World\'s MOST DANGEROUS Animal Catches!

On this episode of Breaking Trail, we spotlight some of our most EPIC catches! From the cute to the deadly and anything in-between!
Get ready, you're about to see us catch many dangerous animals, including the deadly Wandering Spider! Will we catch something else deadlier?! Watch to find out as we show you some of the world's most dangerous animal catches!
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  1. Shineki Plays

    Shineki Plays

    20 horas atrás

    Wow they are clever 7:46 it was acting ded

  2. Ve4no Sasha

    Ve4no Sasha

    3 dias atrás

    Я думаю у каждого было чувство что по вам кто то ползёт

  3. Biutiful World

    Biutiful World

    3 dias atrás

    Добавь русские субтитры

  4. Awesomeface06


    3 dias atrás

    I was personally hoping number one would be the tiabkcilc, but whatever

  5. Zyurks


    3 dias atrás

    A Fly Vs A Lion A Lion Would Win

  6. Adi JP

    Adi JP

    3 dias atrás

    5:09 damn Spike gotcha with his Cactus Grenades good

  7. Space Pizza

    Space Pizza

    4 dias atrás

    oh my do all that while i run away uz of a mosquito .-.

  8. Mc Flurry

    Mc Flurry

    4 dias atrás

    You should start a show

  9. joshua wall

    joshua wall

    4 dias atrás

    Didn't know he went to Columbus for the turtle. Super close to me.

  10. James Fernandez

    James Fernandez

    5 dias atrás

    “ooh those teeth are sharp, stick your finger in there”

  11. Luciana Pinto

    Luciana Pinto

    5 dias atrás

    This was posted on my birthday...awwww

    • Jake Derik

      Jake Derik

      3 dias atrás

      Well ik I’m late but happy b day

  12. xxcyrusxx the god

    xxcyrusxx the god

    5 dias atrás


  13. Angy Is stupid lalala da hell

    Angy Is stupid lalala da hell

    5 dias atrás

    Coyote:lets wasp bit him Me:runs from red an

  14. GMD B3astkId

    GMD B3astkId

    5 dias atrás

    u are just like me i fell into a cactus at disney land at the cars ride :/

  15. RuxoV


    6 dias atrás

    12:19 that was a huge shark below the gully word

  16. Tya Rmn

    Tya Rmn

    6 dias atrás


  17. Thegirlkeke


    6 dias atrás

    I just love this team so muchh♥️thx for risking yourselves for the better good of learning about these weird, beautiful creatures👏🏾.

  18. Scott Real

    Scott Real

    6 dias atrás

    Whu does he never do a video about an electric eel

  19. r/GamerKiddo


    6 dias atrás

    11:49 why u hold his butt?

  20. Tutu Suwnshyne

    Tutu Suwnshyne

    7 dias atrás

    Mario: *holds Iguana* Coyote: "those are some sharp teeth. Stick your finger in there." Mario: No. LOLLLLLLL tbh I would have done it since coyote is so intimidating 🤣

  21. Stacie Banks

    Stacie Banks

    7 dias atrás

    My favorite was the tiger shark snorkeling

  22. Rizzo RIZZO

    Rizzo RIZZO

    7 dias atrás

    I just can’t figure out why that snapping turtle was so ready to get the F away from Coyote. Strange.

  23. Llamma


    8 dias atrás

    Came here for the spider

  24. System who?

    System who?

    8 dias atrás

    Coyote: real life movie scenes Me: sketchy

  25. Eva L Binkley

    Eva L Binkley

    8 dias atrás

    This guy has the most subscribers I ever seen.

  26. Huynh Thi

    Huynh Thi

    8 dias atrás

    It's nice to see brave wilderness seems to still be the same

  27. Unknown Studios

    Unknown Studios

    10 dias atrás

    American Steve Irwin

  28. Dark-Fox


    10 dias atrás

    Coyote's greatest power is being able to not even say so much as the word "damn" Nevermind other curse words

  29. clumsy fousek

    clumsy fousek

    11 dias atrás

    U r the best

  30. Duy Anh Vũ

    Duy Anh Vũ

    11 dias atrás

    How this guy still alive?

  31. Jaxon Clawson

    Jaxon Clawson

    12 dias atrás


  32. dawn todd

    dawn todd

    12 dias atrás

    This is the no and yes thing No:100000 Yes: 109

  33. Dylan Richards

    Dylan Richards

    13 dias atrás

    4:17 - that makes me laugh every time. 🤣

  34. Noah Fontes

    Noah Fontes

    13 dias atrás

    Man stay a way from stingrays because u remind me of Steve Irwin too much

  35. Sissonater Productions

    Sissonater Productions

    13 dias atrás

    Coyote: Runs breaks legs and arms falling off of cliffs onto a highway gets drug a mile by a truck Mark: Did you catch the tarantula hawk

  36. Lauren Yoon

    Lauren Yoon

    13 dias atrás

    me tryna be cool: oohhhoohoohohoo I caught... an ant

  37. Razor_ Ray_28

    Razor_ Ray_28

    14 dias atrás

    Coyote: *gets stung and bit by dangerous animals* Me: *runs from spiders*

  38. Jose Cruz

    Jose Cruz

    14 dias atrás

    I like the title cards for the locations, and animals 👌

  39. PotatoChipGamer Plays

    PotatoChipGamer Plays

    14 dias atrás

    Coyote: *Bitten by Inland Taipan* Mark: You alright? Coyote:Yea, did you get that on camera? Coyote: *Starts dying* Mark: You alright?

  40. Mike Smolen

    Mike Smolen

    14 dias atrás

    Coyote: think of your FAVORITE EPISODE! Me: there all my favorite

  41. xX VenumAQ Xx 12

    xX VenumAQ Xx 12

    14 dias atrás

    Did not see fav catch

  42. 黃有樂


    15 dias atrás

    Last turtle

  43. Michael Mackenzie

    Michael Mackenzie

    15 dias atrás

    Your just like me.

  44. keti meleah

    keti meleah

    15 dias atrás

    Next Steve Irwin.

  45. Fjord Lord

    Fjord Lord

    15 dias atrás

    "I caught the TURantUlA Hawk!"

  46. SushiWrap


    16 dias atrás

    How do you getting off the alligator once you're on it?

  47. elias bmx

    elias bmx

    16 dias atrás

    The sea turle was the best

  48. A great little doof

    A great little doof

    16 dias atrás

    I like the sting ray one the horse shoe crab one and the giant sea slug

  49. Silent Protagonist

    Silent Protagonist

    16 dias atrás

    An episode list would've been cool but amazing catches.

  50. Theodore Larson

    Theodore Larson

    17 dias atrás

    I love your show I'm a huge fan

  51. Ali Mini

    Ali Mini

    17 dias atrás

    Hey coyote wasn’t the warrior wasp a danger catch?

  52. Ray Ginn

    Ray Ginn

    17 dias atrás


  53. Christy Dominguez

    Christy Dominguez

    17 dias atrás

    It’s scary because the tarantula wasp and velvet ant he got stung by I would mess with when I was younger not knowing what they were because Both of those bugs live in my area in New Mexico

  54. Ventrimol Ayamperumal

    Ventrimol Ayamperumal

    17 dias atrás

    Coyote: catches a wild tarantula spider Me: running from a household spider 😂 like if you do the same!😂😂😂

  55. Maya Grayson

    Maya Grayson

    18 dias atrás

    Coyote:*sees bug* ayo u want to sting me Bug: no why would I do tha- Coyote: sting me Bug: what no- coyote: *STING ME*

  56. Truckrunbum 00

    Truckrunbum 00

    18 dias atrás

    Definitely a good video!

  57. Faith Venable

    Faith Venable

    18 dias atrás

    It’s 3am and I have school tomorrow dammit

  58. aleyna ası

    aleyna ası

    18 dias atrás

    Manyak adam

  59. Dane Power

    Dane Power

    18 dias atrás

    U forgot the tiabkcilc

  60. J.d The legend

    J.d The legend

    18 dias atrás

    I have actually came across a trangula hawk

  61. Alison Walton

    Alison Walton

    18 dias atrás

    If he can go near a lion 🦁 than I can go near a bug Five minutes later : NOPE NOT TODAY MABEY 30 YEARS FROM NOW

  62. MadMaz1983


    18 dias atrás

    My niece Elise says she held hail when her friend got hit & cut by it because she was "Being Brave & Staying Wild" :)

  63. Abby Dang

    Abby Dang

    19 dias atrás

    The Cheetah one

  64. Zantagiro7


    19 dias atrás

    while this brave man is living his life as a courageous man, you shitmidt can ONLY be living your inferior insecure life being a useless miserable immoral wimpy old coward for the rest of your life! totally PATHETIC!!!

  65. sands _yt

    sands _yt

    19 dias atrás

    My favourite catch is every catch

  66. Nick Hodgson

    Nick Hodgson

    19 dias atrás

    I bet you some guy just woke up and heard some guy just screaming REDEMPTION

  67. Bohemian Moonwalker

    Bohemian Moonwalker

    20 dias atrás

    Holds a shark Jumps on a 🐊 If you can think of more tell me

  68. Bohemian Moonwalker

    Bohemian Moonwalker

    20 dias atrás

    I think everyone knows this but spiders are blind

  69. iclimaX


    20 dias atrás

    Lemon juice ks ķ))ĺ

  70. Joanes Ithurralde

    Joanes Ithurralde

    20 dias atrás

    The catch that really stood out for me wasn't actually for the catch in itself but the possible aftermath. It was the blunt headed snake catch when you crouched mere inches of a fer-de-lance whithout noticing it.

  71. the gaming utter tgu

    the gaming utter tgu

    20 dias atrás

    Like a week ago

  72. Balta Cortes

    Balta Cortes

    20 dias atrás

    Try to find a copperhead

  73. VShark Official

    VShark Official

    21 dia atrás

    thx for ur job

  74. E. P.

    E. P.

    21 dia atrás

    who else misread Siquirres as Squirrels twice like me?

  75. xXcherry wolfXx

    xXcherry wolfXx

    21 dia atrás

    I just se a lizard thing fly out of a roof

  76. AwsumHotSauce Gaming

    AwsumHotSauce Gaming

    21 dia atrás

    The funniest thing: Coyote screaming: REDEMPTION REDEMPTION! 2:25

  77. iPad-1 SJA-1

    iPad-1 SJA-1

    21 dia atrás

    This brought me back old memories

  78. Stacey Nash

    Stacey Nash

    22 dias atrás

    When I first saw the video I saw a yellow sac 🕷️ spider Wich can kill u

  79. Barbara Ruth Russ

    Barbara Ruth Russ

    22 dias atrás

    I love your videos .

    • Barbara Ruth Russ

      Barbara Ruth Russ

      22 dias atrás

      Reply to me wen you get this I love your videos so so much

  80. Loky Sutherland

    Loky Sutherland

    22 dias atrás

    I caught one at nz

  81. Casey Ricciardiello

    Casey Ricciardiello

    22 dias atrás

    Cyoty don’t get bitten by the banana spider!

  82. Aiden Sprake

    Aiden Sprake

    22 dias atrás

    16:34 is the Seen in finding nemo ware thay ride on the back of the sea turtle

  83. lilly lou

    lilly lou

    22 dias atrás

    Anyone agree???

  84. Oven Glen

    Oven Glen

    23 dias atrás

    HOW DOES HE DO IT? He is still talking when he has cactus in his side and a dangerous wasp in my hands. I would have chucked the hawk and screamed F*CKKKKKKK for like an hour

  85. Jordi TT

    Jordi TT

    23 dias atrás

    When this was uploaded: happy earth day.

  86. Si GUNDUL {LarY}

    Si GUNDUL {LarY}

    23 dias atrás

    5.08...he just caught a cactus pokemon...its dangerous too...

  87. Peachjuice animation

    Peachjuice animation

    23 dias atrás

    Calm down costa rica

  88. I'm the pug

    I'm the pug

    23 dias atrás

    I remember I was on a scout camp and my friends and I discovered a quarry flourishing of freshwater crayfish we ate them for lunch the adult ones tho

  89. Murphman


    23 dias atrás

    Did U pick up a poisonous frog with no gloves

  90. Bhavish tech

    Bhavish tech

    23 dias atrás

    U are mogli

  91. Brie cRiNge it’s not a lie

    Brie cRiNge it’s not a lie

    23 dias atrás

    Coyote:picks up shark Me:Afraid of going in water

  92. Gizmo GaMz

    Gizmo GaMz

    23 dias atrás

    I just realized this is kind of like a playlist of the good catches made into a video

  93. Kevin Torres

    Kevin Torres

    23 dias atrás

    Same content over and over haven’t been here for like 2 months decided to check to see if anything is new sadly just reruns

  94. Garrett Knautz

    Garrett Knautz

    23 dias atrás

    I actually saw a raccoon walk into my neighbors yard tonight and died inside a little

  95. ANTHONY Winters

    ANTHONY Winters

    23 dias atrás

    You should do a video on giant squid

  96. Tay Tay Fox

    Tay Tay Fox

    23 dias atrás

    That was funny when the turtle kept leaving the kanoo



    23 dias atrás

    Coyote:will u go on a date with me? Girl:no , I only see u as a friend sorry Coyote: Hi! I’m coyote Peterson and I just entered the friend -zone

  98. 10 K

    10 K

    23 dias atrás

    This guy is crazy.. Also brave in his work..

  99. Shagrof


    23 dias atrás

    i want this guy with me more than bear grylls, he can get all kinds of food!

  100. Syd Syd

    Syd Syd

    23 dias atrás

    Once again man disturbing & disrespecting nature for the sake of fame and videos...

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