Samantha Smith Goes to Washington, DC


  1. TheSovietComrade


    Mês atrás

    Everything changes in 1985-1986. First the Death of Samantha Smith and then next year the Chernobyl Disaster. If she still alive I wonder what could she react about Chernobyl Disaster.

  2. Kathy Schmitt

    Kathy Schmitt

    Mês atrás

    Rip samantha 🙏😇❤

  3. Ronbo710


    4 meses atrás

    These were dangerous times. I was in the military then and if you have never heard of it look up 'Able Archer' here on you tube . And you will see just how dangerous.

  4. Vitali Shekhtman

    Vitali Shekhtman

    5 meses atrás

    great memories

  5. petrushka1972


    7 meses atrás

    Эта девочка, повзрослев, могла бы стать самым лучшим президентом США. ..но ей не дали даже подрости...как жаль.

  6. Aqua Man

    Aqua Man

    Anos atrás

    Does anybody know what handheld Device she is playing with at 53:28

    • emir0721


      5 meses atrás

      Game & Watch?

  7. Cody M

    Cody M

    Anos atrás

    Back in 1984, The Disney Channel aired a special called "Samantha Smith Goes to Washington: Campaign '84". This special was hosted by the late Samantha Smith, who served as a special correspondent for The Disney Channel.

  8. R Silva

    R Silva

    Anos atrás

    Before Samantha went to the Soviet Union, kids our age thought the Russians were the most evil people on the earth. After she came back and told us they were just like us and didn't want war, things started to change. Rest in Peace, Samantha. You made a difference here.

  9. Jancio Bids

    Jancio Bids

    Anos atrás

    No matter if she was used by the Soviet Propaganda or not, I think she did a lot, put effort to make the World a better place, and is really sad how her story ended. I think we need a new Samantha for the conflicto between USA and North Korea...

  10. Mario H. García Jarrín

    Mario H. García Jarrín

    Anos atrás

    Her look is that of a very intelligent girl. Her sweetness and idealism will never be forgotten. I was born in 1972 too. She won my heart, and today, no one can deny their role in the history of the world.

  11. Eugene


    Anos atrás

    4:18. Trump?

  12. DHChief


    Anos atrás

    какая хорошенькая. вот Господь, такой милашечке не дал пожить

    • Иван Петров

      Иван Петров

      Anos atrás

      ЦРУ не дало...

  13. Michael Naylor

    Michael Naylor

    2 anos atrás

    Mondale and Hart -two pricks. Did these two losers think they were too important to be interviewed by a child?

  14. jpnarino


    2 anos atrás

    I wonder what would have she asked Trump

  15. Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

    2 anos atrás


  16. Стокгольмский Синдром

    Стокгольмский Синдром

    2 anos atrás

    Мир был бы другим, если бы была жива и здорова Саманта...

  17. joe digaetano

    joe digaetano

    2 anos atrás

    she the only true journalist around . MAYBE SOME JOURNALIST should take a few lessons from this video

  18. Ron Davis

    Ron Davis

    2 anos atrás

    i remember this i was 9

  19. Юрич, Моя Родина Советский Союз

    Юрич, Моя Родина Советский Союз

    2 anos atrás

    Very sorry for this sweet, cheerful girl who so early passed away. Of course the true reasons we may never know, but without politics there has not been. Politics has always been messy and always will be, unfortunately, as politics always pursues his goals and dirty no matter where it occurs in the USSR, now in Russia or USA. But the ultimate goal is one suffered by innocent people. And I'm sure that in America a lot of good, intelligent people who like in Russia if you want peace and goodness in the world. Only now the policy of the white house want to achieve world domination over all countries and people. Everyone has their own path in life and the white house chose the path of destruction rather than creation. According to statistics, who is fighting the most in the world? Only the United States, who interferes with the sovereignty of other States, only the United States. Who provoke wars and conflicts, only the United States. And suffer from them vmeshatelsta ordinary people do not have a policy nor any relationship. It is sad that the white house does not

  20. JRFrancisco20088


    3 anos atrás

    Imagine what she would have been and done had she lived to be a grown woman?

    • Aqua Man

      Aqua Man

      Anos atrás

      I think she could possibly be President, part of Congress, Who knows.

    • Nancy Hey

      Nancy Hey

      Anos atrás

      She certainly would be speaking out against the current US policies toward Russia!

    • segundooron


      2 anos atrás

      The world would not have been able to keep itself on its axis of rotation. Samantha would have shaken the world up. It is so ironic how the brightest stars burn out the quickest. What a tragedy. We were deprived of such a special gift way too soon...



    3 anos atrás

    30 years ago today, a sweet girl named Samantha Smith tragically died.....

  22. Ryan King

    Ryan King

    3 anos atrás

    Every time I watch shows like this or read about this Amazing little girl it just plain blows me away. She handled this program like a grown woman in a little girls body. She had such confidence and articulation for someone of Twelve. It is my opinion that she was the first person to make any realistic headway into ending the Cold War. What is totally awe inspiring is that this Eleven year old school girl from Maine showed the Adults how silly they were being by stock pilling nuclear bombs. August 25th this year will mark 30 years to the day when God recalled this special little Angel to heaven only He knows why but I could hardly blame him. Come in Angel Samantha your mission is complete your work on earth is done He must have said on that terrible day 30 years ago. I personally believe that is precisely what She was an Angel and a guiding light who laid the bedrock to ending the Cold War God Bless you my precious Angel I can't wait to meet you one day in heaven

  23. Alymlon


    3 anos atrás

    Samantha was loved and admired in the USSR! I was 6 when she came to my country. Firstly, I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world :) Then, I was amazed at her courage and how free and mature she was in her behaviour. It was a shock to find out about her death. You are still remembered, Samantha. You won our hearts.

    • stx stx

      stx stx

      15 horas atrás

      +Michael Prete Samantha was 11 y.o. but 6 y.o. was the author how wrote the post.

    • Michael Prete

      Michael Prete

      Mês atrás


    • Michael Prete

      Michael Prete

      Mês atrás

      I think you are mistaken. I believe she was 11 years old when she came to the USSR.

    • Roman Soiko

      Roman Soiko

      10 meses atrás

      самата смит очи великане девочка Samatha Smith is very smart

  24. flames24lightning


    4 anos atrás

    I was born in the fall of 1986, a year and a few months after her death. The more I read about Samantha, the more I wish that bad things didn't happen to good people. She accomplished so much goodwill in the very short time she was given.

    • dexm2010


      12 dias atrás

      @ Malmo Facking Stad she and her father died in a plane crash.

    • Malmö Facking Stad

      Malmö Facking Stad

      Mês atrás

      she died????

  25. Benn Yisrael

    Benn Yisrael

    4 anos atrás

    this is when kids had brains unlike today

    • redlightflash


      3 meses atrás

      What a stupid comment.

    • Quaishaun Colbert

      Quaishaun Colbert

      3 anos atrás

      Today when kids followed the wrong path.

    • Moxieminer - Pickalockstyler

      Moxieminer - Pickalockstyler

      4 anos atrás

      I beg to differ.

    • Jayson Ubina

      Jayson Ubina

      4 anos atrás


  26. Idan Solon

    Idan Solon

    5 anos atrás

    What a darling, intelligent girl. Wish she were still around.

    • Benn Yisrael

      Benn Yisrael

      4 anos atrás

      shed be 40

  27. Maneb Expert

    Maneb Expert

    5 anos atrás

    it was just a political show as far as I can tell...

  28. Maneb Expert

    Maneb Expert

    5 anos atrás

    sometimes her smile looks artificial

  29. Malbor76


    5 anos atrás

    Unique video! I've never seen Samantha's so real! Thank you!

  30. Rosa V

    Rosa V

    5 anos atrás


  31. 123Larousse


    5 anos atrás

    GREAT and AMAZING! Thanks a lot for this film!

  32. Joey McGowan

    Joey McGowan

    5 anos atrás

    She Certainly was an Amazing young Woman

  33. Go0ogIe


    5 anos atrás

    I thank you for your enthusiasm. Very beautiful. COOL! COOL! COOOOL! I am glad.

  34. MrEdSnapshot


    5 anos atrás

    Where did you find this amazing footage!? THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!

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