The Ultimate NBA 2K19 Draft

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  1. Devin N

    Devin N

    Dia atrás

    Curry’s name is Wardell.

  2. jj hd

    jj hd

    Dia atrás


  3. 757 dot

    757 dot

    2 dias atrás

    U ass beat u in 2k17

  4. Donovan Samek

    Donovan Samek

    2 dias atrás

    Do monkey draft like I agree

  5. Casey/Hollie Chee

    Casey/Hollie Chee

    2 dias atrás

    F f f f f

  6. Riley Rodriguez

    Riley Rodriguez

    2 dias atrás

    I don’t Wantabe Yuta

  7. Brady Sawyer

    Brady Sawyer

    3 dias atrás

    “Bust down thotina”

  8. Veronica Jones

    Veronica Jones

    3 dias atrás

    Kobe was so much better as #8 than #24. Real shit

  9. Justin Frank

    Justin Frank

    3 dias atrás


  10. Lucas Stamey

    Lucas Stamey

    6 dias atrás

    Paul Pierce

  11. Randy Canela

    Randy Canela

    7 dias atrás

    Why did you cut the girls out from omegle there where in it the last time i saw it

  12. Xavier EX

    Xavier EX

    7 dias atrás

    Steff curry

  13. motion ;

    motion ;

    7 dias atrás

    why does he show off his braces in every thumbnail

  14. Eliam Bueno

    Eliam Bueno

    8 dias atrás

    Wesley matthews is good at shooting 3

  15. Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton

    9 dias atrás

    why’d dwight block him?😭

  16. Oh No no

    Oh No no

    10 dias atrás

    Oh no no

  17. Landon Weintraub

    Landon Weintraub

    10 dias atrás

    He saves the last 5 minutes of a 38 minute video for the actual game

  18. Basketballer Fohlife

    Basketballer Fohlife

    10 dias atrás

    Trade lebron for Willy Selenagomez

  19. Jamel Dillard

    Jamel Dillard

    10 dias atrás


  20. The Great1

    The Great1

    11 dias atrás

    That’s cool I signed up got pc games only F but how do you use the creator code. I don’t see it

  21. The Great1

    The Great1

    11 dias atrás

    How you claim your stuff

  22. ReDroid


    11 dias atrás

    14:41 you always do me right lol

  23. Jude Kelepouris

    Jude Kelepouris

    11 dias atrás


  24. Mr Ree

    Mr Ree

    12 dias atrás


  25. Mr Ree

    Mr Ree

    12 dias atrás

    Spends 30 minutes of getting cards 8 minutes of gameplay nice

  26. XXX XXX


    13 dias atrás


  27. ElRugged1


    13 dias atrás

    That BR-channelr eats ass, deffy. As always, Keep your dick in fried rice

  28. Joey theGent

    Joey theGent

    13 dias atrás

    How is Reggie Miller not in 2k, Man they really are of this year (and I love the game play) but not the rest of the game

  29. Patrick Keegan

    Patrick Keegan

    14 dias atrás

    If you go in vr chat your a fucking loser

  30. SC30 FAN

    SC30 FAN

    14 dias atrás

    Anyone else notice that he used his old clips for the VR Chat and Roblox

  31. Old Thad Archive

    Old Thad Archive

    14 dias atrás

    Don't forget to follow ThaddydaddyTV if you like the chicken :)

  32. Football God21

    Football God21

    14 dias atrás


  33. RiterCriter_ TV

    RiterCriter_ TV

    15 dias atrás

    You used to get to much point guards but now you get to much shooting guards

  34. Noel Serrano

    Noel Serrano

    15 dias atrás


  35. Michael Delgado

    Michael Delgado

    15 dias atrás

    This dude is hilarious! Lmao

  36. Lil Uzi Vert

    Lil Uzi Vert

    15 dias atrás

    Where is donkey Kong?

  37. AR21


    16 dias atrás

    You have read the stupidest comment Like to undo

  38. TheSairyManOMG


    16 dias atrás

    Nobody: Literally nobody: random: "Michal Joden"

  39. Tameron Stephney

    Tameron Stephney

    17 dias atrás

    BBB can suck a D

  40. Patrick Cartolano

    Patrick Cartolano

    18 dias atrás

    I’ll have vitural kids

  41. Your fan

    Your fan

    18 dias atrás

    I hate his voice sounds so fake

  42. Cracker Boy Productions

    Cracker Boy Productions

    18 dias atrás

    I found this video in the Minecraft section

  43. Artic


    18 dias atrás

    Do a discord draft

  44. Ayden Jacobs

    Ayden Jacobs

    18 dias atrás


  45. Crina Vacarciuc

    Crina Vacarciuc

    19 dias atrás

    Like this if Xbox is aids🤢

  46. Heather Spurgeon

    Heather Spurgeon

    21 dia atrás


  47. fortnite forever

    fortnite forever

    21 dia atrás

    Troydan:do you know basketball? Random:no Troydan:can you name one NBA player Lolllll

  48. Brett S

    Brett S

    22 dias atrás

    Best quote “that noodle poop” 😂

  49. dorian paki

    dorian paki

    22 dias atrás

    In Germany and Europe

  50. Zedryc Rosal

    Zedryc Rosal

    22 dias atrás

    "StEvEn fUCkInG CuRrY" Is Fucking Killing me XDDDDDD

  51. Aleksa Ćirović

    Aleksa Ćirović

    23 dias atrás

    What is that aplication??

  52. Flippestion Gnomioshivesch

    Flippestion Gnomioshivesch

    23 dias atrás

    You should do wheel of positions, basically a the first wheel you spin has all 5 positions, the next wheel is EVERY SINGLE NBA team OLD AND NEW, the last wheel has EVERY PLAYER OLD AND NEW that played that position on that team

  53. Kirubel tedros

    Kirubel tedros

    24 dias atrás

    When the roblox girl said daniel i think she meant daniel galainari

  54. lil Aytion

    lil Aytion

    24 dias atrás


  55. Legendary


    25 dias atrás

    Bruh I love it when troys eyes go in lmao

  56. Xd Smokie

    Xd Smokie

    25 dias atrás

    Oh yeah yeah

  57. ItsUMGHereToTakeDownDontaisVideo


    26 dias atrás

    Troy: “Why Kevin Durant?” Gangsta: “yEaH”

  58. kevin McKevy

    kevin McKevy

    27 dias atrás


  59. Nick Snickers

    Nick Snickers

    27 dias atrás

    i would pick Wesley too Troydan......

  60. SWAGGER573


    28 dias atrás

    Bro Wesley Matthews was a Monster on the blazers. Wesley, batum, lamarcus Aldridge, and Damian lillard were nasty. Injuries hurt the team tho

  61. Dr. Jack Manzella

    Dr. Jack Manzella

    28 dias atrás

    Is this a cripple Ricky Berwicks girlfriend

  62. Salferraro90


    28 dias atrás

    9:10 that was not the Wesley mattews

  63. Travis Macfarland

    Travis Macfarland

    29 dias atrás

    Did you at least finish any of the games??

  64. dakotah jackson

    dakotah jackson

    29 dias atrás

    Matthews used to be good

  65. MiniiHyperPlane


    29 dias atrás

    He blurrred them out on Omegle this time

  66. ron ross

    ron ross

    29 dias atrás

    Why isn't mj a 99 ovr

  67. NBArreti


    29 dias atrás


  68. omni2009


    29 dias atrás

    Should have just added "Daniel".

  69. Manalis TV

    Manalis TV

    29 dias atrás

    Troy i have an idea about a video how about going to a mall and asking random people to draft you a team like security workers shoping people

  70. Titasmlg


    29 dias atrás

    Theres no redeem code for me

  71. Stephen DeRose

    Stephen DeRose

    29 dias atrás

    When you said that you said put a f in the chat did you mean fuck

  72. Jaime H

    Jaime H

    29 dias atrás


  73. Phillip LaCour

    Phillip LaCour

    Mês atrás


  74. Jomar271 Gaming

    Jomar271 Gaming

    Mês atrás

    It’s ape sex not apex

  75. Harrison Thiru

    Harrison Thiru

    Mês atrás

    i did F in the chat troy

  76. The Silent Gamer

    The Silent Gamer

    Mês atrás

    So disappointed in you for letting loot boy sponsor sponsor you.😡😡😡

  77. Juanita Mills

    Juanita Mills

    Mês atrás


  78. ZAYWOP


    Mês atrás

    Please bring back wheel of 2k 😭

  79. ZAYWOP


    Mês atrás


  80. IrushSweatsツ


    Mês atrás


  81. Darius Levingston

    Darius Levingston

    Mês atrás

    I eat noodles

  82. Money23Draymond


    Mês atrás


  83. Drix Joshua Deada

    Drix Joshua Deada

    Mês atrás

    Rules of survival draft plssssss

  84. Aris Drake

    Aris Drake

    Mês atrás

    Lebron James is Garbo

  85. Idgafwytikwidawidd


    Mês atrás

    Lebron Bryant

  86. xdmrmccreamy


    Mês atrás

    It's Wardell Curry

  87. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba

    Mês atrás

    club penguin

  88. Voltaaic xd

    Voltaaic xd

    Mês atrás

    I will laugh if GSW fans call KD a snake if he leaves.

  89. Jacob Wilcox

    Jacob Wilcox

    Mês atrás

    I couldnt redeem the code on lootboy mobile

  90. jjlostboss


    Mês atrás

    What’s the intro ‘song’

  91. Jamer Boi

    Jamer Boi

    Mês atrás

    30:18 i watch that guy all the time he usually gets drunk and sings

  92. Aj Whaley

    Aj Whaley

    Mês atrás


  93. Lennonriff68


    Mês atrás

    London the goat

  94. Christopher D

    Christopher D

    Mês atrás

    nerdy digger 10/10 name

  95. Sapizot 15

    Sapizot 15

    Mês atrás

    Do a one player from hitch draft for the ultimate one

  96. MegaAwesome1121


    Mês atrás

    Man picked Rajon Rondo 😂😂😂😂

  97. Ryan Meinecke

    Ryan Meinecke

    Mês atrás

    Nike thought it was steven

  98. Ethan Hanson Vlogs And Memes

    Ethan Hanson Vlogs And Memes

    Mês atrás

    Pornhub draft

  99. Mondale Evangelista

    Mondale Evangelista

    Mês atrás

  100. KaiEZ


    Mês atrás

    Wheel of fortune?

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