you not put siakam in there or ibaka

  54. Bua97


    18 dias atrás

    Im from Houston and I love the rockets

  55. Tessah and Jesse Bien

    Tessah and Jesse Bien

    18 dias atrás

    nets need to be higher

  56. Tessah and Jesse Bien

    Tessah and Jesse Bien

    18 dias atrás

    okc should be the worst team in the league

  57. marko grubac

    marko grubac

    18 dias atrás

    6:08 classic serbian names trust me

  58. Teddy Bond

    Teddy Bond

    19 dias atrás

    February smart shot higher 3 percent than kyrie not that Marcus is better but he doesn’t hold the Celtics back

  59. ghost games

    ghost games

    19 dias atrás

    if you dont do the warers first

  60. Yucky Shirt

    Yucky Shirt

    19 dias atrás

    Boston fan here. Dropping a like in the chat

  61. Trey Diaz

    Trey Diaz

    20 dias atrás

    I’m a hawks fan



    21 dia atrás

    Lakers over spurs wyd mean 😂😭👎🏻

  63. Holy Grail

    Holy Grail

    21 dia atrás

    whres Gordon Hayward Lnu he is in the boston celtics

  64. Joey yt

    Joey yt

    22 dias atrás

    Ok he said actually 5 players like for 4 teams

  65. Practical Natalie Vlogs

    Practical Natalie Vlogs

    22 dias atrás

    How come u didn’t even mention Malcolm Brogdon! SMH also bucks deserve 1 or 2 the record shows!!!!!

  66. John Mihalios

    John Mihalios

    22 dias atrás

    I like how when he said the pelicans he didn’t mention AD

  67. Chase Brandt

    Chase Brandt

    22 dias atrás

    the 76ers are the best in the league LNU

  68. Rain Duka

    Rain Duka

    22 dias atrás


  69. Nicola Battaglene

    Nicola Battaglene

    23 dias atrás

    me i have my hand up

  70. Breno CV

    Breno CV

    23 dias atrás

    KD is bad he wanted to be with curry and he wanted to be on the team

  71. JefferyJ Wilson

    JefferyJ Wilson

    23 dias atrás

    Even though john wall is hurt badly he is still the best player in the nba

  72. Gabriel Greenstone

    Gabriel Greenstone

    23 dias atrás

    Thunder are way worse than Celtics and raptors

  73. Shawn Robinson

    Shawn Robinson

    24 dias atrás

    Sorry but how does Toronto have a better lineup the Lakers

  74. Leandro Rojas

    Leandro Rojas

    24 dias atrás

    Boston won world series

  75. Fortnite vids

    Fortnite vids

    24 dias atrás

    I had subtitles on and it said boban marijuana bitch

  76. Nolan Mick 11

    Nolan Mick 11

    24 dias atrás

    The warriors should be 30th

  77. Luke Kyle

    Luke Kyle

    25 dias atrás

    I want to 1v1 u

  78. lil xann

    lil xann

    25 dias atrás

    4:33 brou you nowa lot of NBA but youretrash



    26 dias atrás

    7? Nuggets

  80. Calvin Peters

    Calvin Peters

    26 dias atrás

    i swear this dude smokes glass then does a 5 lines of coke before he films each video

  81. Tommy Capetta

    Tommy Capetta

    26 dias atrás

    As a clipper fan, I am depressed that Boban is gone



    27 dias atrás

    You are just mad the warriors are Better than the thunder and the warriors make the playoffs every year

    • Dolphin Central

      Dolphin Central

      26 dias atrás

      Nigga bandwagon much

  83. Henry Sander

    Henry Sander

    27 dias atrás

    Jamal Murray isn’t good enough???

  84. KLZ Panic

    KLZ Panic

    27 dias atrás

    The bulls is the best team they could win championships

  85. Kyle Brown

    Kyle Brown

    27 dias atrás

    Do not let 3 more non-likes do not let 1000 👎🏿

  86. MEEPMAN212 XboX

    MEEPMAN212 XboX

    27 dias atrás


  87. MEEPMAN212 XboX

    MEEPMAN212 XboX

    27 dias atrás

    Hoe many points does Russel have dough lol

  88. Amazing Ki

    Amazing Ki

    28 dias atrás

    I know who is Derrick wihte

  89. Star Jedi/gg

    Star Jedi/gg

    28 dias atrás


  90. Bamboo Bomb

    Bamboo Bomb

    28 dias atrás

    5:38 just listen b***hes

  91. Wolfman


    28 dias atrás

    Warriors is unfair

  92. Barbod Dabagh

    Barbod Dabagh

    28 dias atrás

    Wtf Kiry Irving

  93. Firstyowhatup gamer

    Firstyowhatup gamer

    28 dias atrás

    nurkic is ligitness

  94. James Stuart

    James Stuart

    28 dias atrás

    Jahill okafor should be on the list

  95. vonmiller son12

    vonmiller son12

    29 dias atrás

    If okc puts Dennis at shooting gaurd they would be way better

  96. Christopher Torres

    Christopher Torres

    29 dias atrás

    Right now spurs point guard and shoot guard, derrick white and Bryn Forbes, are doing way better than before

  97. Spagoutii


    29 dias atrás

    Raptors so low

  98. kdinkle


    29 dias atrás

    In my opinion you are the best BR-channelr but I’m a Warriors fan



      27 dias atrás

      I am a warriors fan to lost is just jealous that the warriors are better than the thunder and they are going to make the playoffs every year until they get rid of there 5 all stars

  99. killer gameing

    killer gameing

    29 dias atrás

    Where is Spencer he's averaging 17.6 points a game

  100. Caspar Von Alvensleben

    Caspar Von Alvensleben

    29 dias atrás

    your stupid the Clippers have the same record as okc and they do not have an all-star

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