Searching Police Cars Found Stinger Spike System! Crown Rick Auto

Searching Police Cars Found Stinger Spike System Crown Rick Auto
In this series I search decommissioned cop car Ford crown Victoria police interceptor for goodies, weapons, guns, equipment and anything I get my hands on!
New Video! You wont believe what I found!
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  1. Crown Rick Auto

    Crown Rick Auto

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    New Video! You wont believe what I found!

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      Crown Rick Auto good luck on getting a k-9 dog 🤩

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      Crown Rick Auto rigoberto

  2. Sangsang Lifaga

    Sangsang Lifaga

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    Nice style of carring a shortgun with a .....

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    how do i get a job wit yall? i wanna have fun doin this too!!!

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    For 1,000,000 )$ would you step on a tire deflator

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    lee rogers

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    Search military cars Like if u agree

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    Kaitlyn Cano

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    Braiden Thomas

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    Hand cuffs hand cuffs hand cuffs hand cuffssssssss p.s and keys I will lock my sis up to the fence

  17. iiFederal HD_RBLX

    iiFederal HD_RBLX

    9 dias atrás

    You could take all the things such as radios, spikes, guns, tazers etc.., a nice old Police car, drive it to a garage, repair it and add some details... Then install the Laptop system inside, buy an uniform from Internet and there.. you're a Police officer 😂😂😂👍🏼

  18. scott roper

    scott roper

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    Saw the trunk off

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    Wow your good at finding stuff in cars

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    Gun taser everything handcuff magazine flashlight walkie-talkie

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    Master Ofpuppets

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    Hope you get 1 mil (:

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    Jake Kelly

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    Can you find a gun shoot the windows out of a police interceptor

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    Balen Handrick

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    What’s the intro music

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    Jerald Fernandez

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    What if a real police officer came

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    Your shows are amazing

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    You’re friend is a cunt

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    Gregory Wright

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    It's me it's me Skyler can I have your your Buffalo is a buffalo is a not a police car and sometimes buffles Stables clothes so District near Buffalo I do I want you to check the buffalo is she call me on Skyler drinks bam That's My Name on BR-channel

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    9:38 thanks me later

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    Pretty badass

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    Police brutality

  43. Mayse PUBGFAN

    Mayse PUBGFAN

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    Next time pour acid on the lock

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    Hope you find a donut !

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    0:40 fucks pepper spray xD

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    Swatlapd911 3347

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    use a crowbar to break the windows

  47. Swatlapd911 3347

    Swatlapd911 3347

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    just put it on fire to open any door or trunk

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    roel obligacion jr

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    Nice baton

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    Mr Roblox

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    So that’s how spike strips work

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  70. Mp clap outs football

    Mp clap outs football

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    Low Battery Gamer

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    I think thats the one that the king of random used for the thing

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    jack sparrow 444

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    Do u do this kinda thing for a Liv ng

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    jack sparrow 444

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    I like ur vids

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    I love your videos

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    Michael Patten

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    You would need at least a 45 round to break a lock. (Or a slug, I’m not retarded) demolition ranch did one on a chain, and chains are relatively stronger that the locks on cars, not on thin chains but the thicker chains, go check out his video, it’s called can you shoot a chain off

  82. Carah Newman

    Carah Newman

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    That truck pulling the trunk totally worked

  83. Farris Jester Guinto

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    Weapons and Guns are just the same

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    0:48 r u sure that criminal wasn’t you? XD

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    Use a better drill next time

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    when you started the car it sounded like a diesel.

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    Its my birthday i would love some hade cuffs

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    i will take the strobs #dang

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    Eric Mistrot

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    Lol it's cool when you find a blunt stuck in the seat of the van that's been in a police impound for 2 years

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    Ginoong Marquez

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    Can I get a pair of strobe light? I'm a volunteer emergency responder here in the Philippines. Thank you and God bless!

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