Total Combat | Bakhtiyar Abbasov vs Ben Askren | Full Fight Replay

Ben Askren takes on Bakhtiyar Abbasov in Askren's promotional debut at ONE FC 16.
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  1. Hercules Steel

    Hercules Steel

    Dia atrás

    10:45 and that's how you escape the bulldog choke

  2. Jenson inter

    Jenson inter

    Dia atrás

    10:05 for the fight.

  3. Эдмунд Армагеддонский

    Эдмунд Армагеддонский

    Dia atrás

    it is called PROCESSED

  4. Johnathan Carlton

    Johnathan Carlton

    2 dias atrás

    What a fucking idiot to to go to the ground LMFAO

  5. g davies

    g davies

    2 dias atrás

    We got the FUNK! That announcer loved it!

  6. Jody Graham

    Jody Graham

    2 dias atrás

    The look on Abbasov's face at 15:40 will be the same look on Masvidal's face come July 6th 2019. #FunkyBen

  7. Anguel Roumenov Bogoev

    Anguel Roumenov Bogoev

    2 dias atrás

    Shoulda spent more time rasslin' and eatin' cookies.



    2 dias atrás

    Кучерявое ЧМО!!!!!!!!

  9. tha king

    tha king

    2 dias atrás

    Got him with a von fluke choke nice

  10. San Diago

    San Diago

    3 dias atrás

    Shoots in on a world class wrestler, noice

  11. TFanimal


    3 dias atrás

    How the fuck did Ben manage to escape that bulldog choke!??

  12. littletone


    4 dias atrás

    Notice how Askrens arm doesn't go limp during the bulldog choke? 2019?!?!?! Anyone?!?!

    • Anguel Roumenov Bogoev

      Anguel Roumenov Bogoev

      2 dias atrás


  13. Put That Cookie Down

    Put That Cookie Down

    5 dias atrás

    Everyone fights thus dude the wrong way. Yeah lets grapple with a world class wrestler xD Just keep your distance, stay loose, avoid takedowns and grappling, and avoid the ground like Ben avoids Oblique exercises. Everyone just sees his body and they wanna take him down but they waste all their energy trying to take Ben into his sweet spot its so dumb.

  14. Arjun


    6 dias atrás

    Ben looks like an average guy but has superhuman grip and wrestling. One clean(no PEDs) fighter and he still gets the win.

  15. Santiago Mendoza

    Santiago Mendoza

    7 dias atrás

    Most irritating announcer



    7 dias atrás


  17. Сергей Про

    Сергей Про

    7 dias atrás

    странный бой , азер 30 сек че то делал а потом укрывался , а бени просто мутизуил и крути его , без какого либо особого сопротивления.

  18. Justen Mora

    Justen Mora

    8 dias atrás

    That jiggle is extra energy

  19. BAKU TV


    8 dias atrás

    ben askren fuck fuck

  20. Jacob Jonm0

    Jacob Jonm0

    9 dias atrás

    Cheers to Azeris, from Iran.

  21. barbara Corcoran

    barbara Corcoran

    9 dias atrás

    "I never study an opponent before a fight". Wow what a dumb fucking meathead

  22. роман авилов

    роман авилов

    9 dias atrás

    кучерявый красавчик))) уважуха

  23. Howabouthetruth


    10 dias atrás

    I love how Ben Askren so easily beats these muscular guys, and especially the ones that are naturally much bigger than he is. Several fights after this one, Askren fought that Russian dude in a catch-weight match at 185 lbs. The Russian looked like "a world champion body builder". But Askren slung him around to the ground in every round like a ragdoll & won every round in a 5 round bout.

  24. Howabouthetruth


    10 dias atrás

    Abbasov stated before this fight in this video that "he never studies his opponents before any fight"........that is not very smart at all. Throughout human history, even armies against armies........if you want the best advantage possible, you had BETTER study your opponent to understand both their strengths and their weaknesses. I bet after he lost to Askren in this fight, he had wished he studied him. And perhaps he has learned a valuable lesson. Whoever taught this guy, or allowed him to fight "with no research into any of his opponents" not a very good trainer either. Fail to do your homework.........and sooner or later, you're going to fail the upcoming test. This is what happens when fighters THINK there is no opponent "as good as they are". NEVER underestimate your opponent or take them for granted. Mike Tyson losing to Buster Douglas is a perfect example in ANY form of the fight game.

  25. Andrew Sandlin

    Andrew Sandlin

    13 dias atrás

    them arms will break your neck

  26. Andrew Sandlin

    Andrew Sandlin

    13 dias atrás

    ben askren is so smart. and hes a bad ass . a real life bad ass

  27. Daniel Ivey

    Daniel Ivey

    14 dias atrás

    Best game plan. Takedown the wrestler/jiujitsu black belt, just for dem style points... Then get subbed

  28. Бакен Онласбеков

    Бакен Онласбеков

    16 dias atrás

    Непобедимый Кудряша

  29. Shane Kelley

    Shane Kelley

    16 dias atrás

    I know people have said it a lot but Ben really does look like a greek statue.

  30. Vincero Viktor

    Vincero Viktor

    18 dias atrás

    Well that’s what you get for taking an elite wrestler to the ground! All you did was help him out lmfao

  31. YesWeCan


    18 dias atrás

    A lot of strange sh!t comes out Wisconsin. Im thinking only 3 months of sunshine and "normal" weather might have something to do with it.

  32. cheshire White

    cheshire White

    18 dias atrás


  33. Олег Кичаев

    Олег Кичаев

    18 dias atrás


  34. Kyle Woodward

    Kyle Woodward

    18 dias atrás

    Who ever thinks BEN ASKREN is boring, dont know fighting.

  35. William P

    William P

    18 dias atrás

    funky funny win

  36. ishan o.o

    ishan o.o

    18 dias atrás

    Abbasov is a world sambo champion middleweight contendor who walks at heavyweight and a fighter Khabib ducked back in Russia. Ben Askren Toyed with him.

    • mov1987


      3 dias atrás

      how do yo know this bro?

  37. BACA


    21 dia atrás

    Bens domination of fighters on the ground is insane

  38. Владимир Гудман

    Владимир Гудман

    21 dia atrás

    как учебка. Силен Бен.

  39. The Relaxed Guy

    The Relaxed Guy

    22 dias atrás

    This has become one of my favorite fights. Abasov looking so juiced and mean, Askren looking like an american beer drinker. I love how the Russian guy came out so aggressive and confidently, and slams Askren to the mat, then Askren just takes over.

  40. Ali Gago

    Ali Gago

    22 dias atrás

    Bu alcagi sen doymeli idin Qardasim ele bil baglanmisdin en ugursiz doyusun bu idi

  41. irfan memmedov

    irfan memmedov

    23 dias atrás

    swni rusvay olasan

  42. Натуралист 30

    Натуралист 30

    23 dias atrás

    Но точно он Хабиба не пара я уверен на сто что Хабиб сломает его ИншаАллах Амин!

  43. Натуралист 30

    Натуралист 30

    23 dias atrás

    духдан душме гардашым бу идмандыр ким яхшы мешг едир о да газаныр угурлар сене

  44. James O'Shea

    James O'Shea

    23 dias atrás

    These commentators are useless, makes you appreciate Rogan and Goldberg

    • kurmiras


      5 dias atrás

      "That's a ring girl. That's Abbasov. That's Askren."😭😭😭

  45. Сергей Попов

    Сергей Попов

    24 dias atrás

    Азербаран дохлый

  46. Сергей Попов

    Сергей Попов

    24 dias atrás

    Чуркобеса обоссали как и всех чурок ,хотя они все лючшие все чемпы аулов

  47. Brandan Attaway

    Brandan Attaway

    24 dias atrás

    Take notes Robbie fans, that is how you defend a bulldog choke. Ben didn't just let his arm go limp and sit there. He fought out of that position.

    • Aaron Cesario

      Aaron Cesario

      24 dias atrás

      Can you teach me sensei?

  48. Ryan James

    Ryan James

    24 dias atrás

    Fight starts at 10:11

  49. Namiq Elekberzade

    Namiq Elekberzade

    24 dias atrás

    Can ay qardaş teesuf yaxši başlamişdin,novbeti dŏyuşlerde sene ugurlar

  50. Mace Windu

    Mace Windu

    24 dias atrás

    Omg this is Godly like similar to the Lawler fight

  51. Nursultan Malikov

    Nursultan Malikov

    24 dias atrás

    on 3:30 turn on subtitles 😂

  52. Нигга Дяй

    Нигга Дяй

    25 dias atrás

    смачное одеяло

  53. Eric Joseph

    Eric Joseph

    25 dias atrás

    askren does not need steroids

  54. Aslanlar kükrer

    Aslanlar kükrer

    25 dias atrás

    Mma 1.usman 2.khabib 3.Ben askren 4.?

    • john uzumaki

      john uzumaki

      24 dias atrás

      Khabib refused to fight abbasov which ben easily beat

  55. Azat Raziev

    Azat Raziev

    26 dias atrás

    Узбек сука лошара

  56. Cajjdiem


    26 dias atrás

    So annoying when people say FUStrated. Its fucking frustrated. Your a broadcaster dude jesus christ

  57. Stephenlalfanliana Zinhlawng

    Stephenlalfanliana Zinhlawng

    26 dias atrás


  58. John Hawkes

    John Hawkes

    27 dias atrás

    ''whos the granny beating on the muscled guy??''

  59. Просто Jack

    Просто Jack

    27 dias atrás

    Помню чурке показал этот видос ебать он пошел магазил крушить



    28 dias atrás

    Wow. Abbasov made a huge tactical error on taking down Ben. Should of kept it on the feet bud. Atleast he had a nice takedown. lol

  61. Anon Ymous

    Anon Ymous

    28 dias atrás

    Ben Askren’s hair tested positive for steroids.

  62. Arthas Menethil

    Arthas Menethil

    28 dias atrás

    А ведь крутой кудряш🤔

  63. Ace of hearts

    Ace of hearts

    29 dias atrás

    Funky Handin out ass whoppins like hes not even tryin Askrin.

  64. Asala Hmbo

    Asala Hmbo

    29 dias atrás

    Бен молодец)! Сломал азика

    • Asala Hmbo

      Asala Hmbo

      25 dias atrás

      +111111 222222 89267563456 звони я твою маму ебал , шлюхин сын

    • 111111 222222

      111111 222222

      26 dias atrás

      Соси у Азербайджанцев сука номер оставь мразь

  65. Bill P

    Bill P

    Mês atrás

    Ben Askren is so fucking boring to watch. One dimensional.

  66. Ralph Weggum

    Ralph Weggum

    Mês atrás


  67. First name Last name

    First name Last name

    Mês atrás

    well lawler thats how you fight a bulldog choke not like you did...smfh

  68. Voshon Poe

    Voshon Poe

    Mês atrás

    Ben looks like one of them Cupid baby angels

  69. Mr Wetcloth

    Mr Wetcloth

    Mês atrás

    Ben has zero stand up

  70. Shepard


    Mês atrás

    If Khabib goes to Welterweight Ben gonna get countered and smashed hard.

  71. Super Atlet

    Super Atlet

    Mês atrás

    Кучерявый уебок,он такой пиздлявый до первого Хабиба,или Усмана,жаль что Сент Пьер завершил карьеру,он бы ему устроил доминирование в борьбе,замучил бы как щенка и прмдушил

  72. Manat Abgykova

    Manat Abgykova

    Mês atrás

    Ben Askren!💪👍

  73. Artem Mesropyan

    Artem Mesropyan

    Mês atrás


  74. GBDazzler


    Mês atrás

    Lenne hardt best announcer

  75. александр лунин

    александр лунин

    Mês atrás

    настоящий талант,вот вам ваши мускулы,вот вам ваша ударка,he is realy very talented fighter

  76. давид буранов

    давид буранов

    Mês atrás


  77. E MunY

    E MunY

    Mês atrás

    Its funny when fighters say "Im not scared".

    • Mitch Dabitch

      Mitch Dabitch

      28 dias atrás

      E MunY why?

  78. Matt three stars Sometimes

    Matt three stars Sometimes

    Mês atrás

    Taking down a world class wrestler seems very naive

    • Vicious Saito

      Vicious Saito

      Mês atrás

      Agree. People who Havnt wrestled since childhood and fights someone who did should only strike and not try to match there strength. They have better technique and experience is all.

  79. Sanchez Sucio

    Sanchez Sucio

    Mês atrás

    Amazing! If you put Askren against Nurmagomedov you'll have the single most boring 'fight?' in history. Wrestling should be the lowest scoring aspect of MMA, if it scores at all. It should be used only as a means to an end.

    • maxy a

      maxy a

      Mês atrás

      How many fights end up on the ground??

  80. Рамиз Самедов

    Рамиз Самедов

    Mês atrás

    Yeruve iwiyesen baxtiyar o ne doyuwdi

  81. Николай Бронников

    Николай Бронников

    Mês atrás

    Аскрен :куда ты сын полез 😂

  82. buttholebuddy3000


    Mês atrás

    George St-Pierre- you're all here because been askren stock go up.

  83. Sebastian Ramirez-Ekner

    Sebastian Ramirez-Ekner

    Mês atrás

    This dude literally said "I don't study my opponents, they all get the same fate". Well, if he did just 3 minutes of studying Askren's record, then he would have never gone for that take down at the very beginning.

  84. User User

    User User

    Mês atrás

    В первом раунде 03:10 бен 2раза коленом по голове на полу заехал, это по правилам???

  85. Алексей Сорокин

    Алексей Сорокин

    Mês atrás

    слишком много грязных ударов Бен сделал

  86. Andrew Slatsky

    Andrew Slatsky

    Mês atrás

    Hate on Ben’s build all you want, that is one of the strongest 170 pound bastards to have ever existed

  87. Jay Slacker

    Jay Slacker

    Mês atrás

    That announcer sounds hilarious haha

  88. Nazair King

    Nazair King

    Mês atrás

    Ben askern could easily be beat. Unless he takes u down

  89. Дима Димов

    Дима Димов

    Mês atrás

    Абосанного Абасова абасали и абасрали

  90. Revie Marii

    Revie Marii

    Mês atrás

    Бен Аскрен заберет пояс у хабиба )))

    • Komiljon Fozili

      Komiljon Fozili

      Mês atrás


  91. Maximall az Pulsuz sayt yarat

    Maximall az Pulsuz sayt yarat

    Mês atrás

    look at 10:46 why he released him? anybody can explain please

    • Maximall az Pulsuz sayt yarat

      Maximall az Pulsuz sayt yarat

      Mês atrás

      +Poe Performance it s not a logical answer

    • Poe Performance

      Poe Performance

      Mês atrás

      Because Askren is a superior grappler.

  92. Михаил Криволуцкий

    Михаил Криволуцкий

    Mês atrás

    Аскрен гавно унылое

  93. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader

    Mês atrás

    Seems like everyone gets cocky after they slam ben and then he slowly destroys them. His skill and calmness is what sets him apart from everyone else.

  94. Тимур Фамилия

    Тимур Фамилия

    Mês atrás

    Че хотел этот азик?я так и не понял.

  95. Jon Moris

    Jon Moris

    Mês atrás

    Ben should change his nickname to ben "the body" askren ...😅

  96. Rocky Mountain Ras

    Rocky Mountain Ras

    Mês atrás


  97. kordellricesnax


    Mês atrás

    Ufc fans are actually retarded the sport is mma this isn’t basketball or football where there’s one major league there are world class fighters who can beat anyone in the ufc all over the planet in different organizations

  98. Good Bad

    Good Bad

    Mês atrás

    Хабиб снимет с этого парня папаху с головы:)

  99. Rebellen007


    Mês atrás

    He often comes in shitty situations like this and against Lawler, but if you fail knocking him out and you end up on the ground you're toast.

    • nome facoltativo

      nome facoltativo

      Mês atrás

      look at the knees he eat from Koreshkov....Askren eat those shots like cereals

  100. ABdurrahim Taliş

    ABdurrahim Taliş

    Mês atrás

    Ben kill you😠

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