The story of dachshund sneak! Funny dog video!

As you know, we moved to a new apartment just some month ago! In fact, we start over, because the bad moving guy took and sell almost all of our stuff! So now we buy everything new, from socks to pans!
But, for some reason, my daddy decided that he is the one who would manage the budget and decide what we needed in the first place... But I am sure that firstly we need new toys!
I hope you enhoy my new funny video story of sneak dachshund dog!
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  1. Liivi Hanson

    Liivi Hanson

    18 horas atrás

    Very cool😋😍

  2. Sandra Clayton

    Sandra Clayton

    19 horas atrás

    Hello! I love your videos. Do you make separate videos for an English audience and a Russian Audience? Super Cool!

    • Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      19 horas atrás

      Hi ) No, I did only one version ) I try to make my videos completely internationally )

  3. Вероника мароженое

    Вероника мароженое

    20 horas atrás

    Уцииииииипуууци какой милашка 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  4. noel rosas

    noel rosas

    2 dias atrás

    Doxie din

  5. Shadow Guy

    Shadow Guy

    2 dias atrás

    Помню твое первое видео про ЧокоПай)

    • Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      2 dias atrás

      Это было папино видео ) Оно теперь на другом канале )))

  6. Слайм Видео

    Слайм Видео

    2 dias atrás

    Круто, обожаю вас 😘

  7. Слайм Видео

    Слайм Видео

    2 dias atrás


  8. Ana Maria Bujenita

    Ana Maria Bujenita

    2 dias atrás

    Mai fă filmulețe când grozavă câinele să facă caca în capul la

  9. Marcos Mazi

    Marcos Mazi

    3 dias atrás

    Ha ha ha, nice!

  10. themori3


    3 dias atrás

    Hahahaha, good one Din!!

  11. Jesus Alonzo

    Jesus Alonzo

    3 dias atrás

    So funny

  12. Melina Viviana

    Melina Viviana

    3 dias atrás

    Que lindoooo🐶❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Helke Laineste

    Helke Laineste

    3 dias atrás

    You are lucky and your dog

  14. Arunojoy Das

    Arunojoy Das

    3 dias atrás

    😈😈😈😲😲😲😲 really a naughtiest one ..... i've seen

  15. david weaver

    david weaver

    3 dias atrás

    Daddy is call blackmail i owned you now

  16. Monika Siller

    Monika Siller

    3 dias atrás


  17. Decio Mageste

    Decio Mageste

    3 dias atrás


  18. Я клубничный

    Я клубничный

    3 dias atrás


  19. Я клубничный

    Я клубничный

    3 dias atrás

    Very cool video !

  20. Hadriel Sarmiento

    Hadriel Sarmiento

    3 dias atrás

    Your sooo....cute

  21. TheTeacher1020


    3 dias atrás

    These videos are very funny and wonderfully filmed. Din, we love you in Miami, Florida, USA!

  22. Francesca Katz

    Francesca Katz

    4 dias atrás

    You got him again,Doxie! Good job. Your poor daddy!

  23. Myriam Dreams

    Myriam Dreams

    4 dias atrás

    😂😂😂what’s a great video And you’re so a crafty doggie 😂 You’re the funny 😄 doggie dead Din And your parents are so 😂😂😂 Hugs 🤗 to all 🇫🇷

  24. Rogue Rogue

    Rogue Rogue

    4 dias atrás

    Привет милашка. Скучал без тебя 😘

  25. Нарезки Легенда об Аанге и Корре

    Нарезки Легенда об Аанге и Корре

    4 dias atrás

    А Дин ушами тресет? У вас самый лучший канал!!!

  26. Harley Quinn De Fresa

    Harley Quinn De Fresa

    4 dias atrás

    Asi y patu perro no

  27. Agent Chicken

    Agent Chicken

    4 dias atrás

    he sneek

  28. Slick


    4 dias atrás

    Din, you are so clever!

  29. loveit loveit

    loveit loveit

    4 dias atrás

    Doxie Din you have the cutest family ever💕❤🐶💕❤🐶 yet another hilarious video🤗❤👏👏👏 love from your number one fan in Nevada 💕🐶🐾💕🐶🐾💕🐶🐾

  30. Pam Kimmons

    Pam Kimmons

    4 dias atrás

    I love your videos as they always brighten my days. Thanks again!

  31. elvire crown

    elvire crown

    4 dias atrás

    Love You Din! Dachshunds are best😍 your videos are better and better!!!😍😍😍😍😍🐾🐾❤️

  32. TheGamingLadd


    4 dias atrás

    What the fuck is this? This isn’t my Roblox porn

  33. LPS SnOW

    LPS SnOW

    4 dias atrás

    Для русских перевожу Такса Дин-ЯБЕДА

  34. Karolina Złamańska

    Karolina Złamańska

    4 dias atrás

    Brawo piesku😘

  35. альберт Мамедов

    альберт Мамедов

    4 dias atrás

    Это самый лучший канал на ютубе желаю обогнать пьюдипая!

  36. Wilmaly Pedraza

    Wilmaly Pedraza

    4 dias atrás


  37. Алена Шапран

    Алена Шапран

    4 dias atrás

    Прелесть! Дин -умничка!🤗

  38. Aksana Huhtala

    Aksana Huhtala

    4 dias atrás

    😂😂😂😂💕клаааасс!хитрюга Дин.

  39. David_ Potato_Gacha

    David_ Potato_Gacha

    4 dias atrás

    Omgggggg is so cute the dog 😘😘😘😘😘 And i sub

  40. Gordon McCoy

    Gordon McCoy

    5 dias atrás

    Cute Vid...! Nice storyline...! Thanks for posting...! Gordon in Maryland

  41. Lauretta Zatarski

    Lauretta Zatarski

    5 dias atrás

    What a clever little Dixie Din.....figuring out ways to get what he wants!! Love it!! 💕

  42. ShanЧихBoss


    5 dias atrás

    правильно сделал а мне игрушку ?

  43. Sandra Cloutier

    Sandra Cloutier

    5 dias atrás

    Hi Dixie din!!!!

  44. Игорь Чусов

    Игорь Чусов

    5 dias atrás

    Сдал длинномер хозяина, как стеклотару.

  45. Luna WølfGirl

    Luna WølfGirl

    5 dias atrás

    Wow!!!!! Doxie is AWESOME!!!

  46. Александр Горбунов

    Александр Горбунов

    5 dias atrás

    А Дин тоже играет в Покемонов? Я бы добавил его в Pokémon Go)))

    • Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      5 dias atrás

      Я больше аниме люблю ) Но в Go тоже играю ) Мой код 2885 5602 2249

  47. Aysel Mammadova

    Aysel Mammadova

    5 dias atrás

    Bad dog

  48. S R

    S R

    5 dias atrás

    This one's really made me laugh Din 😆😁

  49. Waldo Wanato

    Waldo Wanato

    5 dias atrás

    I love you 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💋

  50. Exceller8


    5 dias atrás


  51. Claire Pierson

    Claire Pierson

    5 dias atrás

    doxie yur in trouble noe good job

  52. Kristi Taylor

    Kristi Taylor

    5 dias atrás

    Your mama gets her point across with a frying pan...Just gotta love your family Din 😂😂😂😂

  53. Zulema Uceda Castro

    Zulema Uceda Castro

    5 dias atrás


  54. hawg427


    5 dias atrás

    Blackmail pics. LOL Now that's one smart Doxie.

  55. Faeza Khan

    Faeza Khan

    5 dias atrás

    Din you're super smart! can't stop laughing! ❤ 😄 👍

  56. Janet Wells

    Janet Wells

    5 dias atrás

    I love your videos!

  57. Millie Torres

    Millie Torres

    5 dias atrás


  58. jersey Ozi

    jersey Ozi

    5 dias atrás


  59. Time Lord

    Time Lord

    5 dias atrás

    bad, din

  60. Franco Paucar

    Franco Paucar

    5 dias atrás

    🐕🐕🐶🐶🐶🐶 😎😎😎😎😎 😁😁😁😁😁 😅😅😅

  61. Martha Alicia Reyes

    Martha Alicia Reyes

    5 dias atrás

    Doxie Din, my god!!, your are very naughty . Poor daddy, he was knocked out by your angry mom and your just want a new toy. Baby , please, you are so lovely but you have to be a good son. Kiss your daddy and tell the truth to your mom, ok, baby?. Te amo mucho y portate bien.

  62. Nona Adams

    Nona Adams

    5 dias atrás

    You tricked him again Din!!❤️

  63. Cheryl Bailey

    Cheryl Bailey

    5 dias atrás

    Don't mess with The Din!!! You won't win!

  64. Amy Bradley

    Amy Bradley

    5 dias atrás

    You are my favorite doxie except for my boy Max

  65. LCNWA


    5 dias atrás

    Din nowyou got your way & Dad right warm pancakes are great! Loved seeing mom i your VID!

  66. Susanne Schmitzer

    Susanne Schmitzer

    5 dias atrás

    I love your funny stories. 👍👍🐾🐾

  67. scuishi cawai

    scuishi cawai

    5 dias atrás

    Lindo soy la única persona que habla español like si hablas español

  68. dee sheppard

    dee sheppard

    5 dias atrás

    Cute wee man very funny video

  69. Mr.BlackNoobs EPIC PARTY

    Mr.BlackNoobs EPIC PARTY

    5 dias atrás

    Omg ur dog is so cute and omg dad got served I also have a dachshund named Toby . Anyways keep on your videos are greaaat👌👌❤👏👏

  70. Pink Unicorns

    Pink Unicorns

    5 dias atrás

    Cute dog😱😱😚😚

  71. Rishel Schimmel

    Rishel Schimmel

    5 dias atrás

    Smart dog finally figured out a way to get that credit card.

  72. Sherry Riley

    Sherry Riley

    5 dias atrás

    Poor Din an Mommy an Dad ... I hope if some crook did steal your things when you moved that the police catch them !!! BUT this is a funny video !!! Dad should just quit fighting it an let you have your wishes !!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!

  73. Alex Sebastian Fernandez Huamaccto

    Alex Sebastian Fernandez Huamaccto

    5 dias atrás

    3331 3002 5803 5721

    • Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      5 dias atrás

      noooooo you make 8 mistakes! 😀

  74. Elô Sophia

    Elô Sophia

    5 dias atrás


  75. Maria Grazia Menghi

    Maria Grazia Menghi

    5 dias atrás

    Amorino mio...sei unico e simpaticissimo!!!!!Ti adoro❤❤😍🙋😂😂😂

  76. Cristi Hurduc

    Cristi Hurduc

    5 dias atrás

    Oooooo cooollll

  77. Crystal Moreland

    Crystal Moreland

    5 dias atrás

    Well hello lil one.. I adore you and i enjoy your videos.. Your so darn you din..

  78. R Chrisawn

    R Chrisawn

    5 dias atrás

    Дин, люблю твои видео, но они дают мои идеи такс. Продолжайте хорошую работу.

  79. Лариса Гуреева

    Лариса Гуреева

    5 dias atrás

    Дин, джинсовый комбезик у тебя прикольный. Да и вообще ты модный парень!

    • Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      2 dias atrás

      Спасибо огромное ))) Мне тоже он очень нравится ) Даже по улице гулять в нем жалко ) В основном для съемок его использую )))

  80. Sonia Glez Flo

    Sonia Glez Flo

    5 dias atrás

    Hahahahaha!! Sweet revenge!!😛 So much fuuuun!! Have a great day guys!! Kisses to Doxie Din!!😘😘

  81. Saria Abzharba

    Saria Abzharba

    5 dias atrás

    А вы русские???

  82. George Semel

    George Semel

    5 dias atrás

    Gee, I love pancakes! And where is the NKVD to go after the Bad Moving Guy? Doxie is supposed to guard your stuff, my guess he doesn't since he has gone Hollywood! Besides who steals pots and pans?

  83. Ninja Kid Gaming [YT]

    Ninja Kid Gaming [YT]

    5 dias atrás

    YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  84. Diana Dobson

    Diana Dobson

    5 dias atrás

    Love your videos. So funny and creative.🐕🐾🐾❤😊

  85. Cynthia McWhorter

    Cynthia McWhorter

    5 dias atrás

    Hi Doxie Din are you being bad stealing daddy's credit card again? Lol. I have a very bad habit of every month when I take my doxie Sadie to get her nails trimmed I buy her a new toy. Needless to say we are over run with tons of toys but she loves them all. Her basket is so full of toys i had to get her a bigger basket to put them in. I love to spoil my baby girl. But you are a naughty pup sending pics to mommy. Lol😍💙💖💜💙💖💜💙🐕🐾🐾💳💳💳💳💲💲💲💲💸💸💸💵💵💵💵💵📬📬📬📬📬📬📦📦📦📦📦📦

  86. Лена Кобякова

    Лена Кобякова

    5 dias atrás

    Дин всегда получает что хочет!!!😄😍

  87. Las Aventuras de Lana

    Las Aventuras de Lana

    5 dias atrás

    Very funny!!!

  88. DANl Dani

    DANl Dani

    5 dias atrás

    Greetings from Romania! Love you Doxie!!!

  89. Shirley Oliva

    Shirley Oliva

    5 dias atrás

    Aww so cute love your videos keep making more for us love you all

  90. Alexandru Urzica

    Alexandru Urzica

    5 dias atrás

    i am from Russian

  91. Skeletik Rig геймер pro

    Skeletik Rig геймер pro

    5 dias atrás

    Крутой відео лайк нужна паставіть

  92. Alexandru Urzica

    Alexandru Urzica

    5 dias atrás

    Nice man😍😍😍

  93. BEAVIS


    5 dias atrás

    Good boy Din

  94. jugando con luana rodriguez

    jugando con luana rodriguez

    5 dias atrás

    Ison cute doxie din 😍😘😍😍😍😍😚😚😘😍😍😘😚😙😘😍😚😘😙 your, ar beorifol

  95. TaKo


    5 dias atrás

    Дин всегда добивается своего.Находчивый!

    • Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      2 dias atrás

      Хочешь жить - умей вертеться 😉

  96. Юлия Ткаченко

    Юлия Ткаченко

    5 dias atrás

    После удара сковородкой, посмеялась от души🤩😂Спасибо😘

  97. микс макс

    микс макс

    5 dias atrás

    Дин ви супер на ютубi просто класний канал дин постав минi сердечко пж

  98. jubileu jr

    jubileu jr

    5 dias atrás

    So cute

  99. Marlie


    5 dias atrás

    Din 😂😂😂😇

  100. Ashleigh Graham

    Ashleigh Graham

    5 dias atrás

    I love Din he is so funny had me laughing so hard this video is priceless love you and your beautiful family ❤️

    • Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      Doxie Din - not just a dachshund

      2 dias atrás

      😘😘😘 thank you so much!!! ))))) I hope next video will great too ))))

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