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Russell Wilson's Top 10 Plays of the 2017 NFL Season | NFL Highlights

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's Top 10 Plays from the 2017 NFL Season.
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  1. Mesuit Eyezil

    Mesuit Eyezil

    9 dias atrás

    he still underrated

  2. Straw Man

    Straw Man

    17 dias atrás

    He is more than a great QB. He is a great entertainer.

  3. Nock Litt

    Nock Litt

    23 dias atrás

    Looking at this makes me really upset that we no longer have Paul Richardson & Baldwin 😥

  4. Nobody


    3 meses atrás

    Thats my beautiful QB

  5. kjuan lifestyle

    kjuan lifestyle

    3 meses atrás

    In my opinion he's the best QB #seahawksfan

  6. Alex Welch

    Alex Welch

    4 meses atrás

    Now tell me... Why did we the Seahawks get rid of Paul Richardson???

  7. Kai Sinnott

    Kai Sinnott

    7 meses atrás

    On 8 Russel even picked up a block lol

  8. G. C.

    G. C.

    9 meses atrás

    Hell yeah

  9. HELI0_Z


    9 meses atrás


  10. Gavin Sanchez

    Gavin Sanchez

    9 meses atrás

    Wilson is such a beast. He is so good at escaping the pocket and looking for open WR.

  11. Marcelo


    10 meses atrás

    1- Rodgers 2- Wilson 3- Brady.... Cry...

  12. Shaq Washington

    Shaq Washington

    10 meses atrás

    2nd best QB behind the 🐐 (Drew Brees).

  13. zhiguang yang

    zhiguang yang

    10 meses atrás

    Just look how he extends the play. This guy is THE magician.

  14. Tamika Pogue

    Tamika Pogue

    11 meses atrás

    Russel Wilson

  15. Maliek Jackson

    Maliek Jackson

    11 meses atrás

    Big arm, accurate thrower, elusive, Super Bowl Champion, winning overall record, impressive stats year in and year out, I say he's Hall of Fame material.

  16. Mesuit Eyezil

    Mesuit Eyezil

    11 meses atrás

    Theres no way you can hate him

  17. High Country

    High Country

    11 meses atrás

    That's my boy. Should of got 1 in the top one hundred

  18. Tarrell Davison

    Tarrell Davison

    11 meses atrás

    Anyone notice that even though Baldwin was viewed as the number one receiver for this team, its Paul Richardaon making almost all of the clutch catches. Glad he came out to Washinhton 😁

  19. Dead Head 102

    Dead Head 102

    11 meses atrás

    Better than Rodgers

  20. Specimen


    11 meses atrás

    0:15 deja vu?

  21. Alex Barraza

    Alex Barraza

    11 meses atrás

    Mvp slump

  22. Janordan U

    Janordan U

    11 meses atrás

    Damn we are going to miss Paul Richardson

  23. SrK Dice

    SrK Dice

    11 meses atrás


  24. Lightning


    Anos atrás

    Richardson being the receiver in 25% of the plays is now on the Redskins...

  25. #JulioJones 11

    #JulioJones 11

    Anos atrás

    The Allen Iverson of Football in my opinion. One of the best Qbs in the game.

  26. CraZe_ McSwagger

    CraZe_ McSwagger

    Anos atrás

    Almost all throws are to richerdson

  27. Shawnell Randall Jordan

    Shawnell Randall Jordan

    Anos atrás

    Do Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye

  28. O GR13

    O GR13

    Anos atrás


  29. Brian E

    Brian E

    Anos atrás

    Russell Wilson has never been taken seriously by NFL coaches or the media. They're stuck on this prototypical image of an NFL QB and it doesn't include things like 5'11", elusiveness, running-back instincts, late-round draft order, or black skin. RW has nothing to prove to these elitist know-it-alls. Especially after 2017. There's no denying that after finishing a season in which RW accounted for 81% of Seattle's offense, that he is an elite QB who should've been MVP and is most certainly a top-5 NFL QB year in and year out.

  30. Thomas Boest

    Thomas Boest

    Anos atrás

    My Elite QB’s are Brady Rodgers Brees Wilson and Wentz. And Ryan and Rothelisberger are right there too

  31. Jason Everett

    Jason Everett

    Anos atrás

    This actually made me realize how much I'll miss Richardson.

  32. Cooterbrown


    Anos atrás

    Number 8 is clearly a forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage. It only looks like a backwards pass because he kept running forward. Should've been called back lol

  33. Willian C. Silva

    Willian C. Silva

    Anos atrás

    Our offensive line is an embarassement.

  34. Portland Trail Blazer Fan

    Portland Trail Blazer Fan

    Anos atrás


  35. Khadijah Isaac

    Khadijah Isaac

    Anos atrás

    This is why he's nickname DANGERUSS!!

  36. Mitch Boss

    Mitch Boss

    Anos atrás


    • Mitch Boss

      Mitch Boss

      Anos atrás


  37. Nëëkø Nëëks

    Nëëkø Nëëks

    Anos atrás

  38. KK Landscaping

    KK Landscaping

    Anos atrás

    should not have let richardson go..

  39. C Spates

    C Spates

    Anos atrás

    Notice all the plays have Paul Richardson SMH why they let him go .

  40. Cube Ignition

    Cube Ignition

    Anos atrás

    damn isn't Russell Wilson pretty fast

  41. Matt Hanf

    Matt Hanf

    Anos atrás

    Now imagine what he can do with an OLINE!!!! GO HAWKS!!!! Tired of the criticism he gets and gives his all and never quits even with a TERRIBLE OLINE!!! It's time we hook RUSSELL UP!!!

  42. Mickey Romine

    Mickey Romine

    Anos atrás

    MVP!!! Sorry if facts hurt your feelings.

  43. Thomas Vorm

    Thomas Vorm

    Anos atrás

    top 3 QB

  44. Jeremy B

    Jeremy B

    Anos atrás

    Give this man an offensive line.

  45. iColorContactLenses


    Anos atrás

    One of the most accurate QB's of all time, thus far. Like he did in college.

  46. Chazz Mobile

    Chazz Mobile

    Anos atrás

    Wilsons nick-name should be scrambled eggs seriously he just servn scrambles every game...go hawks

  47. Sea Hawks

    Sea Hawks

    Anos atrás

    The most poised QB of all time, Phenom, you see it... keep down talking it though...

  48. Sea Hawks

    Sea Hawks

    Anos atrás

    Deadliest QB in the NFL, hands down...Quadruple threat QB...

  49. Jon Vandenelsen

    Jon Vandenelsen

    Anos atrás

    Die hard Vikings fan here and Russ is awesome to watch. Hes like Fran Tarkenton part 2

  50. toño garcia

    toño garcia

    Anos atrás

    Houdini in action.. wow. amazing !!!

  51. Josiah Hartie

    Josiah Hartie

    Anos atrás

    Imagine if Russell wilson had a good offensive line 😍😍

  52. Christian Martinez

    Christian Martinez

    Anos atrás

    They don’t call him DangeRuss for nothing

  53. Ed Estrella

    Ed Estrella

    Anos atrás

    Had he mad made playoffs, he would have been a great candidate for mvp

  54. Big Boostin

    Big Boostin

    Anos atrás

    Russell Wilson is a great player, and he is a very humble player. Just look at Super Bowl 51 against the Pats! When. Butler intercepted the ball at the goal line, he didnt get super upset, he simply clapped and ran to the benches! Great and humble player!

  55. Gabriel Slade

    Gabriel Slade

    Anos atrás

    Still threw it on 2nd and goal smh

  56. Berdo


    Anos atrás

    1:06 “I’ll see you on the other side”

  57. Olie 25

    Olie 25

    Anos atrás

    This is why seahawks are my favorite

  58. SpikyTuber


    Anos atrás

    I ❤ Russell Wilson

  59. sam hawkz

    sam hawkz

    Anos atrás

    Schneider gives this guy a offensive line that can give wilson more than .5 seconds to scan the field before getting bull dozed and you will have more Superbowl wins

    • Jake Thomas

      Jake Thomas

      Anos atrás

      sam hawkz I’d hope they give him more than half a second 😂

  60. Shurchil


    Anos atrás

    4:30 - for all you haters and doubters. He is one of the best.

  61. E.cody19


    Anos atrás

    Gotta love the fact that #8 was a forward pass, not a lateral

  62. 159yankees


    Anos atrás

    Welcome to the Yankees I guess. Not sure why we need him

  63. Nzte


    Anos atrás

    not my favorite team nor quarterback, but man he is good!

  64. Gunnar Korpinen

    Gunnar Korpinen

    Anos atrás

    Seahawks needs: an o-line, a new RB (perhaps they have Chris Carson who seemed to be good) and maybe, just maybe a new DT.

  65. Tina Zhen

    Tina Zhen

    Anos atrás

    Do Antonio brown

  66. Jay Connor

    Jay Connor

    Anos atrás

    I have been watching NFL properly for about 2 years now, but I still don't understand why players don't do what he did in the 3rd play (number 8) more often because surely you can just constantly pass it.

  67. Om3rtaQc


    Anos atrás


  68. Smitty753


    Anos atrás

    Russell Wilson is a more athletic Drew Brees

    • Andy and Vic

      Andy and Vic

      8 meses atrás

      Jake Maquet He said that Wilson is a more athletic Drew Brees, meaning he's like brees but more athletic.

    • ;askoefj


      10 meses atrás

      git bint haha yeah I've seen it. Loved that guy.

    • Manifesting Destiny

      Manifesting Destiny

      10 meses atrás

      Adam theilan Brees is the most prolific, accurate passer in human history. The man is a freak. But RW has athletic ability like no other.

    • Manifesting Destiny

      Manifesting Destiny

      10 meses atrás

      ;askoefj FLUTIE! I lived in Calgary when he was QB in da CFL. We used to joke among friends & all him Flukie..... He wasn't a fluke though. He was running for his life. Lol Check out A Football Life, Doug Flutie. Incredible human being right there. Same as Russell hustle Wilson



    Anos atrás

    0:07 should have been a interception.

  70. Russell Lantz

    Russell Lantz

    Anos atrás

    Wilson for MVP

  71. S-MSniper


    Anos atrás

    The thing that amazes me after watching all these games, is how many times PRich was involved in these big plays. You gotta admit the guy gets open.

  72. Gerardo Trujillo

    Gerardo Trujillo

    Anos atrás

    A real qb is one that wont pretend 2 be runing back just look at the list of best of all time!

  73. Gerardo Trujillo

    Gerardo Trujillo

    Anos atrás

    Wilsons over rated his o line is the real star

    • Xavier Jackson

      Xavier Jackson

      Anos atrás

      Where's that "why you lyin?" Meme when you need it?

  74. D. Grady

    D. Grady

    Anos atrás

    On that last play, Baldwin was actually a blocker. pffft. Watching Wilson, sometimes you just feel sorry for the opponents d-line.

  75. Low Quality Highlights

    Low Quality Highlights

    Anos atrás

    He better win MVP

  76. Simon Ferrara

    Simon Ferrara

    Anos atrás


  77. Almighty Nugget

    Almighty Nugget

    Anos atrás

    Just imagine if my boi russ had a o line tho.that would be amazing

  78. Beck Parsons

    Beck Parsons

    Anos atrás

    lol fail mary II

  79. Jason Tymko

    Jason Tymko

    Anos atrás

    This seasonwas kind of a dispointment but i cantwaituntil next year when all the players are healyht and ready to play

  80. Luke Wenberg

    Luke Wenberg

    Anos atrás

    When he threw that pass against Arizona and the crowd goes "AWWWAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" That gave me chills man

  81. epa316


    Anos atrás

    Imagine if he had a decent offensive line, and a good running back.. more rings for Seattle.

  82. Dopestphotos_


    Anos atrás

    Why he tried to stiff arm buddy like that damn 😂😂

  83. Djn412pgh


    Anos atrás

    Clever I've noticed he's developed that talent to the point he just waits long enough to where the defenders in arms length, then disappears on them and they end up running into each other. It's a Vick move Lol it's halarious. He's quick with it too.

  84. Nate Amaya

    Nate Amaya

    Anos atrás

    the real MVP !!

  85. Jake The Snake

    Jake The Snake

    Anos atrás

    Number 10 the fail mary!

  86. FarFetched


    Anos atrás


  87. Jakerz


    Anos atrás

    They need O-Line and get rid of Walsh. Those two things destroyed their season.

  88. Samuel Carlos

    Samuel Carlos

    Anos atrás


  89. Æ


    Anos atrás

    Check out my recent if you like odj (hd mixtape)

  90. Mcneil Webster

    Mcneil Webster

    Anos atrás

    Mvp enough said

  91. Dangeruss 21

    Dangeruss 21

    Anos atrás

    Best Qb in the leaugue

  92. OfficiaJ


    Anos atrás

    Definitely better than Tom Brady

  93. MAS


    Anos atrás

    Wilson and Richardson

  94. Gil Brown

    Gil Brown

    Anos atrás

    Such an amazing young player/man/husband/father

  95. Abu Dhakal

    Abu Dhakal

    Anos atrás

    They honestly could've made a top 30 with some of the plays he made this year. Him and Baldwin are still very under appreciated

  96. Gerardo Martinez

    Gerardo Martinez

    Anos atrás

    as a seahawks fan...we don't deserve daddy Wilson

  97. Absolute Unit

    Absolute Unit

    Anos atrás

    Russel,Doug, and Wagner carried the team

  98. Tramaine Holloway

    Tramaine Holloway

    Anos atrás

    I hate the SheHawks but I love Wilson this dude is amazing

  99. Julio- theGOAT

    Julio- theGOAT

    Anos atrás

    Now this is a quarterback that can play under pressure 👏

  100. MarceelyXx


    Anos atrás

    If The Legion of Boom was still together we would’ve been in the super bowl

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