Worst Reviewed Food Mystery Wheel Challenge & How To Eat Weird Foods Like a Taro Pancake

Try not to laugh as Collins and Devan react to the 10 worst reviewed foods in their city in this mystery wheel challenge! Plus learn how to eat weird food like a purple taro pancake and silk worms.


Last time brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself competition to make genius life hacks and test the best new art challenge. Today they’ll try to eat smelly fermented beans, squishy jelly fish noodles, weird stinky tofu, edible bug dishes like cricket quesadillas, crazy slime textured sushi, oddly satisfying sandwiches, and more. You’ll never guess how bad these dishes smell and taste, and at the end they’ll mix all the ingredients together to make the grossest, smelliest smoothie ever! It’s another awesome and funny viral video in this entertainment and education life hack compilation series.
Credit to the creator who started this trend: br-channel.com/canal/UC5_do3JQAPHA1rIlM-2iS6g

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Twitter: twitter.com/DevanKey
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Types of Cuisine:
• American
• German
• Japanese
• Chinese
• Italian
• Mexican
• French
• Thai

Foods Tasted:
• Taro Pancake
• Honey
• Sriracha Noodles
• Century Duck Egg
• Rice
• Spicy Jelly Fish Noodles
• Boney Tilapia
• Cricket Quesadillas
• Sushi
• Fermented Beans
• Kale
• Quail Eggs
• French Onion Soup
• Garlic Snail Escargot
• Squid Ink Pasta
• Bone Marrow Risotto
• Tripe Soup
• Stinky Tofu
• Ox Tail Soup
• Silk Worms
• Ham Hock
• Cabbage
• Pretzel
• Egg Noodles
• Head Cheese Sandwich
• Liver Pate
• Shrimp Scampi
• Asparagus
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