Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode!
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  1. Jethro Coates

    Jethro Coates

    7 horas atrás

    When i watched this i thought is he getting help whenever therye cutting the video

  2. SKULL CANDY 097


    10 horas atrás

    Hey u put in so much hardwork for this house/fort but when summer will come the ice will melt and the hardwork you've put will gone

  3. Xzidia Xianzus

    Xzidia Xianzus

    15 horas atrás

    Anyone noticed they changed position in the morning?

  4. Akia Zoldyck

    Akia Zoldyck

    Dia atrás

    Sounds like Minecraft

  5. Lunala F

    Lunala F

    Dia atrás

    best fake vid

  6. Helpful kitkatlo

    Helpful kitkatlo

    2 dias atrás

    Idk why but whenever i see them do somethinb i just laugh...

  7. Clark PH

    Clark PH

    2 dias atrás


  8. Xiolynde Arubiana

    Xiolynde Arubiana

    2 dias atrás

    This lowkey gave me minecraft vibes

  9. Purvi Jain

    Purvi Jain

    2 dias atrás

    Other BR-channelrs:- Tries Indian food Ryan Higa:- Tries building a snow fort Builds!

  10. di kaijel

    di kaijel

    2 dias atrás

    Thanks you so much for this everlasting entertaining video from you.... Just love how creative and how supportive your friends be...absolutely the BEST person I ever find in the whole youtube... Thumns up👍👍👍👍 Applause~~~~👏👏👏👏👏

  11. ibrahim johnson

    ibrahim johnson

    2 dias atrás

    The fire seems legit

  12. Dominic Woryn

    Dominic Woryn

    3 dias atrás


  13. dimaster 2008

    dimaster 2008

    3 dias atrás

    The noise i can't take it 😂😂

  14. Nathan Schulz

    Nathan Schulz

    3 dias atrás

    7:50 - 7:54 .. You took a chunk from your wall!

  15. Shadman Al Hossain

    Shadman Al Hossain

    3 dias atrás

    At first, I thought he was gonna make really funky stuff. However, in the end, he really put a lot of effort into building it.

  16. Oliver Cann

    Oliver Cann

    4 dias atrás

    2:59 😂😂

  17. George Krikorian

    George Krikorian

    4 dias atrás

    2:43 tho xD

  18. lko kl

    lko kl

    4 dias atrás


  19. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man

    4 dias atrás

    They have to much time on their hands

  20. Ivan Lee

    Ivan Lee

    5 dias atrás


  21. Wars Zox

    Wars Zox

    5 dias atrás

    9:20 it is magic?

  22. hot stepbrother

    hot stepbrother

    5 dias atrás

    Why was this kinda ASMR

  23. Axel Lector

    Axel Lector

    5 dias atrás

    Why on earth were they running into the snow wall?

  24. Xzait Dgizs

    Xzait Dgizs

    6 dias atrás

    so thread, chainsaws/saws and a flint n steel are an exception the the "no tools" rule then...

  25. Slia Tapeluelu

    Slia Tapeluelu

    6 dias atrás

    Minecraft 4 life

  26. chittapHOE


    6 dias atrás

    This video needs 10M views. The content is on point 💯

  27. PlushieGamers


    6 dias atrás

    Do more Ryan tries

  28. Angkon Sen

    Angkon Sen

    6 dias atrás

    Watch how they wake up. IT IS FAKE

  29. Thicc Andy

    Thicc Andy

    7 dias atrás

    Notice how they wake up on opposite sides on day 3😂😂

  30. banditodnp


    7 dias atrás

    sometimes it baffles me how they could make such things and just end it with a 'teehee' in the final product

  31. Sunshine means Choi Youngjae

    Sunshine means Choi Youngjae

    7 dias atrás

    this is some asmr shit i enjoy

  32. Con


    7 dias atrás

    The more accurate title would be: Minecraft IRL: Building a snow fort! (NOT CLICKBAIT) (WE ALMOST STARVED)

  33. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez

    7 dias atrás

    Sound like a asmr

  34. Rickattack Games

    Rickattack Games

    7 dias atrás

    It hurts to think that it’s all melted by now

  35. Wing Lee

    Wing Lee

    7 dias atrás


  36. Wrestling santa

    Wrestling santa

    7 dias atrás

    How much?

  37. Israel Pelaez

    Israel Pelaez

    8 dias atrás

    I can’t believe they haven’t showered in 3 days

  38. Parkour Hub

    Parkour Hub

    8 dias atrás

    Dear ryan. You are a gift to humanity. Your videos are the best I’ve ever seen. Keep at it

  39. Brent Dichoson

    Brent Dichoson

    8 dias atrás

    This so Pro😂

  40. RavenHilarious


    8 dias atrás

    looks like you two (and whoever was behind the camera) had lots of fun :D

  41. Koen & Kate Rapp

    Koen & Kate Rapp

    8 dias atrás

    what about the food

  42. Kacy Fos

    Kacy Fos

    9 dias atrás

    I miss sean😪

  43. immortal angel

    immortal angel

    9 dias atrás


  44. Arthus Klauth

    Arthus Klauth

    9 dias atrás

    Did you actually sleep there?

  45. Sir Izaak Productions

    Sir Izaak Productions

    9 dias atrás

    Jesus, I expected them to just make a pun or something, not make a million dollar base!

  46. GD Dan Indonesia Gaming

    GD Dan Indonesia Gaming

    10 dias atrás

    9:44 wawwwww

  47. TaurusAries Official

    TaurusAries Official

    10 dias atrás

    2:00 i thought that was gonna be it haha

  48. Cup of tae

    Cup of tae

    10 dias atrás


  49. The Cookie & Lychee Bro Show

    The Cookie & Lychee Bro Show

    10 dias atrás

    Ryan and Gregory are TELLETUBBIES. XD

  50. Tiffany With sprinkles

    Tiffany With sprinkles

    10 dias atrás

    So cool

  51. Daniel chen

    Daniel chen

    10 dias atrás

    The straight faces are funny

  52. Sahil Ahmed

    Sahil Ahmed

    10 dias atrás

    2:40 lol

  53. Shalinie Anderson

    Shalinie Anderson

    11 dias atrás

    Do park house again

  54. Nutella Sammich

    Nutella Sammich

    11 dias atrás

    i loved this and at the same time i couldnt stop laughing at how fast they were moving, in silence hahahahahhah and when gregory fell XD

  55. GoddoGツ Gaming

    GoddoGツ Gaming

    11 dias atrás

    That’s pretty cool not even gonna lie

  56. XpicyChilly 2004

    XpicyChilly 2004

    11 dias atrás

    How is the fire not melting the snow?....wut

  57. someone


    11 dias atrás

    3:05 OMG I SHIP THEM

  58. Tiko Ameria

    Tiko Ameria

    11 dias atrás

    You forgot to wear no shirt!(no homo)

  59. Whlack RACK

    Whlack RACK

    11 dias atrás

    Why can I imagine this on Daily dose of internet?

  60. Katlina LI

    Katlina LI

    11 dias atrás

    Who was thinking about how they could survive without eating?? No one ;(

    • Cup of tae

      Cup of tae

      10 dias atrás


  61. Cross Chain

    Cross Chain

    11 dias atrás

    You and pewdiepie are one of the pinnacles of youtube. Here since how to be a ninja!!!

  62. katri bookworm

    katri bookworm

    11 dias atrás

    Ohmygod, I love it.

  63. Alolic


    11 dias atrás

    My Mom: Go outside and be creative. Me:

  64. Chill Potato

    Chill Potato

    11 dias atrás

    Fake, extremely entertaining doe

    • Chill Potato

      Chill Potato

      11 dias atrás

      Fake as in the sleeping part

  65. Red panda Girl gaming

    Red panda Girl gaming

    11 dias atrás

    Um they didn’t eat everything

  66. Tury Santillana

    Tury Santillana

    11 dias atrás

    What do you do with the fort afterwards ?😂

  67. wallyhoo


    12 dias atrás

    i miss sean

  68. Marcel Tim

    Marcel Tim

    12 dias atrás

    Love the fact you guys swap places in day 3 XD

  69. Akira Lawson

    Akira Lawson

    12 dias atrás


  70. Michael Larsen

    Michael Larsen

    12 dias atrás

    I call shenanigans. At 7:05. How in the world can two people wake up at the exact same time without modern technology

  71. A C

    A C

    12 dias atrás

    Best BR-channel channel..

  72. Bitz Lasagna

    Bitz Lasagna

    12 dias atrás

    Thier Hard Work will be appreciated

  73. pabs cataros

    pabs cataros

    12 dias atrás

    minecraft in real life?

  74. Bitz Lasagna

    Bitz Lasagna

    12 dias atrás

    Hahahahahah 2:45 Btw its ASMR

  75. Lucas Tan

    Lucas Tan

    12 dias atrás

    You guys really look like them when you build I thought I was watching primitive technology

  76. vinno97


    13 dias atrás

    Looks cool, but I was really missing the subtitles



    13 dias atrás




      13 dias atrás

      Mga galawan hahahhahah

  78. Stephgaming 507

    Stephgaming 507

    13 dias atrás

    Make a collab with lele pons or rudy Mancuso

  79. something nothing

    something nothing

    13 dias atrás

    @dearryan Can u pls try 48 hours there invite ur friends too

  80. Apoorv pandey

    Apoorv pandey

    13 dias atrás

    Anyone else has seen that drone footage on pexels before 😅😅😅 ?

  81. Stoffel


    13 dias atrás


  82. iNyan Gamer

    iNyan Gamer

    13 dias atrás

    That’s true ASMR right there.

  83. MiglsonTube35


    13 dias atrás

    2:44 I don’t know why it reminds me of a penguin

  84. Kool-AidMan Leader!

    Kool-AidMan Leader!

    13 dias atrás

    Ha why did Greg haul all the heavy stuff

  85. Angeli Martinne Lim

    Angeli Martinne Lim

    13 dias atrás

    2:44 cant stop laughingggg😂😂😂😂

  86. Peanut Head chill

    Peanut Head chill

    13 dias atrás

    at 7:00 u guys sleep Greg on the left Ryan on right but next day it’s the opposite lol

  87. BtsandARMYsloveyou Jin

    BtsandARMYsloveyou Jin

    14 dias atrás

    Idk why I watch those kind of video but when ryan did it it's just funny for no reason 😂😂

  88. Captain Yoongi

    Captain Yoongi

    14 dias atrás

    This is better than the original primitive videos

  89. CrazyCannon 123

    CrazyCannon 123

    14 dias atrás

    How did they get the rope if they were primitive. But great vid.

  90. Bryan Chua

    Bryan Chua

    14 dias atrás

    Minecraft irl the game looks great

  91. Thierry Mendoza

    Thierry Mendoza

    14 dias atrás

    Technically they did use a tool (string) but still really good

  92. GamerKGaming Studio

    GamerKGaming Studio

    14 dias atrás

    Make more!!!

  93. Mr pug

    Mr pug

    14 dias atrás

    It’s looks so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. miss mochiii

    miss mochiii

    14 dias atrás

    this is actually pretty impressive

  95. miss mochiii

    miss mochiii

    14 dias atrás


  96. Der88397


    14 dias atrás

    That was epic lol

  97. StaminaP


    14 dias atrás

    Did you have to destroy it after or no?

  98. IAmNobody


    15 dias atrás

    When's the place gonna be for sale?

  99. Cheese Cheese

    Cheese Cheese

    15 dias atrás

    Anyone gonna talk about ryan's skills at 9:15

  100. Lazy Fortniteッ

    Lazy Fortniteッ

    15 dias atrás

    This should be "Building a snow fort ASMR"

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