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Sadababy - Pimp Named Drip Dat

Shot by @Savani


  1. kd Dizzle

    kd Dizzle

    2 dias atrás

    He snapped on this one 😂

  2. Queen Leah

    Queen Leah

    3 dias atrás

    That dance doe 🤙🏽💗 He Sexy asl omm😍 Future husband 😉

  3. Windy Kush

    Windy Kush

    5 dias atrás

    So am I the only 1 think most DETROIT rappers sound like they from cali?

    • Zein Hassan

      Zein Hassan

      3 dias atrás

      Windy Kush LK cali copied detroit

  4. Nome


    6 dias atrás


  5. Jaliyah Dismuke

    Jaliyah Dismuke

    6 dias atrás

    Cocaine on my carde shades

  6. Rahsue Griffith

    Rahsue Griffith

    6 dias atrás

    Why do all his beats almost sound the same

  7. Darius Lightsey

    Darius Lightsey

    6 dias atrás

    Ion do no waiting, bitch I’m boss bombin’ !

  8. OliviaDanielle


    7 dias atrás


  9. Lil Pump And Blueface

    Lil Pump And Blueface

    7 dias atrás

    0.75 sound hard asf

  10. Lamonte Smith

    Lamonte Smith

    7 dias atrás

    So this whole song is a whole classic but who fn wit me @ 1:48 until this 🔥🔥makes you hit the repeat button💯

  11. * hgguap

    * hgguap

    8 dias atrás

    Sada up on me 🗣🗣💫

  12. Cassandra Anderson

    Cassandra Anderson

    9 dias atrás

    My son like your sogs gary

  13. sheena johnson

    sheena johnson

    10 dias atrás

    ''if it anit no weight i anit lose non''

  14. 357 Films

    357 Films

    11 dias atrás

    I'm Sick y'all in the bomments "Detroit" this "Detroit" that it ain't even the whole city just a handful

  15. Mac Entertainment Enterprise Cooley

    Mac Entertainment Enterprise Cooley

    12 dias atrás

    Vipe_venue, jump on. Coming soon. GO

  16. James Madrid

    James Madrid

    13 dias atrás

    Data right murder mitten 👏🏾💙

  17. Lashondra Davis

    Lashondra Davis

    13 dias atrás

    Reppin Detroit all day! Love Sadababy

  18. Larnell Dorsey

    Larnell Dorsey

    13 dias atrás

    This song is sweet that's what I'm talking about💨💨👌

  19. Dae Dae

    Dae Dae

    14 dias atrás

    Sada look like a Gta online character 💯

  20. Frank Star

    Frank Star

    14 dias atrás


  21. champagne anderson

    champagne anderson

    18 dias atrás

    Them Detroit rappers so lit🔥and it's some male models out there too some real chocolate candy🤫

    • champagne anderson

      champagne anderson

      18 dias atrás

      NY too👀🤯

  22. Spike Bibby

    Spike Bibby

    19 dias atrás


  23. Corey Hinnant

    Corey Hinnant

    19 dias atrás


  24. Marion Lewis

    Marion Lewis

    19 dias atrás

    Dis go hard

  25. Choresh Elohem

    Choresh Elohem

    20 dias atrás

    6&WY Do or Die 👌🏾🤘🏾💪🏾💔

  26. J R

    J R

    20 dias atrás


  27. Jefferson Torrey

    Jefferson Torrey

    21 dia atrás

    Money man twin 😂

  28. Daddles


    22 dias atrás

    the way he extended the beyonce line was masterful

  29. malik elliot

    malik elliot

    26 dias atrás

    Who else watching this in 2019

  30. Andrea Lovejoy

    Andrea Lovejoy

    26 dias atrás

    Spreading real music in Cleveland. #YaeYae 72

    • BigFellazInc72


      24 dias atrás

      Yae yae

  31. Louis Jordan

    Louis Jordan

    26 dias atrás

    This nigga swagg is on 1 million 😂...i love it 👏🏿

  32. Noell Hargrove

    Noell Hargrove

    27 dias atrás

    Who From Detroit? From that shit from the hood all the way to the burbs..

    • 93Nino


      27 dias atrás

      From Texas baby

  33. MacLuck Da Goodfella

    MacLuck Da Goodfella

    27 dias atrás

    This mf 🔥 just started listening to Sada a couple weeks. This video had 12 million views at first now it got 13 million views. Big 💩💪

  34. johnathon lafayette

    johnathon lafayette

    27 dias atrás

    He high key got the name of this song from boondocks "A pimp named slick back"

    • BigFellazInc72


      24 dias atrás


  35. groovymarcus


    27 dias atrás

    Remind me of pimp c

  36. Brett Moore

    Brett Moore

    28 dias atrás

    I just became a fan a few weeks ago... This dude spit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • YRN Zayne

      YRN Zayne

      10 dias atrás

      That Bloxk Party pulled you in right?🔥

  37. Fun girl28

    Fun girl28

    28 dias atrás

    Can’t stop BANGING

  38. Nae Finesse

    Nae Finesse

    28 dias atrás 🔥🔥🔥

  39. BoofPaK Iverson Kakashi Wavez

    BoofPaK Iverson Kakashi Wavez

    29 dias atrás

    Swear this nigga too hard I’m from the sag n I seen him preform once he lit af

  40. Vernon Burrell

    Vernon Burrell

    29 dias atrás

    Cocain on my cardi shades



    Mês atrás

    Dis my cousin Sorells on da way

  42. Ananias Blunt

    Ananias Blunt

    Mês atrás

    This shit go so hard💯💯💯💯

  43. Jerry Aultman

    Jerry Aultman

    Mês atrás

    Some of the best punchlines I've heard in a while 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • destiney saechao

      destiney saechao

      2 dias atrás

      On God one of the best out at the moment🤘💯🤘

  44. IFamous Mar

    IFamous Mar

    Mês atrás

    I'm from Milwaukee playing this shit🔥mid-west stand up

  45. Quinn Grant

    Quinn Grant

    Mês atrás


  46. Lamonte Smith

    Lamonte Smith

    Mês atrás


  47. Ralph Curry

    Ralph Curry

    Mês atrás

    I'm so glad I'm from michigunn & this here is one of the hottest shit str8 up 💯💪🏿🔥🔥🔥 #michiganmade

  48. CBE Bama

    CBE Bama

    Mês atrás🔥

  49. Aniya Monique

    Aniya Monique

    Mês atrás

    Swear I gave this video its 12 million views😭

    • Tunnel Vision

      Tunnel Vision

      28 dias atrás

      Aniya Monique no 🧢😂

  50. Toney Franco

    Toney Franco

    Mês atrás


  51. Sabrina Speakin

    Sabrina Speakin

    Mês atrás

    Nigga gone get shotou

  52. J Huncho Supreme

    J Huncho Supreme

    Mês atrás

    @1:07 everything after that he turnt up🤙🔆

    • MrMikelew2929


      Mês atrás

      My nigga used like 4 different flows in 1 song🔥

  53. Frozen Freeza

    Frozen Freeza

    Mês atrás

    We a keep that smile on us just keep that frown on em💯

  54. angela davis

    angela davis

    Mês atrás

    I call dibs on hem💙

  55. Cassandra Anderson

    Cassandra Anderson

    Mês atrás

    It's nice beat

  56. Linda Wilson

    Linda Wilson

    Mês atrás


  57. Going Global TV

    Going Global TV

    Mês atrás

    Best Rapper In Detroit #facts

  58. itcam snoping

    itcam snoping

    Mês atrás


  59. Huncho Squad

    Huncho Squad

    Mês atrás


  60. L’z Rivera

    L’z Rivera

    Mês atrás

    If it ain’t no weight I ain’t loss nothin 🔥 that part 👌🏼

  61. Jkitty Weinberg

    Jkitty Weinberg

    Mês atrás

    Crick my neck and start steppin. I KNO U WILL. 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

  62. Larry Peters

    Larry Peters

    Mês atrás

    This shit is terrible

    • O’ Drama

      O’ Drama

      Mês atrás

      Get the fuck on then..... Boy!

    • 4WeeKs Highlights

      4WeeKs Highlights

      Mês atrás

      Go listen to 69 then fuck nigga. Better yet go listen to that mumble gay rap shit fuck nigga.

  63. World Travel

    World Travel

    Mês atrás

    This dude is going hard man, straight unpredictable and shit comes from all over the place just hitting u

  64. Natasha H

    Natasha H

    Mês atrás


  65. Kayona Marie

    Kayona Marie

    Mês atrás

    Big bank rolls all new bills

  66. Kayona Marie

    Kayona Marie

    Mês atrás

    #Cuz i know u will

  67. Justin ujdhhhcxhgcrf

    Justin ujdhhhcxhgcrf

    Mês atrás

    Soon as he start I’m gone stop em...

  68. Justin ujdhhhcxhgcrf

    Justin ujdhhhcxhgcrf

    Mês atrás

    If it ain’t no weight I ain’t lost nothing...

  69. Glensocool313671 Hollmon

    Glensocool313671 Hollmon

    Mês atrás

    This shit hard

  70. Rataveon Jobe

    Rataveon Jobe

    Mês atrás

    Cool song

  71. The Expression

    The Expression

    Mês atrás

    🔥🔥🔥 sada got that shit for real dawgs

  72. Angie Newsom

    Angie Newsom

    Mês atrás

    Who back 2019?💃🔥😁

    • 93Nino


      28 dias atrás

      They lucky I just dont wake up and slide on em

  73. Homie Homes

    Homie Homes

    Mês atrás

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 UK fux with Sada

  74. Ricardo Troutman

    Ricardo Troutman

    Mês atrás

    Ain't no sounds and beats like 1st-Detroit and 2nd-Flint the influence in the industry is real but they better pay homage and recognize! Happened for years! Give respect when respect is due to these cities!

  75. Wanya Johnson

    Wanya Johnson

    Mês atrás

    Okay Target him at the end and that's where you cut out all these songs boy Christian rock music everyday

  76. KEY to THE WAY

    KEY to THE WAY

    Mês atrás

    Memphis vs Detroit Who taking Ls? (Both still 🔥)

    • Eddie Wilson

      Eddie Wilson

      Mês atrás

      Memphis CLEARLY

  77. Lil B

    Lil B

    Mês atrás

    Nigga cant drive listening to SADA BOUT TO GET PULLED

  78. Q Berry

    Q Berry

    Mês atrás

    Niggas get to Talkin be so hard for me to walk away

  79. Big Squad Media

    Big Squad Media

    Mês atrás


  80. Ejae Dafirstone

    Ejae Dafirstone

    Mês atrás

    Detroit's Mac Dre lol

  81. Tybo The Man Explosive In California

    Tybo The Man Explosive In California

    Mês atrás

    My moms pass this year and this music help me with dealing with real hating motherfuckers and do me while I am depressed shyte you will .

  82. Tybo The Man Explosive In California

    Tybo The Man Explosive In California

    Mês atrás

    Cause I know u will love this shyte

  83. K Bell

    K Bell

    Mês atrás

    2 Hoes wit me Lou Will 😎

  84. saquan miller

    saquan miller

    Mês atrás

    The beat sound fire asf

  85. Lxrd Breezy

    Lxrd Breezy

    Mês atrás

    this nigga be too t'd

  86. Aye1 Sole

    Aye1 Sole

    Mês atrás

    We needa sada x Sauce Walka tape

  87. Korey H

    Korey H

    Mês atrás


  88. Shaquille Gaming Channel

    Shaquille Gaming Channel

    Mês atrás

    This song 🔥

  89. Chris Hudson

    Chris Hudson

    Mês atrás

    I showed my homeboy this song now he won't stop playing over &over 😂

  90. Kevin Jones

    Kevin Jones

    Mês atrás

    "You niggas can't call em, I ain't relied on em, they lucky I don't just wake up and slide on em. No apologies I dun made up my mind on em" 🔥🔥💯💯

  91. Alexander L

    Alexander L

    Mês atrás

    Yo is this side B of 192 haha both are dope

  92. Shayla Tobias

    Shayla Tobias

    Mês atrás

    Nobody does it like the ciiiiiiityyyyyy

  93. FL J

    FL J

    Mês atrás

    Bitch you know you went crazy huh🔥🔥🔥🔥

  94. Cheathem Denario

    Cheathem Denario

    Mês atrás

    #Detroit Stand TF Up!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  95. Ayana Maddox

    Ayana Maddox

    Mês atrás

    😐 I wanted to hear him say the title so bad

  96. Andre` Fant

    Andre` Fant

    Mês atrás

    If it ain’t no weight! I ain’t loss nun 💵

  97. kenneth jerome

    kenneth jerome

    Mês atrás

    hell yeah 💯💪💯💯💯💪💪💪💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💪💯💪💯👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👖👖👟👞👟👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙👙

  98. Latasha Duffy

    Latasha Duffy

    Mês atrás

    This shit make me wanna go to Detroit!

  99. Latasha Duffy

    Latasha Duffy

    Mês atrás

    Beats turned the fuck up all of em. Im late and he got barz fr.

  100. Neena Simone

    Neena Simone

    Mês atrás

    🔥 Stay on repeat... Times have changed.. I used to rock Eminem .. I would still show love in the club if they played Eminem because he's from the "D" but this is the🐐 now ..

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