Voting On Tuesday - How Is This Still A Thing?: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Tuesday voting is highly inconvenient, so why do we still do it?
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  1. Brian Butzen

    Brian Butzen

    19 dias atrás

    Making it a public holiday doesn't help a lot of people to be able to make it, and moving it to the weekend won't help those same people. It may even be more difficult since public transportation is more limited on the weekends in most places.

  2. gg454lune


    22 dias atrás

    French people always vote on Sunday and it's a lot more convenient. A little annoying but still convenient.

  3. jesse battista

    jesse battista

    Mês atrás

    tuesday is video game patch day and release day

  4. Justen Smith

    Justen Smith

    2 meses atrás

    Because republicans don't want more people to vote and sure as hell can't afford for religious people to be left out instead of the employed.

  5. Akitas in the House

    Akitas in the House

    2 meses atrás

    Why stop at that question? How about: Why are there not enough polling stations for the size of the US population? Why are voting hours so short? Why are people arbitrarily removed from the voter registration lists? Why isn't more time given for advanced polling? And probably most importantly: WHY THE FUCK ARE AMERICAN ELECTIONS DECIDED BY THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE INSTEAD OF ACTUAL VOTERS??? I have never seen a democratic nation so determined to prevent their own people from voting as the USA.

  6. CGossRunnn


    3 meses atrás

    Here in Canada the days seem to change every election but polling hours are fairly convenient being open 12 hours so most people can find the time to get to the polling station. I've never had to wait more than a half hour, and thats with a line up and having to verify my change of address from a couple months prior. First time I voted when I was 18 I was surpised how easy and quick it was (as in Canada we are inundated with American media even more so than other countries so it gives the illusion that voting in other places is just as much of a struggle as it is there). We have automatic registration and I think that is why it seems to go so well.

  7. Nauke90


    3 meses atrás

    OMG I had no Idea it is THAT TOUGH to vote in the US. In Germany I always , like, walked through, it is super easy to vote.. no waiting time at all. I am actually sorry for the US, whatever shit they are doing today, still they were a heavy motor for Democracy of the western hemisphere. You guys deserve an easy going voting-day.

  8. Saksham Rakesh Srivastava

    Saksham Rakesh Srivastava

    3 meses atrás

    I doubt HBO will cancel this show any time soon. This is just too good ... Love from India.

  9. David Hill

    David Hill

    4 meses atrás

    Here in Australia we vote on a Saturday (it's also compulsory to vote )

  10. Kaitlin Rachel Baumgarten

    Kaitlin Rachel Baumgarten

    5 meses atrás

    I live in Oregon and we just have mail-in voting.. it's so easy, and you can drop your ballot basically any public building anytime in the 2 weeks they give you.

  11. Jakob Friduss

    Jakob Friduss

    6 meses atrás

    And people wonder why we have such a low voter turnout.

  12. Bob Miller

    Bob Miller

    6 meses atrás

    America sucks. There are so many fucking ways we could improve this country if we could just get rid of Republican politicians and their billionaire leashholders.

  13. aluisious


    6 meses atrás

    Ah, America. Make voting the day after the day after the Sabbath, while never realizing the Sabbath is Saturday.

  14. Zoe Wood

    Zoe Wood

    7 meses atrás

    Making it on a weekend would still hurt the working class. Restaurants, hospitals, etc all have weekend workers

  15. BritAmerica Ball

    BritAmerica Ball

    7 meses atrás

    Under the Philippine 1987 constitution, the election shall be held at 2nd Monday on the Month of May and its hot as that is a summer that can reach to 35 °C(idk in farenthein)and it's a National Special Non-Working Holiday

  16. swanpride


    7 meses atrás

    Watching this segment again...it is striking how many black people are standing in those four hour lines.

  17. Koushik Biswas

    Koushik Biswas

    7 meses atrás

    i am dying to know whos voice is this?

  18. dragoncatoverload


    8 meses atrás

    Michigan has absentee voting which is mail in voting.

  19. The Life and Times of Alfredo Darling

    The Life and Times of Alfredo Darling

    8 meses atrás

    If you haven't yet, perhaps Ranked Choice Voting would make for a suitable future topic. Thank you for what y'all do.

  20. M.Linoge


    8 meses atrás

    1.100 people are happy it's on a Tuesday?

  21. Miles Hawkins

    Miles Hawkins

    8 meses atrás

    Voter supression. Republicans would never win again if everyone voted.

  22. Brendon Ryan

    Brendon Ryan

    8 meses atrás

    Pickle Rickkkkkk

  23. imagiccion


    9 meses atrás

    Another solution: make mail-in & early-voting options federally mandated.

  24. Jenova Lee

    Jenova Lee

    9 meses atrás

    Seriously, comments? No Raul Julia as Bison memes?

  25. adamstom97


    9 meses atrás

    Why would you have only one day on which you can vote? How does that make any sense?

  26. Ulquiorra Cifer

    Ulquiorra Cifer

    9 meses atrás

    Actually quite relevant to me. When I turned 18, I was going to vote in a local election, but I was still a senor in High School, and I had a part time job after school. So, I legitimately had no time to vote.

  27. ForeverMe543


    9 meses atrás

    Put it on a work day, one day, and require ID. There, your basic human right of voting has been taken.

  28. OriginalTharios


    10 meses atrás

    Indeed...elections...how are these still a thing? Clearly, people have no idea what's in their best interests. Everyone voted for either Hillary, or Trump. As if write-ins aren't a thing...and as if there aren't hundreds of individuals who are both more well-known, more well-liked, and at least nominally more qualified to be President, than ANY of the candidates were in the last cycle. But no, you all voted in binary, like you do every fucking time. So...time to take your votes away. If you can't take care of your toys...you lose them. End of discussion.

  29. Youthoob Gamer

    Youthoob Gamer

    10 meses atrás

    Election day should be full day holiday on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m

  30. akshay mamulwar

    akshay mamulwar

    10 meses atrás

    In India We have holiday on voting day

  31. TheDeff001


    11 meses atrás

    in germany voting always takes place on a sunday you can also vote via mail for a few weeks before the actual vote

  32. Cassandra Saldana

    Cassandra Saldana

    Anos atrás

    THIS MADE MY DAY. We are so close to running the lying scumbag Bruce Rauner out of the state capitol (I'm from Illinois)

  33. SpookyRoseV


    Anos atrás

    Yet again as this election shows we just refuse to update from the 1800’s

  34. Debra Roy

    Debra Roy

    Anos atrás

    your vote does not count. stop wasting your time

  35. Spooky Blue

    Spooky Blue

    Anos atrás

    Why not just have a whole week to vote

  36. Mark Fennell

    Mark Fennell

    Anos atrás

    Great video. I would like to see a national Day of voting. All businesses closed except for food gas etc.

  37. mellakat80


    Anos atrás

    Whnt19 is Huntsville, Alabama. I hated that. The other problem is how they register us to vote. Some of our votes didn't even count at that time because many of us, despite the fact of registering were put on provisional ballots. And they did not count them correctly

  38. Scarlett Buchanan

    Scarlett Buchanan

    Anos atrás

    Jesus why not just have a shit tone of small voting stations like in the UK like I voted in a primary school that's was a 3 minute walk away

  39. phoebephoebo .sydney

    phoebephoebo .sydney

    Anos atrás

    2:00 in the UK polling stations are open 7am-10pm so voters can visit outside normal working hours, and you can generally walk to your nearest one (I've lived in 5 different locations and always walked). And if that's too hard, there are postal votes. I've never seen a long queue for one, even on the news. I know the US has a bigger population and a larger area to cover- but those queues seemed to be happening in urban areas. If you can spend millions on ad campaigns, you can spend more on polling stations.

  40. 9876karthi


    Anos atrás

    What??? election day is not a national holiday in US??? it is weird??? I think it is a public holiday in every other democracy

  41. mdudegamer


    Anos atrás

    Where I live this isn't really a problem because you can drop off an envelope with your ballot whenever you have time. I was honestly surprised to find out it isn't a more common practice.

  42. Kate Bottley

    Kate Bottley

    Anos atrás

    I liked it when they said Tuesday

  43. Lolana Kahale

    Lolana Kahale

    Anos atrás

    so we can't skip church but absent from work is okay? how are we gonna donate our money to chuch when we got none

  44. Ryne Green

    Ryne Green

    Anos atrás

    I’m thinking it is still a thing now because it keep voter turnout low

  45. Scobragon


    Anos atrás

    What is that ecstacy of gold sounding song at 3:18?

  46. AK Chohos

    AK Chohos

    Anos atrás

    For an ‘advanced’ nation, America surely panders to its 19th century rural society.

  47. LexiLSify


    Anos atrás

    In France voting day is always on a Sunday. You can have absentee ballots but no mail vote or early voting. Polls are in town halls, and schools so that everyone can vote near(ish) their homes and it avoids crowding one specific place. And they're open from 7am to like 6, 7 or 8pm in big cities. (also, it's still paper ballots, and you need your electoral card and an ID).

  48. THATpower 11

    THATpower 11

    Anos atrás

    0:50 oh fuck the beginning of cancer as pickle rick

  49. Paola Rosario

    Paola Rosario

    Anos atrás

    Our voting day, in Puerto Rico, is a fucking mess LMAO seriously, the whole thing is just a big excuse to party.

  50. Ro G

    Ro G

    Anos atrás

    Every state should have mail-in voting.

  51. JamesHLanier


    Anos atrás

    If voting was easy, Republicans would never win another election.

  52. Weber Master

    Weber Master

    Anos atrás

    Why not more voting booths?

  53. daipaulig


    Anos atrás

    Voting on Tuesday is so fucking stupid.

  54. David Kniberg

    David Kniberg

    Anos atrás

    I like how the word "THIS" in the intro displayed backwards is spelled like "SHIT".

  55. John Personage

    John Personage

    Anos atrás

    Our elections here in the UK are on Thursdays. Who cares what day it is? It has to be on one of the seven available days. jeez!

    • Miguel Silva

      Miguel Silva

      Anos atrás

      "Who cares"? Clearly the people that can't vote because they can't get off work. Sunday has the most people off work at the same time, so that is clearly the best day. Of course, this only applies if you actually want people to vote. Or at least certain people.

  56. Nicci Lewis

    Nicci Lewis

    Anos atrás

    But the sabbath is not on Sunday....sooooooooooooo.

  57. n0ame1u1


    Anos atrás

    Election day is the first Tuesday in November so that my birthday can fall out on election day once every 28 years.

  58. jb888888888


    Anos atrás

    If we make Election Day a holiday, people will still miss work and therefore money (because the office is closed), or have to work (because infrastructure still needs to operate, and restaurants/retail stores/etc. will be open for all those people off work), or sleep in, or find "sick dunks" to invent because they have the day off.

  59. Adam Palmer

    Adam Palmer

    Anos atrás

    America's funniest home videos for ever

  60. people's republic of liberland

    people's republic of liberland

    Anos atrás

    Yeah baby PUERTO RICO LO HACE MEJOR (we do it better )

  61. C M

    C M

    Anos atrás

    Then don't vote.

  62. Donald Allen

    Donald Allen

    Anos atrás

    There’s a lot of people that have to work weekends...

    • Miguel Silva

      Miguel Silva

      Anos atrás

      A lot less than the ones that have to work weekdays.

  63. patrick hobbs

    patrick hobbs

    Anos atrás

    Why not allow people to vote on Sunday or Monday? Votes on Sunday are NOT counted but separated, thus giving no early result but allowing for a faster tally on Monday. Religious people can vote on Monday. Those who work can vote on Sunday. This is just one possible solution. There are many.

  64. DragonTurtle9999


    Anos atrás

    I vote national holiday

  65. Anthony Hewetson

    Anthony Hewetson

    Anos atrás

    There is at least one other thing that, in a lot of states, is scheduled around the christian sabbath: the sale of alcohol. Many states disallow the sale of any form of alcohol on Sunday, some disallow the sale of hard alcohol but allow the sale of beer, cider, wine. My particular state allows the sale of non-liquor but not until noon: from the sale of alcohol perspective the Texas sabbath extends from midnight until noon on Sunday - kind of a half sabbath. It kind of boils down to the absolute need for alcohol in order to celebrate the state's true religion - football!

  66. MultiJebusChrist


    Anos atrás

    It's still a thing so fewer poor people show up to vote.

  67. A Travler from a different land

    A Travler from a different land

    Anos atrás

    Was anyone else expecting the reason to be racism?

  68. Adam Palmer

    Adam Palmer

    Anos atrás

    America's funniest home videos

  69. Jules Ortega

    Jules Ortega

    Anos atrás

    I waited for three hours this year here in RVA

  70. Vectored Thrust

    Vectored Thrust

    Anos atrás

    In the uk we vote on a Thursday, but the polls are open from 7am-10pm so that everyone can have a chance to vote before or after work. And if you can't make it or don't want to for any reason, you can vote by post

  71. x a n a x

    x a n a x

    Anos atrás

    My weekends at my job are on Tuesday/Wednesday. Us blue collars gotta do what we gotta do to earn money and that includes stupid weekends. Remember that.

    • Miguel Silva

      Miguel Silva

      Anos atrás

      Yes, but that's a relative minority. Weekends - particularly Sunday - is when most people are off work.

  72. Mac'n CheeseTV

    Mac'n CheeseTV

    Anos atrás

    0:48 I'm Pickle Rick!!

  73. Furisca Fynn

    Furisca Fynn

    Anos atrás

    I love the way he says "Holy shit." Edit: We have postal vote in the UK. That's another option that's not too hard to set up. Tho making it an National holiday would be better.

  74. Zane Neelin

    Zane Neelin

    Anos atrás

    Pickle Rick

  75. Zachary Matthew James

    Zachary Matthew James

    Anos atrás

    What if the government made an app for that? They could keep paper ballots, because some people don't like to use advanced technology and the Amish still exist, but if you could vote online it would fix a lot of those problems!

  76. Zuu Lee

    Zuu Lee

    Anos atrás




    Anos atrás

    Pickle Riiiiiiiick!

  78. omer shaik

    omer shaik

    Anos atrás

    it's too keep you from voting. especially to keep poor people who can't afford to miss a day of work from voting. it's like voter ID laws, it's to make voting inacssesible for the lower classes without making it illegal

  79. Fujitaka Okarashii

    Fujitaka Okarashii

    Anos atrás

    I'm wondering why it has to be ONE day? Wouldn't it be much better if it was like a week? We have a whole week time to cast our vote where I live, so why can't you?

  80. Polly Maganda

    Polly Maganda

    Anos atrás

    Dude... even México's Election Day is a national holiday... AND on a Sunday. México. And we're Catholic!

    • Miguel Silva

      Miguel Silva

      Anos atrás

      Evangelicals are actually much more fanatical than Catholics. Strange, but true.

  81. dan hemmerling

    dan hemmerling

    Anos atrás

    they make it on a work day and at winter. they bitch about low voter turn out but they set it up that way.

  82. Ila Alberts-Conradie

    Ila Alberts-Conradie

    2 anos atrás

    Why isn't it a public holiday? We always get off

  83. Freddie Ellis

    Freddie Ellis

    2 anos atrás

    Ah yes, the sabbath. The Jewish day of rest that Christians got wrong by one day.........

  84. Kyle Collin

    Kyle Collin

    2 anos atrás

    How many people here actually knew why we voted on Tuesdays before the video?

  85. Gunman610


    2 anos atrás

    Election Day isn't a national holiday. You know what is? Effing INAUGURATION DAY.

  86. Nathan Jessep

    Nathan Jessep

    2 anos atrás

    Hours of waiting to vote? Longest I have waited here in Germany was 2 minutes.

  87. Nana Chunk

    Nana Chunk

    2 anos atrás

    Good question

  88. xXXDumbWordStupidNumberXXx


    2 anos atrás

    There is no reason to dislike this video. For FU-

  89. Kurt Riker

    Kurt Riker

    2 anos atrás

    Post office

  90. ITPalGame


    2 anos atrás

    Sunday is not the Sabbath. The Sabbath is the Sabbath, which has always been on our Romanesque/ Gregorian calendar, Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. The Roman Catholic church does not have the authority to change times and laws.

  91. Rusty Shackelford

    Rusty Shackelford

    2 anos atrás

    Of note... Almost all the footage of those areas where voting has to happen on Tuesday showed an interesting trend. The vast majority of people shown were of a racial minority. Seems quite clear that this voting system is primarily being used where racial minorities are most prevalent, clearly causing greater obstacles to racial minorities.

  92. Rusty Shackelford

    Rusty Shackelford

    2 anos atrás

    Making it a national holiday or moving it to a weekend is not as clear a solution as one might suspect. Retail workers, fast food, etc. rarely get a normal weekend as their weekend and almost never get holidays off beyond maybe Christmas and a third of Thanksgiving... The true solution is to not have a damn voting day, but have some form of early voting or a whole damn voting week. And removing the idiocy of early reporting of people's votes. While we're at it, can we switch to Single Transferable Voting? It's simple, in a vote, you vote for your 1st preference, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Then the votes get tallied and if a 1st preference winner is found, done. If not, they go to round 2, taking the 2nd preference votes from the candidate with the least votes and spread them out, then check again and repeat as needed.

  93. A Laly

    A Laly

    2 anos atrás

    Anyone notice how practically all of the long line footage was mostly black people?

  94. Manuel Alejandro

    Manuel Alejandro

    2 anos atrás

    As a non-american, I wonder why all the footage of long lines shows a disproportionate amount of African-Americans?

  95. Arrow Lover

    Arrow Lover

    2 anos atrás

    How about Sunday???

  96. Entro Py

    Entro Py

    2 anos atrás

    Seriously... the US is just too stupid to vote: - Voting on a workday for most people? In Germany it's on a sunday. - Not counting out every single vote? In Germany every single vote counts towards financial aid for the parties - Only having two parties that completely split the country in half? In Germany we have at least 4 parties in the parlament (though I admit it's becoming more and more like a two-big-party-thing here recently) - Having a indirect election system is just wrong - look at how Trump won the election -_-

  97. Highlyskeptical


    2 anos atrás

    Yet we get 4th of July off to look at the pretty lights.

  98. DaaaahWhoosh


    2 anos atrás

    We should have voting on Saturday, so that no one can say the Jews run this country.

  99. Mimi Talooza

    Mimi Talooza

    2 anos atrás

    All the people waiting in those lines, good for you. Thumbs up

  100. Liam Johnston

    Liam Johnston

    2 anos atrás

    This sort of video makes me angry because I think that something should be done and I don't like thumbing up this sort of thing. I would prefer more like reddit where I arrow it up.

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